Week 37 Bumpdate...Full Term!

We've gone from this...

 to THIS!

The details:

*What a bittersweet moment....here we are, full term! Looking back at my previous bumpdates, I honestly thought I had a legit bump at 15 weeks. Haha...was I ever wrong!
*Camden is now the size of a winter melon! For the past month or so, he loves to press his little butt up on my stomach. My stomach will look so oddly shaped when he does it and is really hard. I can now feel his little feet too, which is so cute!
*Results from my first cervix check last week?! Not dilated at all yet! My next check is tomorrow so we'll see if I've progressed at all since at that point. (Also-as a wife who hates being wrong, I'm really starting to wonder if Billy is going to be right with his prediction of Cam coming on our due date or even after...)
*Cravings? Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts. Oreo balls. Basically anything sweet and that has a lot of calories.
*Sleeping at this stage is laughable. The constant tossing and turning is difficult! I'll wake up feeling like I ran a marathon or something, which we all know didn't happen...
*I've been getting up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I can't believe I made it this long without having to get up, so I won't complain too much about that...
*No swelling. No real discomfort!
*Labor Signs? Nope! The normal Braxton Hicks which are also feeling a bit different now, they kind of seem to blend in a bit with his big rolls and stretching. 

Other important things to note:

*Enjoying: The anticipation of the next few weeks-I'm a constant ball of excitement, nerves, happiness all at once. I love waking up and talking with Billy about if it could be "THE" day and just sharing this special time together...it is SO much fun!
*Disliking: It's not that I dislike my weekly appointments per say because they are exciting at times, but I guess I'm just feeling "over" them in general. I started taking the steroids (boo) to get my platelets up, but know that they are only temporary and hopefully they help me so that I'm able to get an epidural. The thought of not having one is....well, SCARY!!
*Random happenings:
    +I ordered the cutest bib cloths recently for Cam's stocking from here! I got a cute anchor print and giraffe print. 
    +ALL of our bags are packed! One of the best recommendations I received was to bring a power strip for the hospital....such a good idea!
    +We have Rocky all taken care of for when we're in the hospital. My best friend Lindsay offered to stay at our house with him to take care of him. So thankful for that!
    +I practically begged Billy to get me a week pass to his gym just so that I can go walk on the track or treadmill. Since it gets dark so early here, I haven't wanted to walk outside at all and was kind of going crazy not being able to. 
*Looking forward to: Where to begin?! Seeing if I've progressed at all tomorrow at my next appointment...having my normal iced coffee's again (and wine! and beer!)...getting a GIANT turkey sub from Jersey Mike's (it is weird how much I've craved this since becoming pregnant)...fitting into normal pants and tops again...meeting our baby for the first time!

This 9 month journey has almost come to an end and it's so, so sweet. I know I've said it probably ten times but I have loved being pregnant and am really grateful that I didn't have to experience many bad symptoms. When it comes to thinking about labor, my feelings are that as long as baby and I are healthy in the end I won't be disappointed, even if it doesn't go how I would have liked or planned. I'm just trying to keep an open mind and pray that it all works out as it should!

Oh, and if I've seemed a little off lately, it probably is because I AM! I've found that it's really hard to write and blog normally because everyday I'm in the mindset that our life is a little bit on hold. I wake up and wonder if today will be the day, or if this will be my last bump date, etc. so it's kind of hard to focus and put that into words on this blog. 

I do plan to continue blogging after he's born, but will just take a little bit of time off while we adjust, so I hope you continue reading! Your comments and support through this time in my life has meant a lot to me, truly!


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  1. Yay! We are so, so close. You still look so tiny...I feel like I looked like you do now at like 20 weeks! :) It is so, so hard when you are constantly thinking today might be the day...can totally understand. I keep telling myself it won't be today so I don't get my hopes up too high! But one of these days I will definitely be proven wrong and it will be so sweet! :)

  2. SO exciting! You look gorgeous mama! Our little guy keeps pushing his butt and heels up against my stomach too, its the craziest feeling! And such a good call on the power strip thing for the hospital.. totally adding that to my list!

  3. It's all getting SO close! I remember being at this point with Ethan and thinking he would be arriving at any moment, and of course he was late! But the waiting it absolutely worth it...go on some last movie dates! I miss the time where we could catch a movie at a moment's notice! ;)

  4. sister i hear ya on the turkey sub! that was the first thing i wanted once i wasn't preggers anymore! can't wait for you to meet your little guy! such exciting times!

  5. Absolutely perfect and SO exciting. You look great and I hope things go well for you!

  6. Congrats! I was zero percent dilated and making no progress at my 37 week appointment on a Monday and I had my baby that Thursday! So progress really means nothing! Don't get discouraged! :)

  7. the pushing his butt thing is probably braxton hicks contractions! i thought the same thing!

  8. Being full term is so surreal! You could go into labor at any time!! Or be pregnant for another month like I was haha. I remember going to bed every night kissing Jon and being giddy wondering if this was "it"! You have some strong will power for not eating lunch meat.... I never followed that rule, whoops!

  9. You are so close!! Hang in there! I only made it to 37.5 weeks and I felt like the last few weeks dragged... At least you have Christmas to keep you occupied!! :)

  10. Happy full term mama!! :) What an exciting time!!! I can't wait to get the announcement that he's here!!!

  11. Looking good momma! I cannot believe He will be here anytime now!! Sooo exciting!!!

  12. I love reading your blog so much! You are adorable and I am so excited for you and your family!

  13. Yay!! I just love and adore your bump my friend - and can you believe SJ was born at 37 weeks?? Haha, we can't wait to "meet" you little Camden x


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