Five Years

Today marks FIVE years of marriage to this cutie! I can't believe we got married 5 years ago...everything about that day was so perfect. Nothing will ever compare to it! 

For my past anniversary posts, I've talked a lot about Billy as a husband but for this anniversary I really wanted to write about how he has been in this current stage of our marriage - a Daddy! Life is so much busier with a baby and I've recognized that I don't verbally acknowledge nearly enough how amazing he has shifted into this new role as a parent.

Can I brag on him for a moment? yes? :) Anyway, it's always been important to me to have a spouse who encourages me to do things that make me happy (outside of my family-obviously they are my #1) and to have time for myself, girlfriends, and to be a really hands-on parent. As you know I recently went to Colorado with my girlfriend to visit my cousin and when we were first just talking about the idea Billy supported me the entire time and reassured me that him and Camden would be just fine. I was really nervous and worried about leaving Camden for 4 days (and felt somewhat guilty too), but he never once questioned if he could handle all the responsibilities on his own-he was just excited for his Daddy and son time together. Well, when I came home, I was truly blown away about how well things had gone. Aside from taking care of Cam wonderfully (not once did I receive a panic text/phone call-ha!), I came home to a completely spotless home, a newly organized kitchen (even the tupperware cabinet that resembled that of a tornado prior), both of our cars waxed and cleaned out, and stories about taking Cam on a hike and all the fun they had together. I was pretty much in shock because, honestly, I wasn't sure what I would be walking into after 4 days of being gone, haha! It's not that I wasn't confident in his capabilities because I knew he would be just fine, but he really went above and beyond. I felt a huge sense of relief...it was just so nice and I could tell he was really proud of all that he accomplished. And he should be...heck, I don't even accomplish all of that when I'm at home with Cam most of the time.

Obviously this is just one recent example but there are so many different reasons why I love him and am thankful for him. I get teary eyed when I reflect about all the memories we have together and how far we have come. So yeah, all of this to say...Billy, I feel so thankful and blessed to have you in my life and as a father to our son. You continue to impress me every single day. Thank you for working hard to support our family and for loving us-I love you to the moon! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you tonight! 

PS: Trip recap should be up Monday! I just uploaded my millions of pics and can't wait to share them!! Lastly, did you enter this giveaway yet? Hop on over and get yourself entered!


Another Target Obsession: Surprize by Stride Rite

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stride Rite for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Guys-do you remember Stride Rite shoes?

I'm pretty sure my parents always had me in a pair growing up! I remember wearing them like it was yesterday...I kinda sorta loved them. The other day during one of my thirteen weekly shopping trips to Target, I had one of those giant "YES!" moments when you're so excited about finding something so amazing that you put it in your cart immediately...

I've been trying to find quality, comfy and cute children's shoes for Camden now that he's about to be at the age where he will start wearing them more, but I haven't had much luck until I stumbled upon Stride Rite's exclusive line called Surprize. Stride Rite shoes in Target? Who knew?! Not me! Surprize is an exclusive line of cute and comfy shoes, available only at Target. I was pretty excited to find them there because they had a great selection and this will make shoe shopping for him so much easier!

There were multiple pairs that I wanted to bring home, but I ended up buying Camden this pair of boots for the winter. I knew they would be needed and get A LOT of use with our cold temps...

I love that they have the rubber toes (makes them that much more durable) and that they have flexible outsoles allowing for natural step and growth. Not to mention, they are so adorable! 

I also spotted this pair...which would be a great everyday pair. Comfy and cute! 

Why are shoes so much cuter on little ones? I can't wait to see Camden wear these this fall/winter (which also means he will be learning to walk at this point and that is too much craziness for me to think about right now!)

You can find the full Surprize line at all US Target locations and online at Target.com. All the boys Surprize shoes can be found HERE-and the girls pairs HERE! Be sure to check out Stride Rite on all social channels for more information!

Which Surprize shoe would you buy your little one?

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Baby Boy Style

Untitled #76

 Plaid Shirt 
 Best Kid Ever Sweater
Gray Pants
Cool Beyond My Years Tee
Striped Shirt
Vest (love!)
 Young and Wild Tee

Sorry for the radio silence! I had a post planned for before I left for Colorado and once I got on my flight I realized I forgot to post it, oops! My trip was so amazing, though! I'm still in that phase where you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation...it's so hard to get back into the swing of things. I do plan to blog about the trip, I just need a few days to get the pictures and details together (we did SO much in the amount of time we were there!) because honestly since I've been home I've just been trying to soak up every minute with Camden! I missed him like crazy.

Anyway, I can't believe this is my first post sharing baby boy favorites!

I am always hearing people say how cute baby girl clothes are and that the boys section isn't nearly as good, but clearly those people aren't looking in the right places! I'm always finding the most adorable and trendy baby boy clothes. The key I've found for boys is to shop early. This way you can get the sizes you need because the cute stuff does sell out quick (which is why I'm sharing these fall picks NOW!) 

I picked up a few of the items above for Cam, they are all just so adorable! I'm so excited to dress him in cute fall clothes, but I'm still not ready for that just yet. Still holding onto summer over here! 

Mama's with boys-where is your favorite place to shop for them?


Five Things


A little personal update to get things started today. Last week I got news from my doctor that I have to go back on thyroid medication, which I was on during my pregnancy, because I'm back to being hypothyroid again. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid isn't making enough thyroid hormone, so it's essentially under functioning. My platelets are also back down again. I kind of suspected to get this news because for the past two months or so I have felt pretty horrible. Tired, sluggish, achy, moody...I haven't felt like myself at all. My doctor looked at me when she read my results and was like, "you can't possibly feel good day in and day out?!" and she'd be right. I will say, though, it was hard to identify because I do have a 7 month old so tired just comes with the territory, right? Even though he sleeps through the night like a champ, mama still gets worn out and even more so with this wonky thyroid! I'm not exactly happy to hear this news (obviously), but mostly I feel relieved. Very relieved that now that we know about it we can get it under control and I can start to feel better soon!

I've learned a lot about the thyroid during this whole process, too. Hypothyroidism is actually really common and I heard this crazy stat that 50% of people that have it don't even know that they have it! Aside from the Armour (the medicine I'm taking), I've decided to eat a gluten free diet as much as I can (which I already do somewhat but I need to be way better about it now), and to cut back on my coffee intake. Both are good to do if you have thyroid problems. 


Added Stack City Burger to our list of favorite casual restaurants in Columbus this weekend! It just opened this past week so check it out if you're local. I love that they have big salads on their menu aside from their yummy burgers, and that you're able to get any burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. 

This guy right here is loving being able to sit up in the highchairs now...(we've officially entered the plays with toy. drops toy. pick up toy. drops toy. pick up toy. world now)

he gets more delicious by the day..ugh. That smile melts me.


We had a super fun weekend! Yesterday my parents hosted a little party with all my aunts and uncles on my Dad's side so that they could meet Camden. It was so nice! They all live over an hour away so they drove in for the afternoon to spend time with everyone and to meet him! We loved visiting with them. And guess who completely dropped the ball and didn't take one picture? Ultimate fail. I did make my favorite easy greek tortellini salad, which everyone seemed to enjoy! 

We went down to the North Market on Saturday..it was beautiful out! We got some ingredients to make salsa (in our blendtec!) and just walked around to some shops afterwards. 



And be on vacation! And sleep in! And hang out with my girlfriends!

And the obvious, miss my boys like crazy. But let's not talk about that part. 


Completely random but since football season is approaching I can justify posting about them...I came across these sneakers that are perfect for Ohio State games! This coral/blue color is so cute too, if you aren't an OSU fan!

(shop here)

Speaking of football season, I will FINALLY get to meet Kristin this November when OSU plays Minnesota. Excited doesn't even describe it...we've been blog friends for so many years! WOO-HOO!

PS: I'm working on a post that only mama's or future mama's will be interested in-some of my recent must have baby items! We have found so many awesome products lately that this is well over-due! Also, don't forget to enter my current $100 Gift Card giveaway if you haven't already! Happy Monday!


The Original Baby

Just wanted to dedicate today's post to our original baby, Rocky, for his 8th birthday!

Rocky has been with us in our life through so much. Our family wouldn't be the same without him! We pray that he still knows just how loved he is, even with another baby in the house now too. He is one of the sweetest dogs out there who gives the most amazing cuddles! So thankful for this little furball who brings us so much happiness and joy every single day. If you have a dog, you know what I mean! They are the definition of unconditional love.

Happy birthday, Rock! We love you so much! Peanut butter treats and new toys are headed your way! :)


CJK: 7 Months Old

 the "are you done yet?" smile...

A reader emailed me yesterday and told me she couldn't wait to hear about what Camden has been up to this past month (referring to this post I'm writing) which I thought was so sweet. Honestly, it struck a big cord with me. I do these updates mainly for us to look back on, and sometimes when I hit the publish button I wonder if anyone besides me and Billy are actually reading. It warms my heart that some of you out there care about our son. It really, really does. I could hug you all, just sayin'.

Ok, whoa there still semi hormonal Katie, time for the big SEVEN month update...

What HASN'T happened this month? That is the question! It's like right when Cam turned 6 months old all these milestones were being reached and changes happening left and right, and I'm over here like...

where'ssssssssss myyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyyyy? (no, but seriously, I am so totally loving every moment.)

This month our active, sweet, happy, full of personality little Camden's first tooth popped through, is sitting up on his own completely, is full on crawling across the room (we also said goodbye to our cute rustic wood coffee table at this point), and dun dun dun...babbling mama'! Billy jokes that I brainwashed him with that one, lol! 

Oh, and we also started swim lessons. That is a freakin' lot in a matter of a few weeks! So much change. So many firsts. And most importantly, so.much.happiness in our household. 

(milestone cards from here)

He's also completely switched up how he sleeps. For starters, he's sleeping like a big boy now in just his little pj's-no sleepsuit or swaddle! We actually started this transition right before he turned 6 months old but because I was scared of jinxing our luck, I didn't mention it. We think he was just ready because we went cold turkey and since night #1 he's slept just fine! For the first 5.5 months he was a back sleeper and now we've got a side/belly sleeper on our hands! Literally the very first night we didn't have him in the sleep suit he started sleeping on his belly. I was SO nervous that first week...I kept going back in and checking on him, but he just seems way more comfortable now! free to move/sleep how he wants!

We've been so impressed with his eating-he eats solids (purees) like a boss. On the days that I work, I send an organic jar (or pouch) of baby food with him to my step mom's or to his nanny's and he will eat the entire thing in 1 sitting...and really quickly too. His favorite food so far is apples! Just recently I've started offering a combo of two different foods.

(aside from those just mentioned)

+Swim lessons are once per week and at our first lesson Cam was kicking/splashing in the water like a crazy person-the instructors (and myself) were laughing. He doesn't seem scared of water in the least bit! I didn't know at first how the classes would be for kids Cam's age, but they actually work on some really great things like back floats, kicking on barbells, wall holds, and eventually underwater dips. They also do group songs with puppets-it's adorable.
+Billy hung a swing in the backyard tree for him which he loves!
+First time going to the Dublin Irish Festival (one of my favorite yearly events in our city)

(where he takes swim lessons-isn't it so cute? family members can come and watch the lessons if they want!)

+bouncing in his jumperoo
+when Daddy does "carwash" (it sounds weird but Billy takes a soft cloth book and drags it over Cam's body and face like a carwash and Cam thinks it's the funniest thing in the world!)
+lion walker toy
+food! so far he's tried (in this order): sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, pears, peas, avocado, carrots, apples, squash. 
+looking and laughing at Rocky
+when I pretend to eat bites of his food
+crawling to what he wants (or rolling to it-we've seen him roll 4-5 times in a row just to get to a toy he wants across the room
+smiling and "talking" to people when out and about
+the TV remote ;)

+being on his back-diaper changes are comparable to an olympic sporting event.
+teeth coming in (more on this in another post!)

And some of my favorite videos this month:


These Are My Confessions

I confess: I AM NOT READY FOR FALL IN THE SLIGHTEST. No no no no. It actually just started feeling like summer to me so can we not rush it this year?! I've been loving being able to go to the pool for a few hours to unwind, and I'm so happy we are heading to Florida next month because I want to prolong these warmer temps + Vitamin D as long as possible! 

 summer > winter (and we all know that comes right after fall so..)

I confess: Once you get off the meal planning wagon for a few weeks, it's so hard to get back on it. Which is basically where I'm at right now, #fail. My goal is to have our dinners planned for the next two weeks by tonight. It's happening. I got this.

I confess: I live in workout clothes 99% of the time and my hair is almost always in a pony tail. I also confess these tennis shoes are my favorite I've ever owned and I want like 10 pairs of them. 

I confess: sometimes I question if I'm a good mom. Sometimes I wonder if Cam really loves me. Sometimes it drives me absolutely nuts to not have all the answers to everything when it comes to parenting and I blame myself for so much..."why is he suddenly fighting naps? is it something I did wrong?" "is he eating enough or too much?!" the list goes on and on.

I confess: we've had some really great past two weekends (that I've failed to blog about!) Last weekend we took Camden to the Dublin Irish Festival for his first visit and it was extra special because my parents joined us! This weekend we went to the dog park and took a long walk at a trail nearby. We are trying to use our Ergo 360 carrier more since we plan to use it for our upcoming trips! He really seems to like it now that he can face forward in it-he was just smiling and laughing the whole time! Cam also sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time when we went to dinner on Saturday night at Rusty Bucket! He loved being able to sit up and see everything...he's getting so big :(

{I confess I nearly tear up when looking at that last picture...the matching hats. that smile. father/son. my word.}

I confess: we still do the dream feed, and I have no idea when to drop it. And I don't really WANT to drop it. This feed is actually the one I look forward to the most everyday. When Cam is cuddled up on my chest sleeping after his bottle and I'm not being pulled in 40 other directions where I can just be still and soak all of him up. Be together. Love on him. And watch him sleep.

I confess: watching Cam be able to sit up and play with all of his toys (I mean try to eat them) is my favorite milestone so far. So fun. 

I confess: I am level 10 OBSESSED with following Shawn and Kaitlyn on Snapchat. 

I confess: This sale (40% off your order) is pretty dang good. 

I confess: my son is 7 months old today and his post will be a few days late (obviously) happy 7 months, Cammy! I can't wait to share about this past month. It has been FULL of fun changes (another reason why it's late...so much to say!) 

For fun, leave me a confession of yours in the comments! Come on, it's Monday...I need some humor in my life! ;)


My Travel Bucket List

(pic from one of my favorite trips, here)

In all the years I've had my blog, I haven't published a true travel bucket list. How can this be? Today I'm correcting this awful situation because the list that pops up in my head daily (and the one in my 'Notes' section in my iPhone) are just not enough. I'm sure no one really cares much about this list as much as we do, but it'll be nice to have it here so I can (visually) cross them off one by one. I've been fortunate enough to have visited a lot of different places + states growing up, Hawaii being at the top of that list, but I still have so many places I want to see! 

We could easily add probably 20 more locations to this list, but decided for this one we would just list our tip tip tip tip top must-see places. Our ULTIMATE bucket list, let's say. And then once these are visited, update accordingly. Because...obviously. :) 

Here goes:

+South Africa (my #1! always has been)
+Greece (Santorini, Mykonos, Athens)
+Waterton, Canada
+Glacier National Park
+Camden, Maine
+Napa/Sonoma (We have been here but I'm still listing it because I want to go back specifically to do a hot air balloon ride!)
+Portland, Oregon
+Park City Utah // Zion National Park
+Monaco (all Billy for this one) 
+Asheville, NC
+Hawaii (my first time visiting wasn't with Billy so of course we need to go together! Maui in particular) 

I'm about to cross Colorado off this list in a few weeks! And while they aren't listed since we've already been (but sure do love them), we're taking Cam to FL next month and Boston in October, so we're really looking forward to these next few months when it comes to traveling!

What destinations at the top of your travel list? 


6 Steps To A Healthier, Happier You

I received free product from Truly Radiant to review.

Happy Monday! Monday's get a bad rep - I mean, they give us an opportunity to show this week who's boss! We all want to be happy, but sometimes keeping a positive attitude day in and day out is much easier said than done. These might be small steps, but don't doubt their effectiveness!

Step 1. Exercise first thing in the morning.
If you can turn your alarm clock up to squeeze in a workout first thing-it's worth it! Not only will you burn more calories and be less tempted eat junk food throughout the day, but you will feel so much better. Endorphins are a great great great thing.

Step 2. Don't use your phone in bed. You will gain a few extra Zzz's and I promise you, your inbox can wait!

Step 3. Try a new smoothie recipe. 
I don't know what it is about smoothies, but they always make me feel so refreshed (especially in the mornings-it's never a good idea to skip breakfast!) and summer is the best time to experiment. Visit your local farmer's market and go crazy.  (I plan to share a bunch of recipes soon that we've made in our Blendtec!)

Step 4. Get rid of the negativity.
Surround yourself with people who encourage you and inspire you.

Step 5. Keep a food and goal dairy.
Have a notebook for each, if you want. In order to get healthier, it's important to evaluate where you might be going wrong when it comes to what you're putting into your body. Tracking what you're eating is a great way to look at a full day and to hold you accountable. To help keep your goals on track (new job? looking to save up for a big move?), putting them down in writing always seems to help.

Step 6. Don't put off your appointments with your doctor and dentist.
Not many people enjoy these checkups, but do you know what's worse? That feeling of being SO behind. Stay on top of your appointments and try not to reschedule them (who's guilty of this? besides me!) so that you can get them done and move on to the next thing!

Try the new ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Collection for a radiant smile. Below are a few of their great products! These rotating toothbrushes are legit, ya'll. Love them!

What makes you feel happier and more radiant? Leave a comment below to enter for a chance to win a $100 VISA GIFT CARD!

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