Weekend Vibes

+these shorts are my new bff. elastic waistband + navy = winners. 
+we took cam to the farmers market on saturday and i loved wearing him in my ergo 360 carrier! best carrier out on the market! so comfortable and of course, i love having him close to me :) 
+saturday night we ventured out for dinner to the pint room for an early dinner on their patio (much less bar vibe out there) and they had the derby on too. cam loves being outside-he just sat and watched us and didn't make a peep!
+see how's he's gripping my finger? he reaches for it now when i'm in the backseat with him and i turn into a big puddle of push. pretty sure i would let him hold my finger forever if he wanted.
+sandal weather is the best weather!
+cam had lots of visitors this weekend, too! my best friends angela + lindsay hung out with him (look at his face when they were reading him the book-so stinkin cute! he LOVES books!) and my dad's sister (my godmom) got to meet him for the first time! 

Successful weekend, I'd say! How was your weekend? I actually have the day off work today, which is why this post is so short n' sweet. I've got a house to clean, errands to be ran, and sun that needs to be soaken up (80 and gorgeous today-woo!) But I will remind you before I go to enter this giveaway, if you haven't already!

PS: Update about the 4 month sleep regression that I mentioned last week. Dare I say I think we are almost over it? I really don't want to jinx myself. We had 2 nights where he woke almost every hour, but the other nights he only woke once and last night he slept through the night. So, we had about a week where his sleeping patterns were definitely off, but only 2 really rough nights luckily. Crossing our fingers we're in the clear now! 


  1. I love my Ergo! That's how I grocery shop. It's so easy to use and Brady loves it!

  2. He is SO adorable, Katie! How do you stand it?! Every time I see his little face pop up on FB or IG, I smile back- he's such a sweetie :)

  3. Have you ever used a Baby Bjorn? Just curious to know how it compares to an Ergo before I have the need to choose one! haha

  4. Hope you are out of the weeds with the sleep regression! In our house, THE ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL was like those two nights were for you. We've finally had about a week of only 1-2, sometimes zero wakings. I'm still not convinced, I'm so traumatized by the past 4 weeks. It is insanity and count yourself lucky (and me jealous) if it's done!


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