How To: Easter "Man Basket"

If you followed this blog back in 2012 (wow suddenly I my blog feels really old), you may remember this post with the beer basket. You also may remember my terrible writing, design, fonts, etc. It's okay...it's so true. 

What I'm trying to get at is it's definitely time to update that post with this one! It's one of my most viewed posts, and what I take from that is that many of us are clueless as to how we can make unique gifts for the men in our lives. I know I am half of the time, but that's a story for a different day. Personally, I think this gift is fun to put together and is just a small, thoughtful gesture for that special guy in your life. Super easy, too.

I will keep this short and sweet since really this project is pretty self-explanatory and isn't rocket science by any means...

Things You'll Need To Pick Up On Your Next Target Visit:
+12 pack of your man's favorite beer
+Easter grass to fill the inside (I used 2 packs)
+Plastic eggs
+Your man's favorite candies and snack foods
+Your man's favorite shave/face items (because if your man is anything like mine he doesn't buy these as much as he should...cough cough)
+Any other items you think your man will love! (ie: a new flavor of grilling sauce for mine since we are about to get our new grill!)

What You Need To Do:
+Open the beer box from the top, not the sides! Hide the beers somewhere in your house until you can safely put them in the refrigerator without your husband noticing (possibly the day of?) and then cut a large opening in the top of your beer box. 
+Fill with grass, candy filled plastic easter eggs, and some of the other small goodies that fit in the bottom. Save the bigger items to go at the top. 

+Then, without crushing the items in the bottom, start placing the bigger items on top. I actually used a loofah (this works!) to prop the bigger items up on because it helped with the height so that some of the items stuck out of the box more. It's all about the presentation, am I right?
+Use tape, if needed, to secure some of the larger items that might be moving around to the box to keep them in place.
+Admire your latest project, watch your man smile when you give it to him, and don't forget to gift him those beers you hid or put in the refrigerator! I repeat...do not forget the beers. :)

 easter man basket

If you personalize it just for your man, how could he ever not like it? Impossible!

Have you made a basket for your guy before? If not, next year is your time to start. :) Special thank you to those who have actually been reading my blog since 2012 and have continued to stick around! It means so much, truly.

PS-You could also add some small liquor bottles, lottery tickets, or tickets to a sporting event! It would be cute if you taped those on the front of the box! Just some other ideas I've had. You can't go wrong! 

PPS: Billy sent me the link to this article about happy people this morning (we love reading things like this!) and I wanted to share. Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I made Drew a valentines basket. It contained his favorite snacks and different small bottles of liquor. But I love the idea of using the miller light box as the basket.

  2. I remember that post back in 2012.. does that make me a creeper/old?! ;) Love all the items in there- I am OBSESSED with that ginger orange sauce!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I will have to remember it for next year!

  4. PERFECT!!! Easy and simple... I think I need to keep this in mind for mine next year because he's not too big on candy tons of candy, but he will destroy a Reese's egg hahaha

  5. Why is it that boys wait until the last possible drop of shampoo/deo etc is left to tell you they need more?

  6. Oh wow, your Man Basket looks awesome!! And I love all the items you filled it with! I might have to steal the idea for Father's Day :)

  7. I did this again for my husband this year, and he loves it! He doesn't admit it though ;)


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