Today isn't just your birthday. It also serves as a great reminder - that you're officially a year and then some older than me! You old man, you! I would say I'm kidding, but it's the truth. Anyway...this next year of your life is going to be different than others. You're going to spend far more time taking care of Camden than yourself (which you've already started doing)...your days of sleeping in won't happen very often and you'll feel much more exhausted than in the past...you might spend some Saturday afternoons at the park instead of out at the driving range...BUT I hope you know what you will gain that will be unlike any of your other birthdays: a wife who has never loved or respected her husband more, and a son who is absolutely crazy about you. Before you became a Daddy, I truly thought I couldn't love you any more. That that kind of love I had was maxed out. But oh I was so wrong! Seeing you with our son makes my heart swell like it never has before, and I've never been more proud and happy to call you mine! And I KNOW Camden feels the same, you are so so amazing with him. Happy happy birthday - me, Cam, and Rocky can't wait to celebrate with you! 

Love you always.


  1. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to Billy! How exciting that Camden gets to be apart of this birthday celebration! :)

  2. That photo of he and Cam gets me EVERY TIME.


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