Blanket Scarf


Happy Monday!

We had our first baby shower this weekend (it was awesome!) and while I need some more time to get the recap done, I had had HAD to share about this scarf today real quick.

Most of you know about Zara's plaid blanket scarf that was so popular last year,  yes?!

Well, I couldn't believe it when I found this almost identical one (and cheaper) this past weekend (!!!) I practically ran to the checkout aisle to get her home with me...

Guaranteed this will sell out quickly so jump on it while you can, girls.

Be back soon with our baby shower recap!
Have a great Monday!


  1. Love it! Especially paired with the red hunters!

  2. Love it. I also scooped that scarf up this weekend (in a different color) from Target. Can't beat 20% off!!!

  3. I was able to snag the scarf last year on sale, but SO cool that Target is selling it now! Might need a backup!

  4. Just ordered three (some as gifts). Thanks for the heads up :)

  5. So colorful scarf, I like lattice pattern<33

  6. I skipped my butt over to target last night after work but was sad to find it was sold out in that color and is in a completely different color scheme! Arg. I am now on the hunt to find one this season. I still have time since it is 80 degrees here today!


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