Scenes From Our Weekend + Our Christmas Card

I love this time of year...house is all festive, holiday events every weekend around town, receiving Christmas cards (the fun kind of mail!), and so on. It just makes me happy! And now with a little one around the house, it does make this Christmas even more special for us. Camden is at a really good age too where he's curious about everything, so seeing him very interested in the lights, presents (ahem-wrapping paper), etc. is so much fun. 

Here's a look into our weekend:

 We got our tree decorated finally! And surprisingly, Camden doesn't care about touching the tree that much. We thought we were going to have to put baby gates around the tree to keep him off it, but he really just stares at it and touches it gently once in awhile... shocking.

Took Camden to the Wild Lights at the Columbus Zoo! They had a really impressive light show going on with Christmas music playing and Camden was fascinated..he kept smiling and laughing!

 I found this hanger at TJ Maxx recently (only $10!) to hang our stockings since we don't have a fireplace. It's pretty cute for being so inexpensive, but next house I'm not settling for not having a fireplace...mark my words. :)

Our 2015 Christmas Card! 

I ordered them from Tiny Prints and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I love the cute polka dots on the back, too! I kinda want to leave it up in our house all year...obsessed.

Not pictured? Camden took TWO STEPS yesterday (!!!) He has been trying to walk on his own for the past couple weeks now but he's never gotten farther than a step before plopping on the ground...until yesterday. He took two steps and continued to stand for a few seconds, so it shouldn't be too long now! Although, I would be OK if it didn't happen for a little bit longer because...wild.

How was your weekend? One more week closer to Christmas!


  1. Your Christmas cards are adorable!!

  2. What a fun weekend. I love your Christmas card too. Super cute!

    Also, YAY for first steps. He will be walking by Christmas I'm sure!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Gorgeous, everything! And yay for two steps, he'll be running around the house in no time!

  4. Two steps the day after Thanksgiving has quickly morphed into 10+...wild, crazy, super cute...all of it!

  5. We got our tree up this weekend too & Jack has barely been touching it. When He does it's just very ligthtly... jinxing myself I'm sure! HA! What a fun thing at the zoo!! I can't wait to do something similar here with Jack! It's true, the holidays are SO much sweeter with little babes around!! & I love your Christmas cards! We ordered from Tiny Prints also & they have been great to work with!! & YAAY Camden taking steps!! Woo HOO!

  6. The cutest Christmas card my friend - and how adorable is little Cam in front of the tree :)


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