Happy Friday!

Time for a little update...


You all know by now my love for traveling, and then annoying you all blogging about all the details. In fact, deep down I REALLY wish I could be a travel blogger (sigh-wouldn't that be nice?!) so anyone out there who wants to help me make that possible just shoot me an email, mmmkay? :) 

We have two trips coming up that I'm so excited about! We are heading to Nashville over Memorial Day weekend for me and my best friend's 30th birthdays (hers is 5 days after mine!) It'll be us and two of our other closest girlfriends that I've grown up with and our significant others. As much as I will miss Cam since it'll be our FIRST time away from him, Nashville isn't exactly the best place to bring him to. Bring on the live country music, drinks in mason jars, cowboy boots, and SUN/heat! Oh yes. There's not much to hate about Nashville. 

However...we will bringing Cam with us to the CT/Boston area a few weeks later at the beginning of June for my cousin's wedding! I'm planning a little meet up with Erica while we're there and cannot wait!!


I didn't read the book, but I went out with my girlfriend the other night to see 50 Shades. It wasn't as intense? as I thought it would be and at times I wished I had read the book because I felt like I would've understood Ana's character a little bit more. I personally think Dakota Johnson totally carried that movie! 

And if you haven't heard the soundtrack, it's so good..worth downloading for sure. I have "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding currently on repeat daily.


My son is already posing for photos at 6 weeks old. Look at this ham...

Billy's parents and sister came to visit last weekend and when his sister was holding Cam I looked at him with her cell phone and said, "pose for Mommy!" and this is what I got! I melted! He wasn't even looking in the right direction before I said it which is the best part. He's such a little peanut!

and then this happened too...



Just ordered Cam's first Easter basket! I couldn't resist this cute puppy one from Pottery Barn Kids with his name personalized on it...

On that same shopping note...saying no to spring clothes for him has been rather difficult. Baby clothes are theeee cutest and I'm really wishing and hoping for some warmer weather around here...I'll take 50 at this point. 

This whale swimsuit and outfit (both from Target) and these personalized paci's (bought here!) were calling my name and I basically had no choice in the matter...


Billy's birthday is next Tuesday! We are going to go to our favorite brunch places on Sunday and hopefully make it out to dinner one night. I want to try and find him a cute new Daddy gift, too! Any ideas girls?!

I also got around to taking the second half of this picture last weekend! I hope to frame it and hang it somewhere in Cam's room :)

PS: I only have 2 weeks left out of my 11 off for maternity leave! Can someone please explain to me HOW this is possible? I feel like it just started. I might go cry now. 

not kidding. 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. He is SO adorable. Like, honestly. I just wanna squeeze him! How do you get anything done with him around?!?

  2. I just love that song by Ellie Goulding! I have been listening to that one a lot and the remix of Crazy In Love (I think that's what it's called) which they also play on 50 Shades of Grey!

  3. Ah so jealous about your Nashville trip. I hope to go in the fall!! Parental leave should be 6 months!! The time goes too fast.

  4. Cam is SO cute! The picture with the sun glasses...I die! I love the side by side with Rocky too! Just so precious!

  5. camden is totally going to pick up your travel bug ;) and seriously that photo of him in sunglass is so cute!!! #majorstud ;)

  6. 50 Shades album on repeat in my office all day errrrday..LOVE IT! Your trips coming up sound like so much fun and I can't get over Cam's Easter basket. So adorable :)

  7. Oh my goodness! I love all the cuteness on this little post... How darling! When in Nashville you will be 2 hours away from me.. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Camden is just so handsome with that head of hair!! Hope you have a blast on your upcoming trips.

  9. Glad he's already getting used to having his picture taken! I foresee a LOT of that in his future! (I ADORE taking pictures, too, so poor Conner is in for it, as well!)

    And I LOVE the "before" and "after" pictures!

  10. WOWZA....I can't believe you're on the tail end already!! Seriously...that FLEW by!! He's getting more handsome (if that's even possible) by the day!

  11. Sounds like some fun times are ahead and I cannot wait to see your blog posts from your Nashville trips! I think I can speak for everyone and say we are all waiting for Paisley and Cam to finally meet :)

  12. Isn't it funny how 11 weeks with him in your belly seemed to drag but the time with him outside of your belly just seems to fly by? That's how I felt with my little girl. Enjoy your last couple of weeks at home!

  13. So many wonderful things going on. I am wanting to go see the movie even but I am so weird about movies because I picture the characters totally different from the actresses that play them. I'm weird. Love the before and after pictures of you and Cam. So sweet.


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