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A little personal update to get things started today. Last week I got news from my doctor that I have to go back on thyroid medication, which I was on during my pregnancy, because I'm back to being hypothyroid again. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which your thyroid isn't making enough thyroid hormone, so it's essentially under functioning. My platelets are also back down again. I kind of suspected to get this news because for the past two months or so I have felt pretty horrible. Tired, sluggish, achy, moody...I haven't felt like myself at all. My doctor looked at me when she read my results and was like, "you can't possibly feel good day in and day out?!" and she'd be right. I will say, though, it was hard to identify because I do have a 7 month old so tired just comes with the territory, right? Even though he sleeps through the night like a champ, mama still gets worn out and even more so with this wonky thyroid! I'm not exactly happy to hear this news (obviously), but mostly I feel relieved. Very relieved that now that we know about it we can get it under control and I can start to feel better soon!

I've learned a lot about the thyroid during this whole process, too. Hypothyroidism is actually really common and I heard this crazy stat that 50% of people that have it don't even know that they have it! Aside from the Armour (the medicine I'm taking), I've decided to eat a gluten free diet as much as I can (which I already do somewhat but I need to be way better about it now), and to cut back on my coffee intake. Both are good to do if you have thyroid problems. 


Added Stack City Burger to our list of favorite casual restaurants in Columbus this weekend! It just opened this past week so check it out if you're local. I love that they have big salads on their menu aside from their yummy burgers, and that you're able to get any burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. 

This guy right here is loving being able to sit up in the highchairs now...(we've officially entered the plays with toy. drops toy. pick up toy. drops toy. pick up toy. world now)

he gets more delicious by the day..ugh. That smile melts me.


We had a super fun weekend! Yesterday my parents hosted a little party with all my aunts and uncles on my Dad's side so that they could meet Camden. It was so nice! They all live over an hour away so they drove in for the afternoon to spend time with everyone and to meet him! We loved visiting with them. And guess who completely dropped the ball and didn't take one picture? Ultimate fail. I did make my favorite easy greek tortellini salad, which everyone seemed to enjoy! 

We went down to the North Market on Saturday..it was beautiful out! We got some ingredients to make salsa (in our blendtec!) and just walked around to some shops afterwards. 



And be on vacation! And sleep in! And hang out with my girlfriends!

And the obvious, miss my boys like crazy. But let's not talk about that part. 


Completely random but since football season is approaching I can justify posting about them...I came across these sneakers that are perfect for Ohio State games! This coral/blue color is so cute too, if you aren't an OSU fan!

(shop here)

Speaking of football season, I will FINALLY get to meet Kristin this November when OSU plays Minnesota. Excited doesn't even describe it...we've been blog friends for so many years! WOO-HOO!

PS: I'm working on a post that only mama's or future mama's will be interested in-some of my recent must have baby items! We have found so many awesome products lately that this is well over-due! Also, don't forget to enter my current $100 Gift Card giveaway if you haven't already! Happy Monday!


  1. Alexander has started throwing his Sophie on the floor and with 4 cats, no matter how much I vacuum, there is fur on our floor. I keep these handy in the living room (and diaper bag) to wipe Sophie off. http://www.target.com/p/munchkin-arm-and-hammer-36-pacifier-wipes/-/A-13296353#prodSlot=medium_1_2&term=pacifier+wipes

    Camden is adorable ... he's my second favorite baby to look at (after my son, of course). We're hitting the 4 month sleep regression right now, so I'm basically about dead. Any tips on surviving it?

  2. Do you have any pacifier clips? I have at least 10 that I connect my guys toys to. I can clip the toy to him, the high chair cover, stroller, etc, etc. He throws it, and it only goes 6-8 inches!

    1. Ahhh! Yes we have some stored away that I forgot about, would work perfect for the toys and everything else! Thank you Laura!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your thyroid problems. I gotta say, I feel sluggish most days and thought it was dur to having a baby too! Wouldn't hurt to check with my dr! We are also in the drop/throw toys phase... isn't it fun! I consider it a work out in the mornings when I try feeding him in his high chair lol. We also got one of those suction toys for the high chair and that keeps his attention for a minute or so ;) LOVE those sneaks for game days!!

  4. I really enjoy your blog and have been following you for awhile, but I've never commented. Thank you so much for sharing the thyroid diet. I also have hypothyroidism and take medicine, but I haven't tried this diet yet.

  5. I completely feel your pain. I have hypothyroidism too. I have thought so much about doing a gluten free diet, but I love my carbs! I know I need to try it too because I have been feeling so sluggish lately too. Glad you're sharing what you are doing, let me know if it helps!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your thyroid but, so glad you have it figured out & can start feeling better soon! Camden is so cute!! Yay for sitting in high chairs!! Jack has started pulling himself up in his carseat (when unbuckled) and in his rocking chair thing at the house so, we are starting to sit in highchairs too! They grow waaay too fast!!

  7. I hope you can get your thyroid under control with the new diet. For more support, look into EndoFlex essential oil for extra natural support. I've heard great things about that for healthy support of the thyroid and the endocrine system!

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  9. That Greek tortellini salad sounds divine! I might whip some up this weekend :)

  10. We use these "Baby Buddy" secure-a-toy bands (I have copy and pasted the link!) We bought them off of Amazon though. :) They are great for high chairs, car seats, strollers, etc! You can attach multiple toys to one band and they work awesome!

  11. Camden is just the cutest little boy! Your Greek salad looks delish! I might have to try that with gluten free pasta. I’m so sorry to hear about your thyroid. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2010 as well and it can be pretty difficult to fully function when your body is so off and it takes every ounce of energy just to get up and get going. Gluten, sugar, and caffeine free living (or as much as possible) is so very helpful. I really hope the changes you’re making help you and that you see positive results quick! It’s such a blessing to have Google at our fingertips to do our own research and be an active participant in our health.


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