Things That Make Me Do A Vicki "Woo-Hoo!"

also known as five on Friday...


It's Friday. Duh and duh. 
Okay fine, that doesn't count because we all get happy on Friday's...especially Good Friday!
This weekend I'll be trying to top this man basket that I made for Billy a couple years back. We decided to make each other baskets again ($30 and under limit) and to be honest, I don't know if I will be able to top it and since he liked it so much I might just switch up the items that I put inside...

Do any of you have any other ideas of what I could add? Or what are some fun things you put in gift boxes for your man? Help a sister out, would ya?


I can't help but get really excited for this upcoming summer. Besides having two back to back weddings in July, it looks like we will be spending most of our weekends up at the cottage with Billy's family boating. I have absolutely zero problems with it...boats, sun, family, jetskis, Put in Bay and sunsets like this one? Count me in! 


One of the many things on my to-do list for the weekend is to plant some succulents for inside our house and also plant a few herbs. My inspiration for the succulents is the picture below...I love the different textures and colors of the pots so I'm hoping I can find something similar! 


My girlfriend Angela is getting married in July and we're (the bridesmaids) are throwing her a shower in May, so I've been turning to Pinterest for some serious inspo! I love this idea of putting pictures of them on the window pane and also something simple like this for the centerpieces...


 Happy to be spending this holiday weekend with my two boys and to grill out on Saturday with some friends!

I have lots of fun, exciting reviews coming up on the blog in the next month so stay tuned!

Also, I may have done some minor damage due to J.Crew's 50% off sale...just a little heads up that's it's still going on if you haven't shopped it yet! If you missed my post yesterday, here are some of my recent spring picks!

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend with your family or friends! 
May the eggs be ever in your favor... ;)


  1. I always find it so hard shopping for Todd and I feel like I get him the same things over and over. Not much help, I know!
    Excited for the next month to see what the teaser is all about! :)
    Happy Easter weekend, Katie!

  2. The pictures of the lake look divine!! I love those ideas for your friends shower. Simple is always best in my opinion. I'm wanting to plant some succulents as well. I'll wait to see where you get everything first though! ;o) Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

    PS: Where's Rocky's basket?

    1. How could I forget a basket for him?! Good call! I'm on it :)

  3. I love the succulents! We are talking about going to Put in Bay or Mackinac this summer. My first summer ever in this part of the country.

  4. Good inspiration for succulents! I just planted basil, oregano, cilantro and rosemary out on my balcony, and I have been looking for ideas for plants to put inside. Bringing green inside always makes the home feel better!

  5. I saw a basket on pinterest with the mini shot things in them. I know they can be found at the liquor store for like a dollar :) they might be worth adding.

  6. I love the title of this post!! So happy to have my favorite guilty pleasure back on TV! The basket you made for Billy is great and very inspiring... Happy Easter weekend!

  7. Rocky said don't leave me out Mom! He also thinks you might have to up his spending limit, since fun toys and treats can get pricey, and he needs plenty to choose from! ;-)

  8. Love the basket idea! Wonder if I could whip one of those up real quick? It may sound strange, but real, basic peanut butter is always a winner with Mister- I may have to throw that in his.

  9. I quit doing Easter baskets for my husband after the year he forgot and ran to the store while he was making breakfast! haha BUT a good idea might be a Chipotle or other inexpensive lunch gift card. I also used to get the baseball easter eggs and fill them with peanut butter cups, which are his favorite. My husband also has a gluten allergy, so I always threw in a specialty gluten free snack, but another option are the gourmet snacks at TJMaxx/Marshalls/Homegoods.

  10. What an awesome idea for an Easter Basket! I'm down to try that next year. I'm so jealous of your lake trips...I wish we had more water around here.

  11. BAH! I can't wait for summer either!!

  12. Love the man-Easter basket! You can never go wrong with beer... a lot of liquor stores will have "make your own 6 or 12 pack" where you can choose a variety of different craft beers or hard ciders.

  13. I love the Easter basket and I'm not sure it can be topped.. maybe a cool Koosie? And I'm really loving the whole chalkboard craze.. maybe a framed chalkboard for your friend's shower. One that she can keep and you guys can create a hashtag for the shower and write it on the board for the party and then she can hang the board in her kitchen or something so that they can write little love notes to each other once married?

  14. I can't wait to see what you came up with for your Man Basket this year!

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