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How was your weekend? Per usual ours seemed to go super fast, but was great! We went out to dinner Friday night with Cam and he was SO interested in our food. It was so funny! I plan to wait until 6 months (or very close to it) to introduce foods with him, but I'm already really looking forward to it so much. Is that weird, or probably normal for FTM's? ha!

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and I managed to get a ton of flowers planted in our yard. Happy to have it done because I won't have time this weekend and many weekends after that will be spent at the lake!

Speaking of the lake/water...

Can anyone recommend some awesome baby toys/products that are good for water/the beach? We plan to get one of the sport umbrella's with the flaps on the sides so that I can sit outside with him, but what are some other must have items?! I can't wait to take him to the pool for the first time!

Anyway, the point of this post-to ramble on and on about all my life happenings. So thrilling, I know.


IN SHOCK THAT: ONE week from today is my 30th birthday. I actually semi forgot about it until the other day. It's funny how things change when you have a baby. Before I would be talking about my birthday for weeks ahead of time (all my confessions are coming out right now) and now, I've barely thought about it. But really though, THIRTY?! How can this be? I guess it's good I kind of forgot about it! At least I'm still a year younger than my husband. ;)

LOOKING FORWARD TO: To celebrate, we are going to NASHVILLE on Friday with my 3 best girlfriends and our spouses! Oh, and Rocky is coming too. He is the easiest dog to travel with! When we planned this, I thought that I would be ok with leaving Cam since it's just 2 nights (I mean as much as I can be), but now I am getting real nervous. I know that he will be just fine, but I will miss him so much and I hope I don't worry so much when we're gone so I can actually enjoy myself. I'm trying to focus on the positive-that we will have so much fun, that it'll be nice to have time with Billy, and to give us a little break! I plan to repeat these things to myself daily this week...

EATING: We made this copycat Bonefish Grill Shrimp recipe on Saturday and gave it our stamp of approval. Absolutely DELISH!

THINKING: How freaking adorable Cam is in this picture. That tongue obviously shows how much he's concentrating on learning how to sit. And those toesies...the cuteness is too much.

LOVING: This mason jar "one hot momma" glass I found when shopping with Cam last Friday. How cute is this?! Would be an adorable gift for a momma! Cam seems to like it as well...

WANTING: All of the following...

 striped romper (also comes in black)

What's currently on your mind? Any Memorial Day plans?

PS: What the heck was that Kanye performance last night? Tell me someone else also thought that was a complete waste? K, enough from me! Have a good day!


  1. Aw he is just the cutest! Glad you had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

  2. He's getting so big!! AH! So so cute :) And Happy Birthday WEEK! I hope you enjoy Nashville- such a fun city!!

  3. Happy Birthday Week!!! Enjoy your trip (the first hour will be weird without him, but then you will find yourself to relax, I promise!)...For the pool/lake, I recommend the raft that he can put his legs in and float, I know target has them. It also has canopy to block the sun for him! And Zero entrance pools are the best because you can just sit with him leaning against the water and he will love playing with the water!! Also, when on the boat, be aware that even though there are life jackets for infants, they don't fit great!!! Hope this helps!!

  4. Yay for turning 30 and a weekend getaway!!!! x

  5. So funny! I just wrote about our experience with baby food. I couldn't wait until our lil guy was 6 months - he was SO interested in everything we were eating. Just a few weeks early, but I'm glad we started. He loves eating!

  6. That asparagus looks so yummy! Good luck on your trip...I haven't had to leave my kiddos yet (haven't gotten to? haha!), but I know it will be hard once I do!

  7. Baby beach essentials: a tailgate tent for shade; a small inflatable baby pool to put under it (Munchkin actually makes a perfect inflatable duck tub that works great for this)! Also, love One Step Ahead for all things summer baby (useful gear & adorable bathing suits, sunscreen, toys, etc). They make an incredible tiny baby tent for naps on the beach. Has mesh sides for airflow.

  8. Those shrimp look delicious!!

  9. Girl, I felt the same way on my first birthday as a mom! I was like, who cares about MY birthday?! haha but then my dad reminded me that it's still my day. :) I thought that was so sweet- so remember, it's still your day, and you deserve to have some time to be spoiled and to celebrate YOU!

  10. For the water, definitely get one of those rafts. My favorite swim hat from Hanna andersson has unfortunately sold out in the boy color. But try to find a full coverage waterproof hat. If you will be near sand I like the idea of bringing a baby tub and filling it with the beach or lake water so he can sit it in and stay cool. And baby powder is a lifesaver at getting sand off (for adults too)!

  11. Happy early birthday! I'm sure it will be hard to leave Cam this weekend but you will have a blast in Nashville! That shrimp looks amazing!!
    Also, he is getting so big--I can't handle the cuteness!


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