Let's talk fitness today, shall we?

Summer is my favorite time to workout...oh wait, no it's not. Not one bit. It's extremely hard to get motivation in the summer to work out. BBQ's? Concerts? Drinks on a patio with friends after work? OR spending time in the gym? Yeah, it's hard to stick to a routine when it's so nice out and you could be doing so many other things.With that being said, spring/summer is normally when I work out the most. Insert bikini season. Just looking at my bathing suits gives me some serious motivation to hit the gym. Right, ladies? It's a real pain in the butt...

I've talked about my daily eats/mean plan before, but had some questions about what a normal workout week looks like for me, so I thought I'd outline it a bit. It's important to find what works for you-if you want to have your evenings free, work out in the morning. If you want your extra sleep, make sure you carve that time out after work to get it done. Schedule your workouts just like your other appointments!

Monday: Circuit workout (see below) / 1 hour spin class 
This is my favorite workout of the week. Why? Because I normally eat the worst of the weekends and my body needs a detox. I splurge a bit (or a lot). Having a kick butt work out on a Monday instantly makes me feel better about it. ha. Not only that, spin is my favorite class to take and by the time I leave the class I'm 50x happier than when I walked in. Those endorphins will do that to you, promise. :)

Before spin class starts, I will do a short circuit workout for 20 minutes or so mixed in with some ab exercises. I highly recommend getting your hardest workout of the week done with on Monday's!

Tuesday: Run 3 miles / 30 Push ups / Circuit workout (see below) or 30 Day Shred (Jillian Michaels DVD)
The run could be inside or outside depending on how hot it is outside.
Wednesday: Rest day 
Thursday: Run 3-5 miles  / Leg workout (see below) / Abs (8 minute abs video)
Last week I switched it up and instead of running my normal route, I found a basketball court and did suicides on it for my cardio then did mountain climbers, lunges, and squats. It helped to switch up my surroundings a bit!
Friday: Sometimes I will do rest day if I'm busy or just a short circuit workout
Saturday: Morning run (3 miles) or 30 Day Shred / 30 Push Ups
Sunday: Rest day

I try to work out at least 4-5 times a week. Some weeks are better than others and other weeks I may only work out 3 times. I try to just listen to my body and take a break when I need it.

What do I mean by circuit/interval workout? Here are my favorites (all via Pinterest):


I think a lot of girls focus more on cardio and less on strength training. Strength training is just as important! It's something I've tried incorporating more of, for sure. Push ups, lunges and squats are now a part of my daily workouts when they never used to be. I see more results when I do them vs when I do cardio! My body looks leaner and I feel stronger.

As far as workouts you can do at home, my three favorites are: 30 Day Shred, 8 minute ab video (posted below), and any of the Tone It Up videos!

This ab video is such old school (I meannnnnn...old.school-I laugh just watching it), but it works. Man knows what's up. Listen to him, ha.

*Last and final comment: do not DRINK your calories! Keep a water bottle on your work desk everyday and fill it up as much as you can throughout the day. If you get sick of regular water, add some lemon juice or Mio to it to make it taste better for you! This is the #1 thing I do everyday. So important.

Alright, there we have it. 

What is your favorite summer workout? How do you stick to a schedule when all you want to do is be outside having fun? 

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  1. I wish I had your discipline to do those workouts on my own! I just joined a gym and am doing spin, barre and pilates reformer. Trying to do them in the morning... spin is by far my fave!

  2. Well I feel sort of silly now because I never thought of switching my runs to doing suicides on a court somewhere. I remember hating those in gym class, but they worked so well! So glad you posted this because I was just starting to get bored and discouraged with my current routine!

  3. I totally agree with you, I find that summer is the hardest to keep motivated as well. I wake up at 4:30 am in order to get my workout in for the day. I love morning workouts + I still have my evenings free to do all my summer-outdoorsy-fun! <3 BBQ & Bikini Season = Love!

  4. I feel like I just burned a bunch of calories reading this post! I seriously need to get my postpartum butt in gear.

  5. So many good ideas! I've been trying to switch up my routines as well. This dang humidity makes it hard to run very far. We've done that ab video quite a few times as well, it's so funny but actually really good. Theres also a computer animated on YouTube that's actually really good too.

  6. this is amazing katie


    saving all of these. And love you planking on the basketball course


  7. About 2 years ago I told myself I was going to be in control of my body because I kind of let myself go in college. So I started working out 5 times a week, and then I started running, and now I work out 6 times a week, watch what I eat, and have become a real runner! It's crazy how you can make yourself do something if you just try! And never give up!!

  8. Can you just come be my trainer?! I cannot get motivated to stick with any type of routine... ugh! I go through phases where I feel like I can conquer the world, other days.... I just want to be a lazy bum!

  9. You make me want to leave work & go work out now! I was already excited to do Zumba today because I missed out on it Saturday! Thanks ;)

  10. I still have yet to start working out again...ooops! This def motivated me though to get out and start asap!

  11. This is awesome! I used to do spin class 3x a week and loved it!! Need to get back into it and supplement with these great routines!

  12. Pinterest is GREAT for finding at home circuit workouts! I love that last one you have in black, it kicks my booty!

  13. I'm excited for this baby to be here so I can start running and really working out again! These posts motivate me big time, but I'm kind of stuck for another four months. So, ice cream it is. ;)

  14. It is so hard to be motivated in the summer when they are so many other "fun" things to do or it's too hot outside to go running. I find that I need structure or I tend to fall apart at the seams. So, my routine is strength training 2x a week with a trainer at the gym and then I run 4 to 5 miles a day for the other 3 to 4 days of the week. I also tend to blow it out on the weekends but I try to counterbalance that by eating super healthy during the week with low carbs and lean protein meals only and none to limited alcohol. Kind of helps off-set the cheeseburger and beers I tend to consume on Friday or Saturday!

    One other thing I do to stay motivated (and I realize this probably sounds weird - at least my husband thinks it is) but I will periodically, i.e., once or twice a month, pull out some of my more fitted shorts or sundresses and try them on to see how they are fitting. Nothing gets my butt in gear like trying on a favorite, cute dress and realizing I need to seriously suck in my gut if I want it to even zip up!

  15. I'm so glad you posted these circuit workouts! I love the TIU workouts but sometimes I just want to do something that is with my own body weight. Thanks for these!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing lady! Every time I see pics of you on Instagram, I think man, she is in awesome shape so thanks for letting the rest of us in on your secrets! xoxo

  17. Those circuit workouts are all good, and they work! The summer is so hard for sticking to the gym, so I like to take it outside whenever I can with biking, running, hiking, and roller blading. The circuit workouts can be done anywhere so they are perfect!

  18. Thank you so much for posting these! I just got married and since the wedding I have been having a hard time getting motivated! I tried out the crossfit stye work out already this morning and I loved it, can't wait to try the others out.

  19. Your work out looks awesome. I wish I had the motivation!

  20. Damn, I go to the gym 2 or 3 days a week for an hour at a time, but now I just feel lazy after reading this. :) Hopefully, it will just give me motivation now!

  21. burpees are my jam!!! they suck but they are so beneficial when it comes to strength training with cardio combined.

  22. I hate working out in summer! Ive always found I worked out consistently in the winter, then fall apart when its most important. Thankfully this summer I have kind of found something I like, but I am trying to mix it up a little here soon. And adding yeast free dinners back into the rotation too... {groan} Anywho, thanks for sharing! I always need a little extra motivation.

  23. Guuuuuuurl... props to you...I am doing a 30 day ab/squat challenge along with cardio at the gym..and I am pretty sure my muscles want to run away from my body hahaha! And that's not even 4 times a week for me!

  24. I am awful lately with keeping up with my workout routine. I really should be going in the morning because by the time the evening rolls around I have little to no patience to spend my time in the gym. AND I have a lot of weight to lose, so...

  25. Such an awesome and inspiring post, thanks Katie!! I am the complete opposite, I LOVE training in Summer - maybe because the days are longer, lighter and warmer so I find more time to train or many because i know this body has to be on show?! I train with a personal trainer at our local gym - she keeps me in check and makes sure that I get there each day! I have also recently started kettlebell training with my husband - great but intense workout! x

  26. I need to incorporate more strength training into my workouts! I just don't love it as much as cardio.
    Summer is the time where it's finally nice in MN, so I love running and walking. Last year was so hot and humid that it was miserable though. I'm hoping this summer doesn't get like that.

  27. I have been a little lost since I damaged my shoulder and have to avoid weights and anything that means I'm moving my shoulder too much. I am determined to get back into a gym routine and to find exercise that works for me and my shoulder.
    The water on the desk is a great tip! I always have one with me

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