A Successful Weekend Before Christmas...

If you would consider....
+not going into labor at Quicken Loans Arena while seeing the Cavs play
+eating my weight in desserts (what baby wants, baby gets?)
+having an awesome first Christmas celebration with Billy's family
+and watching 3 different Christmas movies

a success...then YES, this weekend was definitely one. 

Billy and his brother Kevin before the game...

Here's a little video of the intro that is always my favorite to watch...it was really cool to see LeBron back in Cleveland and we all had so much fun. Sometimes the most spur of the moment purchases/decisions are the best ones!

 And some other highlights...I baked some of the most addicting cookies ever, Peanut Butter Blossoms (that post is from 4 yrs ago! couldn't help but laugh), and had some help from my favorite Fre non-alcoholic wine ;)

 And as if I needed some more sweets, we used this recipe to make Cookies and Cream milkshakes last night! they were far too good really...

Not pictured...all the rounds of Heads Up we played on Saturday.

Tell me you all have played that game? My brother in law's girlfriend actually has the game on her iPad, and I ended up downloading it on mine when they left so that we could play with my side of the family this week. So fun!

It really couldn't have been a better weekend, and it just makes me that. much. more. excited for this week too! It's so crazy to wonder if Cam will be making his entrance this week, or if he will hold off and be a Jan. baby? It's just the most surreal and exciting time right now...truly couldn't be better.

Follow me on instagram, @katiewkrysh, for more updates this week! I will also post on there first when our little man does join us!

How did you spend your weekend before Christmas? Are you ready to celebrate?


  1. Oh that cookies and creme milkshake looks divine. Enjoy those treats guild free. I am already home for the holiday and am loving spending time with family.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love playing Heads Up! So fun! Anxiously awaiting the news from you!!! Hope you are feeling well! Merry Christmas week!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Can't wait for Cam to make his appearance! Hope you have an amazing Christmas!

  4. My family loves playing Heads Up whenever we all get together! We always have so much fun and usually end up laughing at my dad most of the game. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  5. We played Heads Up with my in-laws over the weekend and I literally peed my pants I was laughing so hard! So much fun!!

  6. I made those cookies this weekend too and they are soo good! Looks like an awesome weekend to me!

  7. I'm a longtime reader/infrequent commenter who realized, just today, that your husband works across the hall from me. It was pretty surreal to have finished reading this post, and then pass him on the way to the elevator. Our world is so small! Merry Christmas! p.s. Milkshake looks amazing :)


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