Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Yep, totally using our card from 2013 to wish you all a Merry Christmas this year. This is okay by you guys, right? I hope so because I decided to skip Christmas cards this year since we will be doing + sending a birth announcement (!!) very soon.

A card with a cute, snugly newborn...or...seeing my face again? I'd pick the newborn, too.

Guess what? Christmas came early for me yesterday, in a way. We got the results back that the steroids I'm taking are working, and my platelets are up to the level they need to be at to get an epidural (insert HUGE happy dance here). I will continue taking them until Cam is born, so if anything my levels might go up even more in the meantime, and my doctor says I should be good to go for when I go into labor. I would call that magic epidural juice an early Christmas gift for sure! (and I think my husband would have to agree as I'm sure he was a little scared of how things might go if I didn't get one...)

I'm going to sign off for the rest of the week to enjoy the holiday with my family, and these last few days of my pregnancy! I can't even begin to put into words how special this year has been for us, and to think that our greatest gift will be here soon has truly made this holiday season one I will never ever forget. One of the best years of my life. Some might not think having a baby around the holidays would be the best timing, and at first I would've agreed, but my mind has totally changed on this. It's absolutely amazing...every single minute of it. We are either going to be ending this year, or starting 2015, by meeting our very first child.

So incredibly thankful.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday {if you're traveling at all} and a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones! Most of all, be present in the moment and ENJOY it! Xo!


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