Why We Work

We work because I'm a dreamer and he's a realist.

We work because he will give me a back massage if I give him the TV remote.

We work because he leaves me little love notes around the house.

We work because he lets me make vegetarian meals for dinner sometimes.

We work because we both have big dreams and goals.

We work because he saves and convinces me to save.

We work because he doesn't like avocado (GIMME!) and will save the crinkled up tortilla chips at restaurants or in the bag for me because he knows they're my favorite.

We work because he makes my interests his interests.


We work because I put him first and he does the same.

We work because we love each other's friends and families.

We work because he will randomly bust into dance with me in the kitchen. 

We work because he puts up with my sometimes crazy mood swings and worrying over little things.

We work because we disagree on things...we fight...but then we make up. And when we make up, I know he still loves me and truly wants what is best for us.

We work because I will surprise him with his favorite snacks from the gas station randomly.

We work because he is the most amazing daddy to our fur baby.

We work because he makes me a better person.

We work because we support each other and after all these years he still puts up with all my crazy photo ops.

  {holy young! from our honeymoon}

We work because at the end of the day I would stand on that alter and marry him all over again.

Happy love day to my special valentines, Billy (and Rocky!) And to all of you!


Speaking of Valentine's day, the kind people from the not-for-profit organization Accessories Council sent us their amazing Valentine's Day Gift Bag! 

The gift bag included items from some of their most notable designers. They really hooked us up! Inside was Under Armour sunglasses (Billy's favorite!), three beautiful scarves, a gift certificate for a pair of Dr. Scholl's shoes, Soxxy non-slip socks, and more.

(you can learn more about Asscessories Council here)

This weekend I'm looking forward to the temperatures being ABOVE freezing, celebrating with Billy tomorrow over a nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and hopefully organizing the disaster that I like to call our master closet.

Not much else on the agenda and I'm pretty happy about that.

I hope everyone has a happy day, whether you choose to celebrate or not! xo!

you can link up your own 'why we work' post here. Loved this idea!


  1. This is so cute! Happy Valentines Day!!! <3

  2. Ah, the power of the TV remote. ;) Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You guys are definitely meant to be!! Sounds like a very fun weekend ahead of you!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. So cute! :) Happy valentine's day!

  5. Hahaha love the TV remote comment, so true! Love you babe and happy valentines day!

  6. aww i love you guys!!! :) you two are the cutest!! :)
    and can I just say I am totally jealous of that accessories gift basket...hello awesome free stuff!
    happy v-day girlie :)

  7. Such a cute post!! I'm with you on the massage/remote comment. :) Have a great Valentine's Day!

  8. Oh this is adorable! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

  9. AHHH. This made me melt. So darn sweet. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. So sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you three!! Now go make a baby...

  11. You two are probably one of my favorite couples ever! Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Valentines Day!

  12. This is the sweetest. Y'all are definitely a couple that others can look up to. :)

  13. So sweet! Loved reading this- one of my favorite posts of yours. I'm also looking forward to temperatures being above freezing!!

  14. Sweet post! And I love those scarves - I'll have to take a look at Accessories Council.

  15. You two work because you can write this exact post with all those reasons - so special x


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