All of the above are results from blowing up my Pinterest like there's no tomorrow lately. Cold weather...pretty things online...they just go together.

1// I'd like to take it here to admit that I am One Kings Lane addict. Good finds GALORE! I'm actually contemplating a bed purchase from there (like the one pictured here-swoon x30)...more on that later if it turns out. Aka over here crossing my fingers. PS: Click here to get $15 off your first purchase! (which means you can basically find something for free and no one hates free...)

2// Last night I took it to my instagram to express my current love and uses for coconut oil. SO many of you were intrigued by this so I wanted to point you in the direction of this fabulous article. This is the first article I read when I wanted to know all of it's uses and I find it really helpful. I may do a post in the future on how I'm personally using the coconut oil, but for now go read that article and get your learn on. :)

3// You can't hate this quote. Not possible.

4// Gold metallic nails...can it get any better? Making a mental note to possibly pick some up this weekend.

And some more randomness before the weekend starts:

5// These short Target boots are a new favorite. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the metal parts are actually a really pretty gold color...


And this striped shirt for spring is calling my name!

Last but not least (especially since I'm still sore and currently sitting right now), I've been doing this challenge for the past few days. It doesn't take much time, can be done from home, and hurts.so.good...

You know you want to try it...right? right?

What are your weekend plans?

We have a charity dinner event downtown that we usually go to every year with my parents which is tomorrow night, and the thought of wearing a dress in this cold is already giving me goosebumps just thinking about it. Besides that, my plan is to go out for a good brunch somewhere, stay warm, and count down the days until spring...

See you all next week, have a fabulous weekend! And if you live somewhere that is warm, do something fun for me outside, will you? (secretly crying in jealously)

Searching around for early Valentine's day gifts for yourself or your loved one? Here is my first gift guide set! I will have one more soon, maybe for the gents in your life! 

*Link up with the girls for five on friday-here.


  1. I've had those same nails pinned for.ev.er. The closest polish I could find similar is Essie's Chrome, but it still doesn't look like the picture. If you have any luck please let me know!

  2. Yes, please do a post about coconut oil! My curiosity is getting the best of me! Also, that picture of those boots is not doing good things for my shopping freeze I put myself on.....CA-UUUUUTTTE!

  3. I'm so glad you shared that article for coconut oil uses. I bought some a couple months ago and haven't even opened the jar. hah.


  4. I saw that challenge floating around and was interested...now I really want to try it! I'm thinking even if I get the exact color of those nails, it still wont look that good! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Those boots are ADORABLE!!! I've had my eye on some from Target and I really need to pull the trigger. Love those metallic nails too.

  6. Cocnut oil is the BEST. I use it as a conditioning hair mask and it always makes it so smooth! Those Target boots may need to be picked up this weekend... love!

  7. I started that same workout yesterday and it does feel so good. I am going to need to get some of that coconut asap! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and yes the thought of going out in a dress gives me chills! We are planning a lingerie shower for one of my friends to get our minds off of this cold weather and looking forward to summer this weekend (:

  8. I looove coconut oil, so many amazing uses! Those nails make me want to go repaint mine right now. Happy Friday!

  9. love that bed...hello gorgeous!!! If you get it, I WILL BE JEALOUS ;)
    And just for you, I will post some photos on IG this weekend of paddle boarding and/or laying out in this gorgeous california sun ;) ~xoxo

  10. Love that workout! I'll take plenty of pictures for you outside at Gasparilla.....if I can remember in between the mimosa drinking. Have a fabulous weekend! xoxooxoxo

  11. I want to start using coconut oil more. I need to get it from TJ's!!!
    Happy weekend! xx

  12. Totally printing the 30 day challenge and starting it tonight! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Yes on all of these! We are in the market for a new bed as well. Between One Kings Lane and Joss & Main I know we'll find a great one for a great price. I use coconut oil for everything from cooking to taking my eye makeup off. Those boots are fab! And I definitely pinned the 30 day challenge. I was looking for some things to add to my at home workouts.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Those boots! You had me at the gold. In fact, all of this is perfect. Now to just make a stop to Trader Joe's!

  15. Thanks for linking up with us sweet girl! It's high time that I finally get myself some of that coconut oil!

  16. Oy my, I may have to try that challenge. Love those boots too!

  17. I am OBSESSED with coconut oil. That stuff is magic in a jar! I love using it on my hair as a deep conditioner the best. Or mixing it with brown sugar for a lip scrub... mmm!

  18. Lovely article.



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