Can Easter Be A Monthly Thing?

Happy belated Easter to all of you!

Can we take a vote to have Easter every month?! I know Rocky would be on board (he did well with new treats and toys!) It is honestly one of my favorite holidays, even as an adult (you should have seen me as a kid-I was one of those who instead of opening all the eggs at the end would open each one as I went and stuff my face...are you surprised at all?) 

Let's see...family, traditions, gorgeous weather, good food, making Billy a pretty killer Easter basket (more on that tomorrow!), and of course checking out all the goodies Billy put in my basket is fun too. What's not to love? 

Our weekend was the perfect mix of productive and relaxing. You can't hate a weekend like that! We were able to get so much work done in our yard...the whole backyard weeded, mulched, new hostas bought, planted basil and cilantro, grass got cut, chatted with our neighbors, and Billy re-hung my swing in a better spot. Billy always laughs at me because I literally love working in the yard together...I may not have the greenest thumb out there, but I do enjoy it. We also cooked out with my best friend Lindsay and her brother at their new place on Saturday (corn.on.the.cob..you are so delicious) and watched our NHL hockey team beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs! It was so exciting! Game 3 is on tonight and I'm hoping Billy can make it through with only a few screams and freak outs. ;)

{planter is from Garden Ridge!}
{top (on sale for $20!) // sunglasses // jeans (these fit amazing and are only $40) // shoes-I bought these in all the colors #obsessed}

Oh, and I may have held the most precious little Pom (you know, besides Rocky) that I think really needs a home. Preferably at ours... :)

Now for the good stuff: Easter Sunday!

Me and Billy woke up and made cinnamon rolls, exchanged our baskets (he did SO good and even got me these beautiful flowers!), and then headed to my parents house to help "hide" 250 (YES, 250!) Easter eggs for the kids before all the family came over....

easter baskets
Just picturing him shopping for all this stuff like different nail polishes and girly beauty items puts this huge smile on my face. I'm all about the smaller things for Easter, nothing extravagant since it's the thought that counts! (I told him I only wanted one candy related item and was pretty impressed with the wine choice and the cute gardening gloves:))

Also in love with this cute scallop tote bag he found! He knows I love little things like this...

And now I'll let the pictures from our day do the rest of the talking...

 That's 250 eggs, folks...

The quints are 14!

And I can't forget about our little "baby" :)
Rocky absolutely melts our hearts in the best way possible!

And that's a wrap! Feeling so refreshed and happy after a weekend like that.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing all the ins and outs of Billy's Eeaster basket! I think (well, I KNOW) I stepped it up a notch and since the other basket was from a few years ago (one of my most popular posts!) I thought I would update it and share what I did differently and what all I included.

How was your Easter? Did you get outside to enjoy it?

Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! I'm still in love with that picture of Rocky & his bunny. So sweet! And that little black pom...OH MY GOODNESS!!! He or she definitely needs to be Rocky's younger sibling!

  2. I love that you guys exchange Easter baskets with each other! Need to do that next year with Jon! The weather looks fab up there!

  3. The weather this whole weekend could not have been more perfect!!! Love all your pics from Easter and Billy did a great job shopping for your basket, I love that scallop bag!

  4. Beautiful photos and I love the tote Billy got you along with all those treats!! Great weather and family time= perfect weekend!!

  5. Yep, I'd be fine with Easter once a month, too! :) It's always been a favorite of mine! Love your basket from Billy, he did good!! :)

  6. I love that you make one another baskets. Very sweet! Pretty sure I would just for mine to be ALL candy :)

  7. Love the bag he got you!! Yes, please bring that adorbale pup home so I can look at pictures of him all day haha Looks like you had a great Easter :)

  8. That is such a sweet gift! It always makes me happy to see men shop for things like nail polish to make their lady happy! Looks like you had a great Easter!

  9. We had an amazing Easter as well. Definitely feeling blessed this Monday. I love love love the basket Billy fixed for you. You can tell how much thought went into it. Those are the best kinds of gifts. The gorgeous flowers were definitely an added bonus.

    I love the skirt you were wearing. I'm on the lookout for one similar!

    I'm so glad you all had a wonderful Easter!

  10. Billy did an awesome job on your basket!

  11. What a fun Easter!! :) i totally think you should get Rocky a little brother or sister. :) :) :)

  12. I love that necklace! I couldn't find the color combo on the outlet site or Jcrew proper. Are they sold out you think?

  13. Looks like Billy did an amazing job on your basket! I think my husband and I need to start doing baskets for each other...such a fun idea :)

  14. How adorable is that puppy?! I need it. And major points of Billy's basket for you! Aaron is getting better at the whole stocking finds so I think he'd do ok if we do baskets for each other next year...totally dropped the ball on it this year...whomp whomp.

  15. Are those sandals from Old Navy comfortable?! They are cute!

    Love Easter weekend. Love spring! Love it all. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend.

  16. THAT bag - wow, your man has good taste!! And Rocky with the bunny - too cute!
    Happy Easter sweet friend x


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