Summer Goodness: Sugar Love, Abs, Cleveland.

And just like that-we're back to Monday. The weekends in the summer couldn't go by any quicker, could they? How was everyone's weekend? I hope you had good weather and enjoyed yourself!

We took another road trip this weekend to Cleveland. A couple months back, we had planned this weekend with Billy's cousin Jonathan so that we could go boating on his boat for the day with their family and go to an Indians game at night. Remember last year when you all infamously titled Billy's cousins the Magic Mike cast? Well, they (or should I say their abs..) were definitely present...

Billy and Jonathan

Not sure how many of you are noticing the name of the boat in this pic (ha), but I love it...and the guys in this pic. Obviously. :)

We hung out at the boat docks for a while with everyone, then Jonathan took us out for a ride on his boat and we got some beautiful views of downtown Cleveland...

Two of the cutest brothers I know...Captain Johnny and Dave (both single, ladies!)
Also, Billy's cousin Doug and his g/f (now fiance!) Cara recently got engaged and it was the first time I got to see her gorgeous ring. I just love it..it's so pretty.

It started to rain a little bit in the evening, so we decided to skip the Indians game (even though it didn't end up storming so we could've gone) and we hung out in Lakewood for the evening. Last night, we had my parents over to celebrate Father's Day and we cooked out and gave my Dad his gifts. Another good weekend in the books for sure!

Now, I got behind on Friday and couldn't mention any of my normal "Friday Fashion Finds", but I have an awesome boutique to share with you today.

 Jill, the owner, recently opened this online boutique that features the cutest summer dresses, accessories, and tops. Not to mention, have you seen her and her adorable family? 

the cutest.

My new favorite summer dress from Sugar Love is this Sweet Marie Dress...
It goes with everything, is super comfortable, and I adore the ruffles all down the front! I also got this coral
Peyton top and am really looking forward to having the chance to wear it.

But wait...

Want 30% OFF?
 Use the code "keepcalm"at checkout!

That means you can get the dress I'm wearing above at a great price.
Other items I'm loving from Sugar Love?

Elle Maxi Dress // American Woman tank top (perfect for 4th of July!)
Gum Drop Necklace  // Skylar Maxi 

Get your shop on ladies!

But make sure you come back tomorrow because I have something awesome to share with you all.
Really awesome! Take my word for it.

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend, lovebug! And Billy has some cuties in his fam! Also, love that black dress on you. Super cute!

  2. Sounds/looks like such a fun weekend! I love that black dress. I just "bookmarked" half their site in my clothes to buy. lol.

  3. What a fun weekend! Where are you from that you came to Cleveland? I live about 40 minutes south and go out up there all the time!


  4. WOW those are some good genes in his family hahaha. You all look great!

    The Hunter-Gatherers

  5. i'm sorry if you wrote any text in this post but i didn't read any of it because the abs said everything i needed to know. :) owww ow!

  6. What a fun weekend. And like Jayme above said, holy abs. I love that dress! It is so so cute! And both of the engagement rings are so pretty. Hers looks just like yours but in a different shape. Is it the same?! How fun.

  7. Fun weekend!! And look at you, you little hottie!! :)

    That black dress is so cute! I have a thing for ruffles.

  8. A weekend on the water is always fun, and the cuties in the boat sure do help! Love your bikini, you are looking fabulous! Rock it girl!

  9. I am jealous of the ability to just go on a boat. I miss that from when I was a kid and my aunt and uncle owned a marina! And truthfully- if you hadn't pointed out the name of that boat, I wouldn't have even looked at that at all ;)

  10. What a fantastic time it looks like you all had! btw you are looking great girly!!

  11. I am so jealous of your perfect tan and boating fun!! looks like such a blast!

  12. I need to buy a boat. The end :)

    That boutique sponsored my blog this month too and they have some cute stuff! That tye-dye dress is on my list - good pick, doll! And I'll be using your code to buy my stuff - teehee :)

  13. oh Lakewood.. So many nights I don't remember there! Your post made me a little homesick.

  14. Alright Miss Katie.. when do I get invited on the next family vaca so you can hook me up ;) I am jealous of your gorg tan skinny mini self in that bikini! You look gorg.

  15. Im jealous of Your weekend on the water! That looks like so much fun!

  16. DANG. Those ARE some ab-licious men! And you are not so bad yourself ;)

  17. wooo hooo! shout out to sugar dot representing my home town of FW Indiana! :)

  18. Helloooo, good lookin' single men ;)

    LOVE your sugar dot dress!

  19. ummmmmmmmmmmmm

    kurt if you're reading, look away.


    Okay teh hot pink bathing suit boardshorts...im obsessed! This looks like such a fun weekend Katie! and I'm loving the black dress on you...but hating your tan. Actually not hating, just hating you have such a good one and i have such a sucky one! :-)

    love you boo

  20. Great looking family!! Love the black dress!


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