You sneaky little devil you. ;)
How was everyone's first 'official' summer weekend? 

I'm so happy we stayed in town...I feel relaxed and ready for a new week! However, I would have definitely took an extra day on the weekend, but then again I'm sure we all would. 

Friday was spent relaxing at home. We wanted to take it easy so we did exactly that...ordered food in and watched a movie at our house!
Saturday I went to my girlfriend's pool, ran errands, and then Billy and I had date night in the Short North (close to downtown). We went to Betty's-we split fried ravioli for an appetizer (first time having anything fried in forever and let me tell you-they were delicious!), Billy got their fried chicken meal, and I got the fish tacos. We loved them both! Since we were in the area, we decided to stop by Jeni's for some ice cream and also met some friends for a drink. We may or may not have been in bed by midnight....

*if you come to Columbus-you MUST visit Jeni's ice cream. They have multiple locations here so make sure to look up the one closest to you! 

Sunday was another pool day. Just how a relaxing weekend should be spent, right? RIGHT! I went to my gym and ran 3.5 miles, got myself a smoothie, then ventured out to the pool for the day...the weather was absolutely perfect and I walked away with a good tan. It'd say it was a successful day. 

I came home to our deck looking oh-so beautiful from Billy staining it again (only took him a couple hours since he didn't have to do the railings and such) and made him one of his favorite meals and we ended the weekend watching No Strings Attached // the Sky Wire man. Did anyone else watch these?! I felt like I should be covering my eyes!

Video from the weekend:
I confess I have watched this no less than 20 times now. Not even lying. Ever wondered what spoiled looks like for our little Rocky? Take a look...

It's normal for the owner to sit on the ground while dog is swinging away, right? I thought so. Doesn't he look like a little burrito up there in the swing? He loves it so much. Hey-what Rocky wants, Rocky gets...or something like that. 

**Last but not least...a little announcement. Saw it. Pinned it. Did it is on HOLD for now! Due to everyone's busy schedules and less people linking up, we are going to take a little break and then re-evaluate down the road. We get that everyone is busier in the summer (same with us!), so we thought that it was time! I will still be posting any yummy recipes/DIY projects I do in the mean time. :)

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  1. Looks like such a great weekend! And I too have watched that video of Rocky about 20 times. Too sweet!

  2. I'm so glad to see everyone was watching Nik Wallenda as he walked! The flying Wallendas are from my hometown (Sarasota, FL) and I love seeing them get the attention they deserve!

    I'm also EXTREMELY jealous of your tan! I'm a born and raised Florida girl and I can't tan for nothin'!

  3. I love following you on Instagram:) Rocky swinging is by far the best instavideo I've seen so far! Sounds like a very successful weekend!

    The Hunter-Gatherers

  4. What a great weekend, and the porch looks fantastic!
    Nooooo what will I do without my SPD?!?!

  5. the deck looks AMAZING!! go billy go billy go!! *high kick and fist pump*

    we are hat twins. I love that HM hat..so gorgeous and cute!! :)

    rocky in the hammock i can't deal. He is too cute for words and looks so relaxed. "Mom, this is mine now"

    happy monday!!! :)

  6. Your pup has the life!

    Also-I have heard of Jeni's ice cream and have always wanted to try it :)

  7. I won't lie, your pool instas inspired me to take a break from chores and go enjoy ours and it was totally worth it! LOVE that video of Rocky, too sweet.

  8. True... Rocky is spoiled. BUT, that's how it should be! My babies (Shih Tzus) are spoiled too. They get the royal treatment :)

  9. Looks like you had a good weekend! I think the point is to spoil your pets, like when I make an extra effort not to disturb Jack with my movements even though he is in MY bed. lol

  10. Love, Love, Love the your hat in the first pic!

  11. We watched both as well and I was so nervous watching the sky wire thing! Very happy he made it across though. Too much for me. Doggie in the hammock? Too cute!

  12. We haven't made it to Jeni's yet... but our new favorite spot is The Jury Room, downtown... it's delicious and adorable atmosphere!

  13. That pool looks amazing!! I need that in my life asap!! And that video.. ohhh my god... SO CUTE!!! I had a pom growing up and she looked just like Rocky!!

  14. Looks like an AMAZING weekend.

    Little Rocky... :)

  15. We spoil Finn just like Rocky! We even keep a blanket in the freezer to swaddle him in when it gets too hot at night!

  16. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's someone's birthday week!!!!! Once again-- I want to stretch out on your deck and have some girl talk!!!! XOXO

  17. My pool day Sunday got ruined by stupid PMS Florida weather and I was not happy about it.
    Aka. I'm just over here cursing your name.
    Kidding. Kind of. ;)

  18. Katie, Thank you SO much for your recommendations of places to visit/eat in Columbus. And Jeni's The Buckeye State was The.BEST. flavored ice cream I have ever tasted :)

  19. I seriously love all your backyard pics! It looks like an oasis :-) we are FINALLY doing something with our backyard and I think our deck will look similar!

  20. Your gym has that pool???? Wow! I think I would have to join a gym if it had a pool like that!! :)

  21. Love your deck & backyard! It's like a secret hideaway or something! I love that wine glass as well. Hey, I love all wine glasses! hehe

    Rocky is just the most adorablest (and that's not even a word)pup I know! Spoil? Pfft! That's nothing!


    P.S Found your blog through Faith's. Definitely a follower.

  22. These pictures look s o fun!



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