Spring Favorites: Navy and Blush Crush


+Hooded Nylon Jacket (this color is so cute!)
+The Pixie Chino (obsessed with the fit of these)

Have you guys seen all the cute spring clothes online & out in stores right now?!

Le sigh....I hope these next 20 days until spring hurry on up, and the weather better shape up with it! 

I was in Old Navy the other day and literally wanted to take their entire spring line home with me. So many cute things! Then J.Crew Factory decided to add all these new arrivals and there went my clothes budget for the month! I'm obsessed with navy and blush/coral for this spring and also noticing how drawstring pants are everywhere, which I LOVE! Comfortable, casual, FORGIVING, and cute...it can't get any better. These ankle chinos are so cute and comfortable on! I love the fit of them and they are a crazy good price. I may or may not have bought them in white too (the gray will go with so much.)

What trends are you liking for spring? Need.warm(ish).weather.stat.

Happy hump day! 


  1. Loving those chinos and the blush tunic! I'm so ready for Spring!!!

  2. I swear, Old Navy has the best clothes in all the world. I wanted to buy several things, but I decided to wait since my body keeps changing with this pregnancy. After my baby girl comes, I will likely hit up Old Navy and buy some new goodies!

  3. I have the Dot Trim blouse. The fabric is divine. I may have worn it two or three times before I washed it.

  4. I was just talking to one of the girls I work with about how we want to make a trip to Old Navy to pick out some more Pixies. I want the grey, royal blue, red, polka dot....what the heck just give me all of them!

  5. I love the jacket, such a peppy color!

  6. All so cute!! We haven't had as bad of weather this Winter but, after the last 2 weeks, I am most certainly ready to see the sun & warmer temps!!

  7. Fellow navy-and-blush obsessee over here!! I've even been slowly redoing our living room with these colors!!


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