Native Cold Pressed


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This one is for all my local readers and I'm pretty excited to share about it....

There is now a place here in Columbus where you can get 100% raw, organic juices! Enter Native Cold Pressed, which is located down on North High Street. What's it all about you ask?! Well, they use locally sourced ingredients to create you a delicious raw juice that is always served in a glass bottle. Each bottle consists of roughly 3 pounds of produce and is loaded with nutrients! The owners, Nicole and Erin, can even help you pick out a cleanse if you're interested in more than just one juice. They have beginner cleanses for those who are newer to the juicing lifestyle and also more experienced cleanses. You can even create a custom cleanse, too. 

I just recently tried the green grapefruit + the pear ginger juices (you can see the menu here) and loved them. The pear + ginger was very mild so if you don't like a drink that is too bold, this would be a good one for you to try. I liked the green grapefruit the best though out of the two because of all the yummy vegetables in it! I drank them for breakfast and felt like I could take on the world the rest of the day... ;) It's safe to say I will be a frequent visitor of Native because let's be honest, sometimes you don't want to get that mess at home, or maybe you don't have all the produce you need on hand, and you just want to pick one up that's already prepared and ready to drink. That's how I am sometimes, at least! 

Make sure you give Native Cold Pressed a visit! You won't be sorry! (and your body will thank you...)

Do you have a raw juice company in your city? If you haven't looked, it wouldn't hurt to search for one!


  1. I have wanted to try this place forever! Sounds so good! It's true, some days I just don't want to deal with the mess juicing at home :)

  2. Wow that looks like the coolest place!! I have never heard of a place like that down here in Dallas but I haven't looked very far ;) I would totally try a cleaning juice!

  3. We were in Pasadena a few weeks back and a Cold Pressed place just opened up, so they were give each customer a bottle for free!!! We each got a different one, obviously lol, and they were delicious!!! :) Seriously so fresh. We are big fans ;)

  4. Yum!! This place looks amazing - I am sure we have one like this in San Diego but I will now have to go on a own-town tour and search for one! I hope we have one, if not it looks like I'm moving to Columbus....or becoming a millionaire and opening up my own raw organic juice shop! haha

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. I love fresh juice. The adorable packaging makes it that much sweeter!

  6. seriously another reason I MUST visit columbus :) one of best friends is a Ohio State alum, and everything he says about columbus makes me want to visit so badly. adding this place to my "must visit in Columbus" list! thanks lady!

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