CJK: 5 Months Old


I was literally cracking up when taking these pictures! They couldn't be a better representation of our little Cam this past month: drool fest, tongue out, foot in mouth 99% of the time, and huge smiles. (not pictured but also made it close to impossible to get these pics-wanting to roll over and be on his belly at.all.times)


-close to sitting up on his own, but still needs some support on his back with our hands. we can tell he wants to be able to so bad!
-has learned how to grab hair and faces
-homeboy has started to be on the move. he's scooting and army crawling all over (and off) his activity mat now!
-can hold himself up with both arms during tummy time
-introduced the fisher price sit me up chair, which he loves!
-first zoo trip as a family
-first overnight stay (2 nights) at his grandpa tim and grandma juju's! he did wonderful (better than we did without him) and slept like a champ for them 7pm-7am...phew!
-weighs somewhere around 14 lbs 6 oz, we aren't really sure because it hasn't been checked in over a week. will find out his length and exact weight at 6 months!
-he's in mainly 3-6 month clothes, but 6 month sleepers b/c he's so long! 


-old macdonald on the farm is his FAVORITE. it doesn't matter if it's played on my phone or if we sing it to him, he instantly starts going crazy...kicking his legs to the music, laughing, smiling. it's hilarious.
-being tickled (see video below)
-still loves to roll from back to belly like last month, we can't keep him on his back!
-having his presence be known! he loves when people talk to him when we're out running errands-he's a total flirt!
-being active
-getting lifted in the air


-when the flow is too slow on his bottles! he's actually on level 3 nipples now (drinks 5-6.5 oz every 3 hours)

Honestly can't think of much else. Every month has been enjoyable with him, but this month was probably the most enjoyable, if I had to pick. His personality is coming out more and more, along with getting so much stronger! He can hold his chest up off the ground when on his tummy and if I turn my back for two seconds he's already scooting off his activity mat. He's also noticing and loving Rocky more...always reaching out towards him.

I hope we always remember how happy of a baby he has been and what a sweet, pleasant boy he is to be around. He is the biggest joy in our lives. This month also marks my last month of nursing as my "goal" was 6 months. I know that people do it for much longer, but I am so so proud that I've lasted this long pumping. I will probably start to cut out my pump sessions soon! Not gonna lie, really excited to get my body back and not be attached to a machine all the time. We are also starting the crib transition for night time this weekend, so please pray for us. (I'm going to miss having him next to my side of the bed so much!)

Can't believe that this time next month he will be half a year old! We love you to the moon, Cam!

Here's some of my favorite videos from this month (that I watch literally every single day #imcrazy...)


  1. Ah he is so adorable!! We just transitioned Rowan to his crib and I really miss him being right next to me but he of course has been fine and loves stretching out in his crib! I only look at the monitor 580 times before I fall asleep :) #momlife

  2. He's so cute! And long and lean. So funny to compare my Landry who is the same age to him...she is short and very rolly. They are probably the same weight, just so differently proportioned! :)

  3. What adorable videos!!!! totally get why you'd watch them every day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a cutie!!! And I love how you dress him- stylish lil man!! :)

  5. He is so cute & looks like such a sweet boy!!

  6. He's growing up so fast! My little man is 3 months today and already trying to sit up and he rolled over the other day! Time slow down!

  7. I never thought I'd say this, but he's giving me baby fever!! He's SO precious!


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