Our First Baby Shower

This past Sunday my stepsister, step mom, and my two stepbrothers wives (are you following? ha) hosted our very first baby shower at my parents house! It was such a surreal moment being at my own baby shower, it almost still didn't feel real until I was the one sitting in the front opening up the gifts! (which, by the way, is so nerve-wracking..I hate having all eyes on me!)

I really couldn't have asked for a better shower, they went above and beyond with everything they did and made it so special. The colors they used to decorate are Camden's nursery colors, which was such a nice detail because many of things they made/used they gave to me to put use in his nursery one way or another. Loved that idea! They served mimosas and Arnold Palmer's and used adorable mason jars with name labels for the drinks, which as you probably know I was a big fan of. For the food, they had cute ham sammies, pasta salad, salad, spinach dip, fruit kabobs, etc. Everything was so delicious!

The people in attendance were all of my aunts (on my Dad and Mom's side), cousin, coworkers of mine, family friends, my step nieces, and Billy's mom and sister even drove in for it. So basically, a lot of my truly favorite women in the same room-it was awesome. 

I really wish I would've taken more pictures, but obviously my first priority was just to soak up every minute and try to not be behind a lens the whole time! Here's some snaps of what I did get...


{the beautiful hosts-my dress is non maternity from Francesca's!}

One of the requests, that they had put on the invitation, was for everyone to bring a children's book instead of a card, with a note for Camden inside. It was so fun to read through what everyone wrote him and to have these to keep forever. Especially, all the notes from my little nieces that they wrote themselves about how they can't wait to meet their cousin. Oh, and not to mention, Camden already has a great library collection going!

{how grown up are all the little girls in my family?! I guess I can't say little anymore! They were all such a big help and I loved having them there. Camden has some great babysitters already! :)}

Camden is already feeling the love, that's for sure!! I feel (and still feel) so thankful for everyone that drove in to spend the day with us, and my family for planning such a thoughtful, beautiful shower! We had so much fun going through and organizing all his new things in his room that night...


I have to share a few of these personalized gifts! My stepmom made Camden this rocking chair and quilt! Amazing, right?! They couldn't look any cuter in his nursery, I love them so much. And that whale? My stepsister Mandy sewed it herself. My maiden name is Whalen, so naturally whales are pretty popular on my Dad's side of the family! That book? Completely customized for our little boy...heart was melted.

Once we get settled in at home afterwards, I went through this album they put together for me that had everyone's "Wishes for Baby" inside! I love that we have these to keep and look back on...

Couldn't have asked for anything more. Special thanks, again, to my family for hosting and everyone who took time out of their day to come if you're reading! :)

PS: Offically in the THIRD TRIMESTER as of today! Is this for real? Woo!


  1. I love love love that sweet rocking chair!

  2. Aw love the details! Such a cute shower!!

  3. Looks like such a fun shower! And I agree, it's really weird to be at your own shower - very surreal for sure!! :)

  4. Everything looks so good. I hope that when I am pregnant someone hosts a baby shower as cute as this one.

  5. What a great baby shower! The decor was so cute and perfect that they used the nursery colors and let you take it home to use :) Looks like Camden is spoiled already!

  6. I love the matching color scheme idea! That bunting and the little rocking chair are too cute! So glad you had such a great shower pretty mama!

  7. You looked fabulous! And i love the idea of the "wishes for baby" book, so sweet.

  8. So stinkin' cute!! And you look so good :)

  9. Love it all! You look great - love your dress!!

  10. This is so great! What a great family you have. Love the idea of brining a book instead of a card! We did that for a friends baby shower and she loved having a library put together before the baby was born.
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  11. What an adorable shower and could you look more gorgeous pretty momma! x

  12. Love your dress! We just found out yesterday we are having a boy as well! I am 19 weeks so not that far behind you. Love the shower theme!


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