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I've been kind of prepping my makeup bag these past few months for life with a baby. I keep hearing all about the importance of investing in good products (that you know get the job done!), and since makeup isn't something I normally splurge on, I've found some great go-to items recently that I know I'll be using often. I'm sure I won't have much time to spend on makeup, so I want the products I'm using to be effective. 

Most of these products are ones that I tried sample sizes of first and that are consistently bestsellers at Sephora. Since they are known as a bestseller, this gives me a pretty good indication that they are awesome and popular for good reason! I figured I would combine my recent loves into my first gift guide for the season. I plan to do a few more gift guides in the next few weeks, but just not as many as I did last year. I hope they help with your holiday shopping lists!

+For Your Lashes: This Lights, Camera, Flashes Tarte Mascara I received a sample size of and instantly fell in love and knew I needed to buy the whole tube. I've never used a mascara that separates every single eyelash as well as this one, and it gives my lashes great volume. Honestly, I like it more than Benefit's "They're Real!" which says a lot because that one is pretty awesome too. 

+For Your Face: Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation is one that I've noticed a lot of celebrities using and raving about. It gives that perfect airbrush look, but since the price tag is a little higher I put off trying it. I wish I hadn't because it's awesome. I plan to only use it on the weekends or for special occasions to make the tube last longer! It's worth trying if you haven't yet. If you aren't a fan of liquid foundation, I'm going to preach to you about Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation for about the 5th time in the past few months. You will NOT regret trying this! Such an upgrade from Bare Minerals. (I use the medium beige)

+For Your Eyes: The go-to eye shadow that everyone was adding to their Christmas wishlists in previous years have always been the Naked palette's. Too Faced's Chocolate Bar is a fierce competitor and is the new hot one to try. It has 16 matte and shimmer shades and is even scented with real chocolate. Who hates that?

+For Your Brows: I was one of those girls who never really thought I needed to fill in my brows (just another product, right? wrong!) UNTIL my sister in law let me try Benefit's Gimme Brow gel. It is SO easy to use and really makes my brows stand out. I can't recommend it enough (I use the light/medium tube)

+For Your Lips: If you're not a big fan of the traditional lipsticks and want something that is a gloss, lipstick, and stain combined you'll LOVE Too Faced's Melted Lipstick. I, for one, can't stand lipsticks normally but this is the perfect combination and comes in the prettiest shades for the holidays! (love the Melted Berry shade) Another favorite is Dior's Addict Lip Glow, that enhances your natural lip color and protects at the same time. I love it because it goes on so silky, looks natural, and is great for everyday use!

+For Your Nails: The best time to have festive nails is during the holidays! Deborah Lippmann 'Ruby Red Slippers' shade is gorgeous, fun, and long lasting (mine chip all.the.time)

What's on your wishlist or in your makeup bag recently? 


  1. I am loving this post and thanks for sharing all your great finds. I love seeing real people reviews and products they use. I haven't used a single thing on this list and now I am putting these on my Christmas wish list. you have me at Chocolate lol
    I just did a previous makeup post

  2. I still REALLY want to try the tarte foundation!

  3. I use the Benefit brow gel and it's amazing! I didn't know the palette was scented...now I want it even more!

  4. im addicted to the two -faced. never going nude lips again, even tho that was my standard for so many years!

  5. I love all this! I just used the brow gel yesterday myself and LOVED it, I have to buy me a tube!


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