Game changer happened over here this week! Drum roll please....

Camden slept through the night! 

High fives all around, people. Now, I know that it might be a little bit before it's truly consistent and there will be times he will wake up multiple times...BUT we are celebrating this victory to it's full extent! Do people have parties for this kind of thing? Because it's that life changing and deserves it's own moment... ;)

 His smile makes me the happiest ever. And that butt chin.


These adorable espadrilles. Will be perfect for spring and summer! So comfy!


We went to the Goat (one of our favorite bars/restaurant) the other night for an early dinner, in an attempt to avoid a big crowd. We've been trying to take Cam out with us as much as possible (when it's above freezing temps!) so that he gets used to the car and such. He always does SO well and typically falls asleep within a minute of being in the car and normally stays asleep the entire time we're out, which is so nice. But it's also nice when he wakes up and gives me his big gummy smiles, too!

We were able to enjoy some big brewskis (only one for me since I'm still bfing!) and a yummy dinner! I can't wait for it to warm up so we can take him more places, too.


I'm over ALL of my winter wardrobe. My closet is a disaster. And I'm ready for spring clothes!

This look is one of my favorites head to toe...have I mentioned I can't wait to wear sandals? I say this every.single.year. Sorry. I should probably just move south already and shut up. :)


How I feel Monday - Friday...

and yes...

that is all. :)

Happy weekend! 


  1. I completely agree on being over my winter wardrobe. the sun can come out to stay any day now. And we live in the South...what's up with that ;)

  2. Yay for sleeping through the night! Don't you feel like a new woman?! And that quote about getting "dressed"...amen to that. Haha. Story of my life!

  3. Seriously - spring cannot come soon enough. I am tired of wearing winter clothes :) Haha!

  4. Hate to tell you this: It's cold down South too! In Augusta, GA, we have had a couple of sandal days thankfully!

  5. YAY for a full night of sleep!!!!! So happy for you :) I am so ready for warmer weather and sandals too. I was painting my toes on Sunday night and said I cannot wait to actually be able to show them off instead of just around the house! I think we are getting closer though, next week we are getting temps into the 50s which will be amazing!

  6. Black yoga pants make me feel SO put together some days....it's amazing what getting out of your robe/pajamas will do for you! :) PS I am SO ready for anything other than boots...even flats will do for now! Haha!

  7. Yaay for getting out with little man!! Jack does the same thing- it's so nice!! & I love the ecard about pj pants to yoga pants... I may or may not have done the exact thing this morning!

  8. Camden is so cute! (And yay for sleeping through the night!) Glad to hear you guys are getting out and that he's sleeping, Henry does the same thing! I'm so thankful to have a baby that loves his car seat because usually he'll fall asleep right away too and then we can go out to brunch or dinner or wherever and he'll just snooze the whole time...definitely enjoying this phase while it lasts! But you're so right, baby smiles are the best :)

  9. So great that Camden slept through the night, it really is such a gift when they start doing that! Lucy starting sleeping 10-12 hrs straight around 7-8 weeks and never looked back. I think she's only woken up less than 10 times at night since then & she's almost 1.5 years old so it is possible to get sleep even with a baby :) Of course, I'm sure I've jinxed myself if we have a second kid haha!

  10. So jealous of Cam sleeping thru night. Charlie still gets up once or twice but I think it's the reflux so not sure when that will change. Are you using any sleep
    Schedules? Also, Cam looks like such a peanut! I know he's a week or so younger than Charlie but she looks like such a chunk compared to him!

  11. YAY for sleeping through the night! Even one night is blissful, I'm sure!!
    Okay - so I'm planning to breast feed, too. So one bottle / pint of beer is fine, and you don't have to "pump and dump"? And I'm assuming the same goes for one cocktail or one glass of wine? As you can tell - I'm SO READY for some adult beverages!
    And yes - move south!!! Here in South Carolina, we're already in the 60's / 70's most days!

  12. Oh I can't wait for flip flop weather. You should totally move south our seasons are much more mild in NC!

  13. Do you know where those sandals are from? They would be perfect for our engagement pictures this summer!!


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