the cutest personalized mug (from tiny prints, it says "good morning mom, you are the best! and I'm sure I'll never use another mug again.)
my favorite way to drink water - infused with fruit!

Another weekend gone too soon! What's really crazy is that it's almost the middle of June. Time needs to slow on down these next few months because it feels like just yesterday it was April and I was counting down the days until summer. Woof.  I need some pool time in my life and stat! Hopefully this weekend!

These are just a few snaps from our trip to Cleveland this weekend! Cam had another eventful weekend spent there with Billy's family. From going out to eat, seeing his great grandma, and visiting his new buddy Keegan (Billy's best friends baby boy) while I was at a baby shower, it was a great weekend and they were so happy to spend time with him! (and vice versa) Once again Cam continues to impress us with how easy going and happy he is, even when he's in an unfamiliar place and is up way past his bedtime! We are so thankful that he is easy to take places...always smiling at everyone and content. Sometimes I can't help but worry how he will be, especially late at night (I don't want to be that couple with a screaming baby in restaurant!), but he always does so well... so far that is. :)

How was your weekend? Tomorrow I've got another yummy recipe to share! Another quick and easy go-to dinner!


  1. I haven't seen those infused waters! Will definitely have to try them. It looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. Such a cute lil peanut!!! :) I'm so glad he's such an easy-going baby, such a blessing I'm sure :)

  3. We took Liam home to Iowa this weekend too. It's tough keeping them on a schedule when you travel. I hate the battle of feeling like "crazy mom" who can't be flexible but also knowing how bad it sucks when things get off track :) Hope you had a blast!

  4. What a special weekend - I can't believe how tall Cam is!! x

  5. That water looks yummy :) I haven't seen them however, I will now have to look for them! Little man is getting so big :(

  6. We take Jack a ton of places too! I was just taking with Matt the other day about how I have some guilt bc we're always on the go. But, he's a champ & just goes along with it! So crazy how babies adapt! I'm glad Camden is an easy baby too! Sounds like y'all had a great wknd!


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