My Travel Bucket List

(pic from one of my favorite trips, here)

In all the years I've had my blog, I haven't published a true travel bucket list. How can this be? Today I'm correcting this awful situation because the list that pops up in my head daily (and the one in my 'Notes' section in my iPhone) are just not enough. I'm sure no one really cares much about this list as much as we do, but it'll be nice to have it here so I can (visually) cross them off one by one. I've been fortunate enough to have visited a lot of different places + states growing up, Hawaii being at the top of that list, but I still have so many places I want to see! 

We could easily add probably 20 more locations to this list, but decided for this one we would just list our tip tip tip tip top must-see places. Our ULTIMATE bucket list, let's say. And then once these are visited, update accordingly. Because...obviously. :) 

Here goes:

+South Africa (my #1! always has been)
+Greece (Santorini, Mykonos, Athens)
+Waterton, Canada
+Glacier National Park
+Camden, Maine
+Napa/Sonoma (We have been here but I'm still listing it because I want to go back specifically to do a hot air balloon ride!)
+Portland, Oregon
+Park City Utah // Zion National Park
+Monaco (all Billy for this one) 
+Asheville, NC
+Hawaii (my first time visiting wasn't with Billy so of course we need to go together! Maui in particular) 

I'm about to cross Colorado off this list in a few weeks! And while they aren't listed since we've already been (but sure do love them), we're taking Cam to FL next month and Boston in October, so we're really looking forward to these next few months when it comes to traveling!

What destinations at the top of your travel list? 


  1. Ohh I SO want to go to Glacier National Park, too! I told my husband we should go for an anniversary trip. I'd love to go to Italy, Grenada and/or Barbados, and I'd like to visit the southeast - true southern towns. I'm from NJ. Have fun in Colorado!

  2. Great list! Many I would love to visit as well! Zion is a must see, it was breath taking! I'm actually headed to Glacier National Park for a week this weekend. I am so pumped as it's been at the top of my National Park list for a long while.

    I love day dreaming about trips! If only it didn't take time away from work and money ;)

  3. You definitely need to go back to Hawaii with Billy. We just got back from visiting Maui and Kauai, and we loved Kauai even more than Maui! It was more low key than Maui was.

  4. Glacier National Park is WONDERFUL!! If you ever end up in my neck of the woods, let me know!

  5. South Africa is also my #1 dream destination! My only worry is I am super allergic to mosquitoes and I think I would catch something awful from them over there!! I live 45 minutes from Napa and have never done a hot air balloon ride (likely never will since my husband has a fear of heights!)

    1. Hi Laura, I am from South Africa, and I promise the mozzies are nothing to fear. There are countries in Africa where you would need to get vaccinated against mozzies for malaria (even when we South Africans travel we need to get vaccinated). We have some good stuff to put on for the mozies, like mozzie stick which I am sure you guys have over there too. Mozzies are bad in summer, but I promise you wont catch any thing from them, other than some red itchy bumps. You will never regret a holiday to Sunny South Africa! Make sure you come in summer though its the best, and make sure to visit Cape Town. Nothing beats our mountain, our people and our vibe! xxx

    2. This is a done deal - Katie & Laura you are both coming to visit me in South Africa!!!!
      HURRY UP! x

  6. I lived in Alaska for three years and it is a must!
    My husband and I were married on Maui and then spent 3 weeks there last October for our babymoon. Love, love Maui and can't wait to go back!

  7. South Africa and Greece are two on my must visits as well. You HAVE to go to Alaska...there is NOWHERE like it.

  8. We live in Boston, hope you have a great time visiting!

  9. Your top four are at the top of my list too!! I'm most likely going to Florida next month for the first time so I'm excited to cross another state off :)

  10. When you plan your Hawaii trip, you better let me know!

  11. HI Katie, Oh you will not regret a visit to South Africa! Come visit. The Rand / Dollar exchange rate is most certainly in your favor :) I think it is about R13.00 to the dollar at the moment (if not more) so you will honestly have a really great overseas holiday for a very reasonable price :)

  12. I love posts like this...I've been meaning to update my list too because I feel like I'm always adding to it. I would say that the top places I probably want to visit right now are Croatia/Slovenia, Banff/Glacier NPs, Austin, Spain, Boston, Peru, Greece (I want to go to Santorini!) and Hawaii. And I'd highly recommend Thailand, Colorado (go to Boulder and Rocky Mountain NP!), Asheville, Park City & Zion (we did both of those last year and they're amazing!)...let me know if you come to Portland, granted I'm biased but it's definitely worth visiting!

  13. Glacier national is stunning (and a little on fire right now). Greece is gorgeous, but beware of food choices if you're a picky eater in the 'off season'. We went in October and the menus were slim pickings in the smaller towns. (I'm a foodie, so I'll eat/try pretty much anything.) not sure of your Colorado destination, but vail, Boulder, and steamboat are gorgeous and FUN! fantastic list!

  14. If you ever head to Portland, I'm your girl! Such a fantastic city :)

  15. Your list definitely makes me want to add a few to mine! Can't wait to see the pictures from all your fun vacations!

  16. I loved Camden, Maine. If you ever do go, you should definitely stay at the Lord Camden Inn. Such a cute little harbor town.


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