Lovely Little Things: Valentine's Day Gifts

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How can you not smile when looking at these things? Am I crazy or do they brighten up your Monday morning just a little bit?

With Valentine's Day being less than a month away (...where has January gone? it has flown by!), these items can help get you in the mood to celebrate. A cute piece of jewelry, a new iPad case, or a beauty essential are perfect little gifts where you can treat yourself and not feel too guilty or hope your significant other can pick up on your subtle or not so subtle hints (Billy..ahem..are you reading?)

1. Kate Spade Candy Stripe iPad Case
2. Bauble Bar L-Word Cuff
3. NARS Final Cut Blush
4. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Set (smells amazing & great deal)
5. Dior Lip Glow Color Bomb (have you heard about this? it responds to the color chemistry of your own lips to create a shade that is yours!)
6. Kate Spade Live Colorfully Perfume
7. Bauble Bar Angel Wings Cuff 
8. Kendra Scott Elle Boxed Oval Earrings
9. Bauble Bar Carmen Miranda Bib (get your pink/red fix!)
10. Kensie 'Kiss Me Kate' Pants 
11. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Wallet (under $100!)
12. Marc Jacobs Daisy Spray Pen
13. Moroccanoil Hair Treatment (my holy grail product)
14. Dogeared Heart Boxed Pendant Necklace

Yep, I may or may not want to gifts myself almost all of these...or is that against the rules?

*If you want to get a head start on some ideas for your man...here's a good list all under $100


  1. Love it all! Please send this to Jason....thanks. :)

  2. love this list. no valentine, so I might have to treat myself.

  3. this is a really cute list. i love the idea of the daisy perfume in a small to-go container!

  4. Love your list, so many items I would love to open on love day too! I love the blog hint list, haha my hubs needs it…

    P.S. And this collage? Haha :)

    1. haha thank you lady! I made this collage in Polyvore :)

  5. Great list! While you're sending it to Jason, will you send it to Jake too?? :)

  6. So much beautiful eye candy here!! Love the KS wallet especially!! And of course the necklace!! xo

  7. Great list!! Really, anything from Kate Spade or Bauble Bar is def on my wishlist :) I love that Nord's has a V-day gift guide for men! xoxo, Lindsay

  8. I make it a rule to always gift a little something to myself around this time of the year ;-)

  9. Oooh loving everything! :) Can't believe V Day is right around the corner.

  10. Great list! I also love the pet TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. In it you can grow the only house plant that reacts to being touched by closing it leaves! It will also close its leaves one by one when you blow it a kiss!

  11. You hit the nail on head!! Love it all

  12. Love all the pretty things! :)


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