Friday Favorites

 I am really digging the weeks that go by extremely fast and Friday's that start off on amazing notes! These are welcome anytime.

We are heading up to Cleveland tonight to see Billy's family and for a family bridal shower. I haven't seen Billy's family in a while so I'm excited to hang out with them for the weekend and explore some new areas in Cleveland (Billy is taking me to the West Side Market for the first time for all you Clevelanders...) 

Time for Five on Friday...

Sometimes it's funny how things work out. Billy and I have spent the past two months going back and forth between what type of new grill we wanted to buy (we were going back and forth between two different models), and once we finally narrowed it down to the one we wanted I started talking to my Dad about it and he offered to give us their grill! It's too big for their space and he was wanting to buy a smaller one, so last night my parents kindly gave us their amazing Jenn Air grill. So thankful for them! $800 still in our pockets and if it wasn't for the fact that we got home well after dark with it last night, Billy would've already been putting that bad boy to use!

Next week, it's going down. 


Have you seen this "12 Dreamy Back Yard Ideas" article? Hello, gorgeous! Who wouldn't want a movie theater setting in their backyard? This is totally not helping my desire to go all out on a new set of furniture for our deck....


I'm wanting to spruce up our guest bedroom with new frames and decor. I love this set of frames and may have to copy it and make my own...I mean, the wifi password thing-why didn't I think of this?


I've turned guacamole obsessed recently (my body must know Cinco de Mayo is approaching!). It's like I'm craving it daily and somehow my favorite recipe for it keeps popping up on my iPhone when I'm in the kitchen...

{if you haven't tried this recipe yet I'm holding a grudge until you do!}


Loving this cute mint skirt right now!

Our temps have cooled down a bit so I haven't got a chance to wear it yet, but this will be a summer staple. I'm planning on pairing it with this wifey shirt to dress it down a bit!

What are you loving this week? 

PS: The Bib Jewelry giveaway has ended, but you can get 10% off with the code "CARRYON10", which is valid until May 9th!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)


  1. I need that backyard in my life!! I think we eventually want to put in a projector so we can have backyard movie nights!

  2. A backyard movie night would be such a fun party idea!! Congrats on the new grill!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Those backyards are amazing! And I'm definitely making guacamole for Cinco de Mayo, yummm!

    I'm loving iced coffee's & latte's this week... The warmer weather makes me crave 'em! :)

  4. Love that backyard! I was really wanting to do a backyard theater type thing last summer but realized that we spend so much of our summer either vacationing or going camping that we really wouldn't get that much use out of it. Have fun in Cleveland! I will be getting our house ready for Anthony's graduation party next weekend and hopefully planting a bunch of flowers!!!

  5. Yeh for the West Side Market! Enjoy :) So much good food to purchase...you may want to bring a cooler! lol!
    And that backyard is beautiful!

  6. Wow that backyard! I love Chipotle guac, I think that's going to be on the menu this weekend! So excited for an excuse to have a margarita on a Monday! :) Have a great weekend!

  7. I followed your link to that skirt...how cute is that whole website? I am in love with their summery dresses! Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm totally not outdoorsy but that backyard is a dream! This was such a cute post! Loved the whole thing! :)

  9. That backyard is dreamy!! I'd take one of those. I am loving the amazing weather Texas had to offer today!! It's gorgeous outside (: happy Friday!! Enjoy your family time!

  10. OMG! that backyard! So cute!

  11. I need that backyard in my life while snaking on the guac lol yay on the grill girl

  12. I have always wanted to set up that backyard movie scene in our garden… One day! x


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