{Frio River 2013 - Part 1}

{if you missed this awesome surprise, go here first}

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I feel like I just stepped off a roller coaster that only had ups and no downs (you remember how well me and roller coasters get along, right?). Well, if we're getting technical, that roller coaster ride ended on Sunday promptly when we were on our way to the airport. But still, you catch my drift.

Let's start with the background, or planning, portion of this trip...How? Why? Who?

It started back last 4th of July when me and Billy were supposed to fly out to Texas to visit Steph and Beau, and go to the Frio River with them, but unfortunately we had a family member pass away so we cancelled our trip. Ever since, Steph has mentioned begged me to come back for it because it's one of their favorite places to go. Beau's aunt Frances has the most gorgeous ranch house and property in Concan, TX right by the Frio River (and I'm not even kidding with that statement-just wait until you see these pictures) that we were lucky enough to stay in. *If you're ever interested in staying in this area, the good news is that you can! She has multiple locations that you can rent out: here! Go take a look and consider it because it's an awesome place to visit!

...Where was I? The "why" part...

Well, because we are best friends and this is what best friends do. We surprise each other and have blogger meetups. These girls are some of my closest friends now, so of course this was something we were all in for!

Now for the "how" and "who" section of this top secret planning...

Shay and Beau were the lead on this one (good job guys!). We decided we must have our favorite little Bostonians, Erica and Kurt join us, since we previously had a blogger meet up here in Ohio with her and love her. They were to be a surprise for Steph as well (why she gets all the surprises I will never know, kidding), specifically the day after I surprised Steph in San Antonio. Some of Beau's other friends and family also joined in on this trip! Sadly, Billy didn't couldn't come since we just flew out to Texas in March and he had prior plans with his family for the holiday. Plane tickets from the OH to the TX aren't cheap, just sayin'.

So once I surprised Steph, I then had to keep my mouth shut even more because she had no idea Erica and Kurt would be meeting us in San Antonio the next day. She thought it was just Shay and Drew who were meeting us. Double the surprise, double the fun! But again, not an easy task for someone such as myself.

My first morning in Houston was spent loving on Oakley (I've absolutely fallen in love with this dog-she is even cuter in person) and hanging out with the cutest little triplets in the whole world. Beau's sister, Julie, just had 3 beautiful babes one month ago and I was lucky enough to get to spend a couple hours with them at their house and meet them. But not before Steph and I got our signature iced coffee's...happy face.

Afterwards, we packed up our stuff and got on the road to head to the ranch. On the way, we decided our plan was to stop in San Antonio to see the Alamo and eat dinner on the Riverwalk, and meet up with everyone else. SO happy we did this. I just loved the Riverwalk and being able to see San Antonio.....
 {dress: target, boots: charlotte russe, necklace: forever21 (old)}

Not to mention, the restaurant was dog friendly so Oakley got to join us and we had some of the best margarita's ever at Charlie Wants A Burger. If you visit here, get the Prickly Pear. Just do it. :)

After dinner, Shay and Drew got there and came up and sat down at the table. A couple minutes later, Kurt (Erica's boyfriend), came up to Steph to surprise her, and see if she would recognize him just from pictures since none of us had met him before. It was PRICELESS. She realized who he was and then BAM...Erica comes walking up! It was fantastic.


 you can watch the whole thing here...
Now, we were finally all together, the surprises were done so I could breathe a little bit more, and we headed to the ranch after some dinner and drinks....
 Erica // Shay // Ashley // Steph // Me

On our way to the ranch, we made a pitstop at Walmart because we needed to pick up a few more things (adult bev's to be specific) and while we were in there, THIS may or may not have happened....

hint: it did. Honey Buns Harlem Shake....

Sometimes you just gotta shake it, you know?

Once we got to the ranch, it was late at night so we couldn't see much, but I did wake up to this view and about fell in love (I DID!).....

Absolutely stunning. 50 acres of beautiful Texas hill country and a porch that wrapped around the entire house. Can't get much better than that.

Or can it?

and this concludes the longest recap in blogger history. Well, part 1 of it. Come back tomorrow to find out where and how we spent our days and to see some new friends I made....

God Bless Texas.

....and blog friends.

........and surprises.

PS: You can see more pictures not shared on this post on my personal instagram: @katiewkrysh!




  1. Still smiling. Still WOOOOOing with y'all even though that's awkward because I wasn't even there. And still SO happy you pulled all of this off and totally surprised Steph! You're simply the best :)

  2. Beauuuuutiful place!! Absolutely stunning.

  3. this is awesome!! I have been stalking your IG and this makes everything even better (: Cannot wait to see Frio River and all the festivities ya'all got yourselves into!!! by the way is that a lace skirt or shorts you wore when you surprised Steph? I think I have the same one!!

  4. Seriously SO cute. I cannot get over what an awesome surprise this was!

  5. Beautiful photos. The Harlem shake video is hilarious. I love your mint dress :)

  6. That ranch is gorgeous!! I have always wanted a wrap around porch. So cool that you guys didn't spill the beans and were able to surprise her. P.S. Mad dancing skills at Wally World! LOL.

  7. Congrats on pulling off an amazingly special surprise!! You're a great friend, my lady!!

  8. oh wow it's absolutely gorgeous! yep, it definitely looks like you girls had a blast!

  9. Hahah I love the honey bun harlem shake. I'm so jealous - looks like so much fun!

  10. San Antonio is one of my favourite places on earth- I need to go back there! Looks like you had an amazing weekend, that ranch looks like heaven!

  11. The harlem shake is too good!! And that property is amazing!!! So fun that you girls got together! Love blogging for that very reason! xo

  12. everything is perfect! So glad you ladies had an amazing time!!

  13. Sooo much fun. I love San Antonio, and now I want to make my way down to the Frio River. Looks awesome!

  14. what an amazing surprise!
    And the place looks just stunning

  15. AHHH i want to read this 5 trillion times!! We had the best time in the world---one for the damn BOOKS!!!!!!!

    I said to Steph...I am just so incredibly lucky to have all of you girls and guys in my life!! never have i ever thought it would come to this...you are all so so special to me <3

    I have had 9 million dreams about that san antonio pink drink..UGH SO DAMN GOOD!!

    love you so much cannot wait to read everything else!! Can we go back yet please?? around this time the guys would be stuffing sandwich 1 of 5 in their mouths and playing dizzy bat and us girls would be mixing more drinks and talking inappropriately

    xoxo MUAH

  16. Where did you get your adorable dress/boots you were wearing at the alamo? Looks like a blast!

  17. WAY too much fun!! So glad all you fun ladies got to meet up and have a blast together! :)

  18. First, could you all be any cuter? Second, I have been so stinking jealous while you were gone. I mean, the friendship between you and Steph is a pretty special one and I just love that I could watch it all unfold over IG and the bloggy land. Now, please include me next time or I'll just send you my address and you can visit me. I don't have a river to float on but I have a pool : )

  19. As if it couldn't get any better....donkeys. Love it :)

  20. So amazing! I definitely teared up when I saw the video on Steph's blog! So cool!!! Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!

  21. Katie, I seriously love you. I am so so so happy you're in my life baby girl. I love that we are so much alike and that we can embrace our emotional sides together. You're just a babe, and I'm so thankful for your friendship!!!!

    I'm coming to Ohio with Steph next time so I can see what this place is all about.

    Love love love you. Don't ever, ever forget it.

  22. Being from California I often think that I have it made. But then I see acreage, ranches and horses and it's enough to move me across this nation!! Looking forward to part 2!

  23. I am SO obsessed with surprises! Y'all have the sweetest friendships! Love all the videos :)

  24. Ahh the surprises were priceless!! So sweet of you guys to surprise her :)

    The trip looked like it was so much fun!

  25. Just absolutely LOVE it. All of it!!!! So proud of you girls for keeping a secret and so happy you had such a wonderful weekend together!!

  26. you sat on a donkey!!! you are a brave little one.
    and by the way. i dont know if i could have kept that secret!!
    looks like you had a toooon of fun

  27. I'm so happy I got to meet the famous BFF Katie!! Y'all are the best for pulling this off! Come back to TX soon!! <3

  28. YAY! :) I'm so so so so so glad that your surprise worked! And that you had a great time! But I knew you were going to have a blast!!!

  29. Yep, this makes me laugh because when I was in San Antonio last September ALL I did was order Prickly Pears... proof: http://likeordinarylife.com/post/33153431841/prickly-pears-tequila-and-the-riverwalk

    And the thing about them is they are AMAZING!!!! So glad you had a great trip!

  30. Congrats on pulling it off so well.. There is no way I could have kept that quite.. I am not good at keeping secrets that big... I am however very jealous.. If I could have snapped my fingers I would have been very content to have been there! I love that view & that house is too cute that Beau's family owns...

  31. Seriously crying right now!! That's so amazing that you guys have each other. It's so wonderful that you can have such a wonderful relationship!!!

  32. This recap made me SO happy! I love reading all of your different points of view!! I bet it would be SO HARD to keep secrets from your BFF! But her reactions to both surprises: PRICELESS.

    You are BEAUTIFUL. Just sayin.

    Also. What is yours and Stephs signature Iced Coffee? Something special? I wanna know.

    Also. I want to meet you. IRL. Yup... just puttin it out there.

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