CJK: 7 Months Old

 the "are you done yet?" smile...

A reader emailed me yesterday and told me she couldn't wait to hear about what Camden has been up to this past month (referring to this post I'm writing) which I thought was so sweet. Honestly, it struck a big cord with me. I do these updates mainly for us to look back on, and sometimes when I hit the publish button I wonder if anyone besides me and Billy are actually reading. It warms my heart that some of you out there care about our son. It really, really does. I could hug you all, just sayin'.

Ok, whoa there still semi hormonal Katie, time for the big SEVEN month update...

What HASN'T happened this month? That is the question! It's like right when Cam turned 6 months old all these milestones were being reached and changes happening left and right, and I'm over here like...

where'ssssssssss myyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyyyy? (no, but seriously, I am so totally loving every moment.)

This month our active, sweet, happy, full of personality little Camden's first tooth popped through, is sitting up on his own completely, is full on crawling across the room (we also said goodbye to our cute rustic wood coffee table at this point), and dun dun dun...babbling mama'! Billy jokes that I brainwashed him with that one, lol! 

Oh, and we also started swim lessons. That is a freakin' lot in a matter of a few weeks! So much change. So many firsts. And most importantly, so.much.happiness in our household. 

(milestone cards from here)

He's also completely switched up how he sleeps. For starters, he's sleeping like a big boy now in just his little pj's-no sleepsuit or swaddle! We actually started this transition right before he turned 6 months old but because I was scared of jinxing our luck, I didn't mention it. We think he was just ready because we went cold turkey and since night #1 he's slept just fine! For the first 5.5 months he was a back sleeper and now we've got a side/belly sleeper on our hands! Literally the very first night we didn't have him in the sleep suit he started sleeping on his belly. I was SO nervous that first week...I kept going back in and checking on him, but he just seems way more comfortable now! free to move/sleep how he wants!

We've been so impressed with his eating-he eats solids (purees) like a boss. On the days that I work, I send an organic jar (or pouch) of baby food with him to my step mom's or to his nanny's and he will eat the entire thing in 1 sitting...and really quickly too. His favorite food so far is apples! Just recently I've started offering a combo of two different foods.

(aside from those just mentioned)

+Swim lessons are once per week and at our first lesson Cam was kicking/splashing in the water like a crazy person-the instructors (and myself) were laughing. He doesn't seem scared of water in the least bit! I didn't know at first how the classes would be for kids Cam's age, but they actually work on some really great things like back floats, kicking on barbells, wall holds, and eventually underwater dips. They also do group songs with puppets-it's adorable.
+Billy hung a swing in the backyard tree for him which he loves!
+First time going to the Dublin Irish Festival (one of my favorite yearly events in our city)

(where he takes swim lessons-isn't it so cute? family members can come and watch the lessons if they want!)

+bouncing in his jumperoo
+when Daddy does "carwash" (it sounds weird but Billy takes a soft cloth book and drags it over Cam's body and face like a carwash and Cam thinks it's the funniest thing in the world!)
+lion walker toy
+food! so far he's tried (in this order): sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, pears, peas, avocado, carrots, apples, squash. 
+looking and laughing at Rocky
+when I pretend to eat bites of his food
+crawling to what he wants (or rolling to it-we've seen him roll 4-5 times in a row just to get to a toy he wants across the room
+smiling and "talking" to people when out and about
+the TV remote ;)

+being on his back-diaper changes are comparable to an olympic sporting event.
+teeth coming in (more on this in another post!)

And some of my favorite videos this month:


  1. Love your blog and reading Cam's updates. My daughter was born 2/12 so I always look at your updates as a sneak peek of what's to come. Like you, I EP. Today marks my 6 month goal and I'm going to start putting away the pump. I've been wondering what formula you decided to feed Cam?

    1. thank you and CONGRATS to you! you should be proud-EP is NOT easy and it felt so good to hit that 6 month mark!! :) he is on similac sensitive!

    2. Thanks! FYI - I was scoping out Similac Advanced NON GMO and they just released it in Sensitive as well in case you are interested!

  2. Love these posts so keep them coming!! He is such a doll!

  3. Ah he is so precious!! That crawling video is the best :) Rowan sleeps on his belly and I was a total nervous wreck about it too!

  4. As you know I love reading Cam's update posts, he is so cute! I love those videos of him so adorable. I am with him on the loving food thing, give me all the food!

  5. I love to hear about Camden too. He is so cute!! I love that he is smiling all the time. ;-) So keep posting about him, pleaaaaaase!

  6. LOVE these updates my friend, and all Cam's little milestones! SEVEN months?? Oh my gosh - where does the time go?? How cute is that swimming pool area? x


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