Our Weekend In Photos

And suddenly we're here...another Monday that has come far. too. soon!

Did you have a good weekend?! This weekend was just what I needed. It has been pretty busy around these parts with trying to get everything ready for the baby (which I'm sure I haven't mentioned at all...), but honestly once I take a moment to actually pause...we are more than ready. Everything is organized and our bags are packed, so that makes me feel really good considering he could come any day now and I'm officially considered FULL TERM as of this week!! There's no more stressing on my end or trying to cross things off a to-do list, and that makes me pretty freaking happy. 

Friday was pretty low key...we got Billy's favorite pizza (Meister's) for dinner and watched a movie at the house. Saturday we slept in a bit, went to get coffee (only a few more weeks until I can have caffeine again-amen!), and then spent the day shopping at Easton! The weather has been on the warmer side (seriously-it doesn't even feel like mid December) so it wasn't too cold to walk around outside and it was pretty because it's all decorated for the holidays. Saturday night we went out to dinner in the Short North and afterwards went to Le Chocoholique to split a dessert! 

Le Chocoholique has some of the BEST chocolates and desserts, seriously. If you're ever in Columbus, you have to add it to your list of places to try! This mousse cake was even better than it looks and it was devoured in .5 seconds.


On our date night on Saturday, I surprised Billy with tickets to see the Cavs play THIS Friday in Cleveland! It was a spur of the moment decision on my end to buy them, but I wanted to do something nice for Billy since he has been so wonderful and put up with me this entire pregnancy. He LOVES the Cavs (to put it mildly) and his brother and his girlfriend are joining us for the game too, so I knew he would be pretty excited! We will driving there Friday afternoon for the game and driving back at night (his family is coming in town on Saturday), so now we will just be saying many, many prayers all week that Camden keeps on cookin'! :)

And I finally got Camden's stocking in the mail, so naturally I had to fill it with some cute things and hang all of ours up together!

(all of them are from Pottery Barn)

So, there's a house in a neighborhood close to ours that goes all out with their lights. I had to show you all because it's just crazy. I like to drive by it every year, even though it looks like the same year after year, because I just can't for the life of me wrap my mind around how. many. things. they. have. in. their. yard...

If you look closely, all of their windows are covered as well. I mean ALL of them. Can you even imagine what their electric bill is? Insert bulging eye emoticon here!

Only 10 days left until Christmas! Are you ready?!


  1. I love that dessert. It looks oh so very yummy!

  2. All I can wonder is what their electricity bill is? haha

  3. Holy Christmas Decorations! That is so much!!! That would take so much time to put up!!! We went to Easton friday night and it was so pretty, I love driving into there and seeing all the buildings lit up. Its pretty much magical! Fingers crossed you make it to the game and Camden holds off another week!

  4. OMG...we have a house just like this around the corner from our house! Except it's all of those blow up decorations..about 80 of them hahaha

  5. That house is out of control!! We have one in my hometown just like it and it is just crazy! But people flock to it and it ends up being a perfrect free Christmas date!


  6. This house is in the neighborhood where I grew up. I still drive by every year when I'm home. The best tradition ever!!!

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