Five Years

Today marks FIVE years of marriage to this cutie! I can't believe we got married 5 years ago...everything about that day was so perfect. Nothing will ever compare to it! 

For my past anniversary posts, I've talked a lot about Billy as a husband but for this anniversary I really wanted to write about how he has been in this current stage of our marriage - a Daddy! Life is so much busier with a baby and I've recognized that I don't verbally acknowledge nearly enough how amazing he has shifted into this new role as a parent.

Can I brag on him for a moment? yes? :) Anyway, it's always been important to me to have a spouse who encourages me to do things that make me happy (outside of my family-obviously they are my #1) and to have time for myself, girlfriends, and to be a really hands-on parent. As you know I recently went to Colorado with my girlfriend to visit my cousin and when we were first just talking about the idea Billy supported me the entire time and reassured me that him and Camden would be just fine. I was really nervous and worried about leaving Camden for 4 days (and felt somewhat guilty too), but he never once questioned if he could handle all the responsibilities on his own-he was just excited for his Daddy and son time together. Well, when I came home, I was truly blown away about how well things had gone. Aside from taking care of Cam wonderfully (not once did I receive a panic text/phone call-ha!), I came home to a completely spotless home, a newly organized kitchen (even the tupperware cabinet that resembled that of a tornado prior), both of our cars waxed and cleaned out, and stories about taking Cam on a hike and all the fun they had together. I was pretty much in shock because, honestly, I wasn't sure what I would be walking into after 4 days of being gone, haha! It's not that I wasn't confident in his capabilities because I knew he would be just fine, but he really went above and beyond. I felt a huge sense of relief...it was just so nice and I could tell he was really proud of all that he accomplished. And he should be...heck, I don't even accomplish all of that when I'm at home with Cam most of the time.

Obviously this is just one recent example but there are so many different reasons why I love him and am thankful for him. I get teary eyed when I reflect about all the memories we have together and how far we have come. So yeah, all of this to say...Billy, I feel so thankful and blessed to have you in my life and as a father to our son. You continue to impress me every single day. Thank you for working hard to support our family and for loving us-I love you to the moon! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you tonight! 

PS: Trip recap should be up Monday! I just uploaded my millions of pics and can't wait to share them!! Lastly, did you enter this giveaway yet? Hop on over and get yourself entered!


  1. Thanks so much babe! Love you so much and I'm so thankful for you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! :) What a sweet post!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I always remember your anniversary since it's the same as mine ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary to a very special couple! You guys are just awesome together and you are rocking this whole being parents thing too - we are blessed to have incredible husbands but even better fathers! Wishing you more love and happiness in the year ahead x

    P.S. Our 5 years next month :)


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