These Are My Confessions

I confess: I AM NOT READY FOR FALL IN THE SLIGHTEST. No no no no. It actually just started feeling like summer to me so can we not rush it this year?! I've been loving being able to go to the pool for a few hours to unwind, and I'm so happy we are heading to Florida next month because I want to prolong these warmer temps + Vitamin D as long as possible! 

 summer > winter (and we all know that comes right after fall so..)

I confess: Once you get off the meal planning wagon for a few weeks, it's so hard to get back on it. Which is basically where I'm at right now, #fail. My goal is to have our dinners planned for the next two weeks by tonight. It's happening. I got this.

I confess: I live in workout clothes 99% of the time and my hair is almost always in a pony tail. I also confess these tennis shoes are my favorite I've ever owned and I want like 10 pairs of them. 

I confess: sometimes I question if I'm a good mom. Sometimes I wonder if Cam really loves me. Sometimes it drives me absolutely nuts to not have all the answers to everything when it comes to parenting and I blame myself for so much..."why is he suddenly fighting naps? is it something I did wrong?" "is he eating enough or too much?!" the list goes on and on.

I confess: we've had some really great past two weekends (that I've failed to blog about!) Last weekend we took Camden to the Dublin Irish Festival for his first visit and it was extra special because my parents joined us! This weekend we went to the dog park and took a long walk at a trail nearby. We are trying to use our Ergo 360 carrier more since we plan to use it for our upcoming trips! He really seems to like it now that he can face forward in it-he was just smiling and laughing the whole time! Cam also sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time when we went to dinner on Saturday night at Rusty Bucket! He loved being able to sit up and see everything...he's getting so big :(

{I confess I nearly tear up when looking at that last picture...the matching hats. that smile. father/son. my word.}

I confess: we still do the dream feed, and I have no idea when to drop it. And I don't really WANT to drop it. This feed is actually the one I look forward to the most everyday. When Cam is cuddled up on my chest sleeping after his bottle and I'm not being pulled in 40 other directions where I can just be still and soak all of him up. Be together. Love on him. And watch him sleep.

I confess: watching Cam be able to sit up and play with all of his toys (I mean try to eat them) is my favorite milestone so far. So fun. 

I confess: I am level 10 OBSESSED with following Shawn and Kaitlyn on Snapchat. 

I confess: This sale (40% off your order) is pretty dang good. 

I confess: my son is 7 months old today and his post will be a few days late (obviously) happy 7 months, Cammy! I can't wait to share about this past month. It has been FULL of fun changes (another reason why it's late...so much to say!) 

For fun, leave me a confession of yours in the comments! Come on, it's Monday...I need some humor in my life! ;)


  1. Confession: your confession about doubting yourself as a mom just changed my day - I'm not alone! And neither are you. I just remind myself that wondering if you are a good mama and trying to be one means we already are!

  2. I completely get doubting yourself as a mom. I went through that this weekend. Alexander was super fussy and was fighting naps, and I just kept wondering what I was doing wrong. But then I remembered - like jbg above said - wondering if I'm a good enough mom and trying to be a good mom means that I am. I just can't get over how MUCH I love him and I just want his life to be perfect. Camden is so cute!

  3. Ok help a sista out: I need to know where you find your veggie recipes for meal planning (going no meat again for the most part). Also, need to know Kaitlyn and Shawn's snap chat names because I'm a stalker. And can I confess I love 7 month olds so much. SLOW DOWN TIME.

  4. Cam is getting so big and he's so incredibly handsome! School starts Friday for my kids and I just can't believe it! That really means summer is almost over. :( It seriously just started, didn't it? I am also obsessed with following Shawn and Kaitlyn too!! They are just so cute and I hope they last forever! :)

  5. I agree, I don't want to rush summer either! I love fall and Christmas, but then comes dreary January and February!

  6. Love these types of post. My confession is that I am horrible at meal planning this summer as well. We have been grilling out for most meals these days.

  7. I love summer but the weather here has been full of rain and clouds so if it is going to play that game lets head to fall so I can stock up on a whole new wardrobe that actually goes with the weather!
    Cam is getting so big now but still such a cutie. Can't wait to see what he has been up to in his 7 month update.
    I thought I was the only one that follows celebrities on snap chat and get grossly invested in what they do ha.

  8. Confession: I never pack lunch for work which means I am always buying it! So girl just imagine how much worse my meal planning is!

  9. Confession: i have fallen off the healthy eating train in a big way and I need to shake this flabby weight off asap!!
    Confession 2: This is the first Bachelorette that I am watching (we have just started the series now but I know who wins!)

  10. I thought about the same things as a mom with Ethan...it's amazing how much you learn in the first year and Cam is undeniably bonded to you, no question! I am also obsessed with following Kaitlyn and Shawn on Snapchat...and you too of course!

  11. Any tips for meal planning?! I'd love to hear! :)

  12. We still dream feed too! He'd probably be ready if I adjusted how much food I give him throughout the day but I'm not emotionally ready! He's so sweet and snuggly and it's so dark and quiet, it's my very favorite time of day. Happy 7 months to us! And I confess that I'm already planning a certain birthday.

  13. I felt the same way about Beckett and not feeling like he loved me, but once he hit about 10-12 months he started showing affection and it got so much better!!!

    PS. That pool looks awesome!

  14. i LOVE watching Shawn and Kaitlyn on Snapchat too! They are so adorable and look like they are having a blast together traveling! Glad i'm not the only one. LOL


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