To-Do List: In Review

Sometime back in the summer, I posted a lengthy to-do list to keep this pregnant brain of mine on track for the remainder of the year. I think I should make lists more often because I THINK I did pretty good at checking most of the items off our list...let's take a look...

+Take a road trip (Charleston is looking like a good possibility...)  

Check! Charleston it was! Happy that we were able to escape there for a long weekend. Recap here

+Put wainscoting up in the nursery 

I was just the supervisor on this project, all credit to accomplishing this goes to that husband of mine.
+Paint and decorate nursery (this is more like a must-so excited about this and all the projects we are contemplating for it!) 

Oh yes, almost finished! It was hard for me to not be able to help paint (fumes galore!), because a. I love to paint and b. I hated to sit back and just watch. I often sat outside the room in the hallway and played DJ on my phone while Billy painted...haha. And of course, put in my two cents here and there... ;)

 sneak peek (not of the paint obviously, but the decor...)

+Buy new patio furniture (possibly at the end of the summer when the sales are happening)

thank you, World Market for putting a great set on clearance! 

+Go on weekend morning bike rides with Billy at the Metro Parks  
Eh, we actually haven't done this as much as I would have liked but we have had a lot of fun Saturday morning exursions, so that counts, right? 

+Get a refrigerator (with a big freezer) to put in our garage  

Fail. We haven't done this yet and haven't really talked about it at this point. If we do, it might be a spur of the moment kind of thing. 
+Spend a Thursday (or 2) at Columbus Commons Downtown Live Concert Series (free music and food trucks!)
Yikes, another fail. No excuses for this one other than I completely forgot about it. 
+Plan a "babymoon" 

Success! We even went on it ;) Now if I could just rewind some time and make me back there for the week sippin' on nonalcoholic fruity drinks, instead of having to have my glucose test in an hour...

 +Continue working up our savings account

This one is super exciting for us! We hit our goal of what we wanted in our savings before baby K comes and now we are well over it. So happy and proud about that.

+Organize our basement (this is going to the biggest task of all-we have so many things we need to get rid of and we need to seriously organize all of the rest...it's a complete mess right now)

This was the task I was absolutely dreading! I put it off for a while but we finally got it ALL cleaned out and completely organized a few weeks ago!! Everything has a "place" now and it just looks 50x better, not to mention we got rid of so much stuff that we actually have a lot of space for baby items now without it looking too cluttered. We both felt so relieved afterwards, and I'm making a personal promise to myself to never, ever, ever keep so much stuff that I don't really need. Woof. 

+Put things we don't need on Craigslist or donate it! (all that stuff mentioned above that need new homes) 
We donated 3 car loads full of items to Goodwill! 
+Plan our annual cabrewing trip with friends! (minus the brew and add the sparking water for me..)

Sadly, this didn't happen. We got so busy with our schedule and so did everyone else, and them bam, the weather changed on us. That's what Ohio (and having a baby) will do to ya.
+New carpet in our upstairs 

We decided against this for right now. We might re-visit the idea later down the road but right now leaving it how it is! 

OK, soo what I've learned from this: I missed out on some of the smaller, fun events I had high hopes of us doing, but instead rocked those home projects and went on two trips. I'll take it! We still did get some other fun things squeezed in that weren't on my list, so I have to say overall I'm pleased and proud with what we've got done! I feel like a whole new woman, actually, and way more prepared for Camden's arrival!

Cheers (of water) to that.


  1. I weirdly love anytime someone posts a to-do list update! It motivates me to see what others are up to and accomplishing! You guys have done a lot- woohoo, especially to building up that savings account! Yay! :)

  2. Loving this nesting phase - cannot wait to see Camden's nursery x

  3. Way to go - you have lots checked off!! I LOVE LISTS!!! hehe

  4. Color me impressed! I haven't gotten even half of my list done and I don't even have a bump to blame it on. You go girl!!!
    xo | thesequinedspatula.blogspot.com

  5. Good job on your list, I love these kinds of posts because I think they really help hold me accountable...and at this point, I still have a lot more things on my list left to do! LOL. But I keep telling myself, what gets done will get done and what doesn't we'll just have to deal with...but I really need to get my but in gear with the nursery! Cam painted in last night, and he's going to be doing another coat today and then we can get it all set up - I'm so excited to see it all come together! Good luck on your glucose test btw, I didn't think it was nearly as bad as everyone says :)

  6. You got a lot accomplished! ) Go you!


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