Week 33 Bumpdate

{tunic sweatshirt here..the best!}

The details:

*Camden is now the size of a...durian fruit! I have no idea what that even is...is that like a canteloupe? Hmm..not sure..
*I'm back to craving fruit (besides that darn durian that I've never seen) again! Cant.get.enough.
*Belly button has half popped. Seriously. Not a full outie yet...
*People have been asking me lately if I want him to come early or not, and the answer is no. I would, 100%, prefer him staying in there until our due date (or at least until the new year...a new years baby would be fun), but know that I have no say in this matter. I was born 5 weeks early and since Billy is a twin he was born very early as well, so my predictions lately are that he will come early. Billy is still thinking around our due date of Jan 8th!
*Pregnancy symptoms seem to come and go so much in a matter of days. After having that terrible acid reflux I complained about the other week, it was gone pretty quickly and that's when another symptom came in. This time last week, it was lots of pelvic pressure/a stretching feeling under my belly! And of course, a few days later it went away and now the acid reflux is back. It's a crazy cycle, but on the plus side it's nice that that none of them really seem to stay longer than a few days.

I did get a kick out of this, though...

*Rings are still on, no real swelling anywhere yet.
*No labor signs (except the normal Braxton Hicks here and there) and hoping it stays this way! I've been seeing my doctor every 2 weeks and measuring right on track, but he will check my cervix in 2-3 weeks (36 weeks) which will give us a better indication on when this boy's birthday might be!!

Other important things to note:

*Enjoying: Baby rolls all over my stomach and getting them on video (see below!), Rocky snuggles, that I'm still sleeping well (besides switching sides all the time), and that we're getting so close!
*Disliking: Honestly, nothing. I'm loving this stage where it's like I'm not focused on having to get things done, and I'm really starting to wonder when he will make his entrance into the world. Oh, and I'm not uncomfortable yet which is nice. I'm sure that's coming, but I'm starting to think I might just be one of those annoying girls who you want to smack in the face because they've enjoyed pretty much their entire pregnancy. Wait, I will say this, shaving my legs at this point is extremely comical and close to impossible.
*Random happenings:
    +I wonder when people will start noticing how often I wear these Target tunic's (pictured above) because it's getting to the point where I want to wear it daily. At least I have it in two colors so I can somewhat fool people. ;)
    +A labor playlist has been created! Any recommendations, ladies? Mine goes from soothing songs and jumps right into Usher or Lady GaGa, haha. Mainly because I don't know what mood I will be in when the time comes so I want to make sure I have ALL my bases covered...(now let's hope I actually use this playlist)
    +If you missed it, I posted our nursery reveal on Monday! Thank you for all the kind comments on it, they really made me smile.
    +In the beginning, I mentioned that I was craving meat at certain times and decided I would eat it when I craved it, but I never went into any detail about how often that is every week. Some weeks are different than others, but I would say I've been eating meat about 3 times per week. As of the past two weeks, I haven't ate it as much because I do plan to go back to being a vegetarian after Camden comes so I want to "prep" myself for it now and ease back into it. 
   +I've still continued to work out and run (again-more like a fast jog at this point), but am doing the elliptical more as I plan to quit running soon. I also decided that other than lifting some light weights here and there and going for some walks, I'm going to give myself December off so I can just relax, enjoy the last 4 weeks (or less), and soak up the holiday season. This plan could change, but for now it's what I'm thinking about doing!
*Looking forward to: As of Saturday, our car seat (and bases) will be installed in our cars! The hospital we're delivering at told us that our local fire stations will make sure car seats are installed correctly (and help you do it) by appointments, and we jumped at that chance. We didn't want to do it wrong (they are tricky suckers and hello, we're first timers) so this really helps! Besides that, I'm just trying to soak up as much time with Billy and Rocky as I can. Sleeping in on the weekends and naps, included.

 Watching this will never get old...

 {oh look, it's that tunic again. I wasn't kidding}

Alright, I think that's it for this round. 

It's absolutely insane to me that I only have, at most, 3 MORE OF THESE BUMP DATES TO GO!! I will say that I'm SO thankful I decided to crop my head out of these bump dates because let's be serious...otherwise these might have lasted a week or two. It was hard to keep these up as it is! 

Almost there....almost there....


  1. I've been the same way with the acid reflux... ugh! Pregnancy is so glamorous! haha Glad you're feeling good all around though! Such a good idea about going to the fire station to get the car seat checked, we plan on doing that too!

  2. 1. I had to google the Durian fruit just so I'd know what my baby is being compared to! It's a spiky stinky fruit that's popular in Asia!

    2. I'm giving myself December off as well from working out, I'm determined to keep this kid in until my due date (Jan 1st) so I've told myself that I've done so good this whole time and it's my reward.

    3. We are almost done!

  3. His little kicks are the coolest thing! How special that you got to capture that on video!

  4. I hope he is not late!!!!! For your sake :). And I ate durin in Thailand... it is known as the stinky fruit because it smells like sh*T!!!!! Haha. I wonder why they would choose such a random fruit?! Maybe you'll have a Christmas baby!

  5. So fun! I swear your pregnancy has been almost identical to mine and our little came about 10 days early. We came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve! It definitely changed the whole Christmas last year. Make sure to buy a First Christmas onsie JUST IN CASE! ;)

  6. It's crazy to me how fast this year has gone - I am 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I feel the same way, I have totally been that annoying girl that has loved pregnancy, and as excited as I am to meet our son, I'm almost not ready to be done being pregnant? It's such a cool feeling him move around in my belly, plus I still have a lot to (hopefully) get done before he arrives! I'm hoping he stays in until his due date at least, but we'll see! (I was born on my due date and Cam was late, so I think there is a good chance that's what might happen...) Also, I need to order that sweatshirt ASAP!!!

  7. That some e card!!! I love it so much!! I had it with both, but with Leighton it about kille me! :)

  8. I love your 33 week banner! Congrats on making it to this point!

  9. Aww you are doing great!! Funny that you like cropping your head out! lol! I will say that it is a bit of a task doing them every week but, I figured on e I started I couldn't just stop. Next time will be different though!! & I'm making it a goal to have mostly everything done by end of December so I too can enjoy those last few weeks - what a great idea & plan!!

  10. Glad your feeling so well. A New Years birthday would be so neat. Hope he decides to stay in for as long as he needs!

  11. 21 weeks here, reflux is awful. I love watching those belly videos, I'm only at the point where I'm starting to feel her a little throughout the day - I can't wait until I can see her move like that. You're down to the wire, here's to smooth sailing through the holidays!

  12. So exciting - I hope little Cam stays in and is a January baby x

  13. I'm totally with you on the "being the annoying girl who loves being pregnant" thing. I've enjoyed my entire pregnancy so far - no morning sickness, no stretch marks, overall I've been feeling great! I'm definitely going to miss feeling my little one move and kick around in my belly - even if they are partial to kicking me in the ribs!


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