The Proof Is In The Frio {Part 2}

It is so so hard to recap this trip. How do you possibly get every single hilarious and memorable moment in two blog posts? It's just not possible ya'll! (for you my Texas loves). Here are some snippets and highlights of our time!

You know you have one of the best trips with some of your closest friends when....

+this is how you spend your days:
lounging in the clear water of the Frio River, singing, dancing, people watching, playing games, and laughing until you cry

+the animal lover in you comes out when you get to bond, ride, pet, and feed donkeys and horses before the sun goes down and it makes your heart oh so happy! 


 +this guy sings "I Can Show You The Worlllllldddd!" on video and marshmallows are involved

+You go half blind in one eye
Note to self:  DO NOT sleep in your contacts multiple nights if you never have before and want to keep your vision. Update: vision has returned but that doesn't mean I'm still not nicknamed the "pirate" of the trip

+Your only concern is what coverup + bikini you should wear and if we are stocked up on enough food + beer

+You have an endless amount of epic one-liners (mainly from Erica's awesome bf Kurt!) that were said that everyone says they will write them down to remember so we can blog about them, but end up not remembering a single one.

Well, except...
"Help me, I'm blind" and everything else with "help me" (thank you Bridesmaids) in front of it

+You play dizzy bat and have strangers participate in on the fun (oh man, so so funny!)

+You have matching shirts, cups (thank you Erica-you are the greatest), and headbands just for the occasion
{headbands are from the lovely Etsy shop: TheLittleCanaryShop-go check them out!!}

+You attend your first "Texas county" concert, Cory Morrow, and now want to download all of his songs

 +You don't have to do your own hair or makeup everyday because your other half (cc: Steph) does it for you. hey, when in texas you get poofed. ;)

+You meet the sweetest Aunt on the planet and miss her dearly already.

Aunt Frances...love her heart.

+Your phone is at it's max filled with dancing videos (including slow dancing to oasis wonderwall, singing barbie girl daily, and busting out the macarena at random times)

+The sunsets look like this

+You're a pescatarian but try Beau's quail (which is a bird, for those wondering) for the first time at dinner on the last night and actually kind of like it

+Your camera only has 60 pictures on it versus 593
 This trip was different than others. My cell phone barely got any service for 3 days and since we were around the river most days, we really didn't focus on taking pictures or being on any social media. Instead, we had the time of our lives enjoying each others company. Sometimes a break is needed and let me tell you, it was SO nice to just soak it all in and enjoy every single moment together.

+You get extra sappy and tell each of them how much you miss them, cherish their friendship, and pray it's sooner rather than later that you get to see them again...... 

No, seriously, I'm so incredibly thankful for the friendships I've made with these people. They mean the world to me and I am literally counting down the days until our next extravaganza! I had the most amazing time on this trip and feel so blessed. Thank you everyone for making this one of the most memorable trips ever.

Steph, Beau (BBFT/Tubby), Erica, Kurt, Shay, Drew, Brian, Ashley, Todd and Aunt Frances....


Oakley girl...

You are everything your momma told me you were and MORE. I really enjoyed our late night snuggles together and just finally getting to hug the crap out of you. I miss you and your sloppy kisses already! Give your momma a hard time for me, would ya? ;)
Take me back!

*If you are ever interested in staying in this area, click here for more info and to book your next stay! I know I want to! :)



  1. I call BS on the having no pictures part. You have at least 17 times more than I did when I went to Florida. I call BRING ME TO TEXAS on all the other parts because this looks way too fun not to be included. Jealousy is a bitch and it's happening over here this very instant.

  2. Looks like so much fun!


  3. Sounds like the best trip! :) I'm so glad that you were able to surprise Steph and have such a great time!!!

  4. looks like so much fun! and that ranch is amazing.

  5. Love the shirts yall had made!

  6. You are so very welcome!! Glad the surprise worked, I think steph is still in shock. Annual Tradition now!

  7. Looks like you had an incredible time!

  8. This looks like such an amazing time!!! and sounds like it, too!

    PS. How cute are you guys with those headbands?!

  9. It looks like you guys had an amazing weekend!! So fun!!

  10. All I have to say is I love this.. so much. Oh, and I want to come next time ;) Oh, and stop being such gorgeous skinny bikini models all of you :)

  11. III CANN SHOOOW you the worlllldd!! hahaha BEST EVER! as he was eating i actually said something that THANK GOD didnt make it in the video...just think...white marshmallow coming out of his mouth. ya i said something with that LOL UGH!

    you go half blind in one eye. I love that that's its own section hahah and then kurt "ill knit her an eye patch"

    i wish we remembered all of kurts one-liners hahah ugh hes redic sometimes!!

    the love we all have for each other in these pics is just so HEARTWARMING!!! I miss you all so so so so much!!

    SO BLESSED!! Lets plan the next one NOW!


  12. So much fun! We love staying around that area and floating the Frio! And Cory Morrow is awesome - love his music! But of course, I love Texas Country!

  13. This looks like so much fun!! And I feel you about keeping your contacts in. Seems like a good idea until the morning. I always carry a spare pair with me to prevent pirate eye!

  14. SO jealous of you all!! Love the cute donkies and horses!

  15. Ahh, only worrying about which bikini/coverup to wear and if there's enough food and water - sounds like perfection!

  16. Love those trips where you just enjoy the moments rather than post them. And hugging horses and donkeys..cause obviously that was pretty awesome too ;)

  17. been blog hopping reading all about your all's trip. the videos on shalyn's blog made me teary. y'all are the cutest and i'm so glad you had this time together!!

  18. Your trip sounds more amazing after every update!! So ridiculously happy for you girls, and slightly jealous too!!

  19. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! What a moment that must have been surprising her after all that time!

  20. It looks like y'all had an amazing trip! Definitely make me want to go to the river :)

  21. you girls are so cute! what a fun trip! i love the ig pics you posted. i love love love your suit too!!


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