What Makes You Happiest?

{really really loving this song right now..on repeat daily..}

I'd like to think of myself as a pretty happy person. "I just like to smile...smilings my favorite!" who's with me? I'm generally a friendly person when you meet me...at least I hope so?! Can anyone step up and second this for me? Anyone...? ;)

However, on Mother's Day? One of the most difficult days of the year for me and the many others who have experienced the loss of a Mother. Everyday, I wonder if I'm making my Mom proud and if I will ever live up to the woman that she was. This year, I decided to turn my frown UPSIDE DOWN (yep-went there) and planned ahead to focus on the things that make me the happiest.

You know...the stomach kickers. The things where I just stop, right in the middle of the moment, let out a big sigh and say, "this is the life!" The things that light a big ole fire in my heart.

I rounded up a list of those stomach kickers that make me happiest. They might seem small and not worthy of such a title, but to me, they are! I truly believe that by focusing on the small things in life, they can and will help your attitude and make you appreciate everyday you are given. I can definitely thank my Mom for that, she was the queen of gratitude and was appreciative for everyday! So, here we go...

+Country music while cooking dinner  
and in the car...and at concerts...and with friends while cooking out in the backyard
+Trying new things 
going to a new city, new restaurant, checking something off my bucket list
+Cooking out in our backyard / sitting by a fire with friends
what is it about that smell?! ahh...
and having a special couple that you love traveling with (cc: Steph and Beau)
+Swinging in our hammock
+That feeling after a long run / hard workout 
+Seeing my friends and Billy happy 
+SUNSHINE / the beach / Corona's 
because they all go hand in hand..

+Rocky in the window waiting for me to get home everyday (and his unconditional love)
+A clean house
ah! feels so good, right?
+Finishing house projects with Billy + that feeling of accomplishment!
+Comments on my blog and social media
2.5 years later I STILL read every comment you guys leave on my blog. I love them oh so much. Thank you, thank you!
+A beer in a frosty glass
+THE POOL on a hot day

+Finding random love notes around our house from Billy :)
+Reading my Mom's journals
+Making plans and being so excited that you have a countdown!
+Ohio in the summer / fall
+Talenti, Sea Salt Caramel Gelato
+Celebrations with family and friends
+Boating with Billy's family in the summer

How can one NOT feel blessed after all those wonderful things?! AND now....bum bum bum...as I mentioned on Friday, I asked you all on Twitter last week to tell me what makes you the most happy. Seeing all the results come in made me smile just by reading them! I want to share some of them (if you aren't listed-please don't hate me, it's just because I couldn't keep up and some were repeats of others!:)) not just so you can read them but because you will now have some AWESOME ladies and their blogs to follow!

Ashley said waking up on Saturday morning and going for a run with my husband and fur babies. Chelsea mentioned when her plane touches down in Jamaica and surprises (AGREE! I love a good surprise...) Tess and I must have been on the same page because she said experiencing new things as well. Touche! Alexa said dinner with friends, her pup, vacation, sleeping in! Callie told me monogrammed things, drinking on the patio on sunny days, sweet tea vodka, her fiance, and baseball. Samantha sounds like she was reading my mind when she said country concerts, pedicures, Nashville (YES!), quiet nights at home with her boyfriend, and puppies. Erin confessed crawling into a freshly made bed after a really long day. Kay told me hour long phone calls with her sister, fresh flowers, all the little things. The lovely Ashley said a hot bath with a glass of wine in hand and no technology. LOVE THAT ANSWER. :) Lastly, Tori said finding a surprise love note in her wallet from her husband. So sweet and awesome!

And just like that, you have some fabulous new blogs to go explore and fall in love with. Happy day.

In other news-this weekend we took my parents to dinner at Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant. This is our second time here since they opened late last year, but my parents haven't been yet. We did a wine tasting that I'm pretty sure is normally supposed to take just an hour, but ours was about two hours long. We chatted and chatted with the workers and had a BLAST! They even gave us a couple extra wine tastings that weren't included in our package.. who can complain about that?! We had great service for dinner as well and all of us loved our food... definitely one of our favorites now here in Columbus!

PS: I can tell you one thing that doesn't make me happy. Unloading the dishwasher...I avoid that like the plague.

PPS: Thank you to those who took time out of your own Mother's Day to send kind words, emails, etc. my way. I can't tell you how blessed and happy I felt when reading them. I'm so thankful for this amazing blogging community!

*If you haven't watched the video on my Beachy Waves Hairstyle post, go watch & enter for your chance to win!



  1. Love this post Katie! You are such an inspiration! I thought of you yesterday and sent a prayer up for you :) You know I love Rocky's precious little face. he's lucky to have you for a mama!

  2. I should have added "being mentioned on a big time blogger's blog" ;) Thanks for including my thoughts! So happy you had a good weekend!

  3. Your wine tasting looks fun. Thought of you this weekend :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you focused on all the happy things. I completely agree with you - if you focus on the positive things, you will be a much happier person! Thanks for including my response! :)

  5. What a great post girl! I love it. It is so important to always remember the small things in life that make us so happy, this definitely put a smile on my face this morning.
    Glad you had a great weekend too and thanks for including my response you rock = )

  6. I was thinking about you yesterday! I love your list! Mine has several of the same things on it! Especially the smell of a camp fire- one of my favorite scents in the world! I'm so happy I came across your blog way back when. You've been such an inspiration to me for quite a while.

  7. Love how you mentioned all the little things in life. WE tend to forget those, but those are the things that get us through the day. The things that matter that we usually pay no mind to. And I am so with you on sunshine, beach and beer! ;)

  8. I was thinking about you yesterday. I love your positive attitude in such a hard time- you are very inspiring!!

    We are getting a Coopers Hawk here and I can NOT wait for it to open!

  9. What a wonderful post! A lot of these things made me smile this morning, thinking of the good things in life, even on a cold Monday morning here in Ohio (it is May right?) Oh and I love Cooper's Hawk. I have been there twice, and the food is amazing. And the wines are awesome as well! My favorite is the sparkling almond...it tastes like biscotti cookies:)

  10. Love your positive outlook! The wine tasting looked fun :)

  11. I'm so glad you were able to find some happies yesterday! I can't even imagine what you've been through with the loss of your mom. You are a strong woman!

    Love your list :) Many of those would be on mine, too!

  12. I love this :) I've done a couple 'happy' posts in the past and they are always a good reminder to go back to on those not-so-great days. Lifetime movies and sweat pants were making me happy this weekend- I finally had some free time to myself to just do NOTHING, and I enjoyed it way too much ;)

  13. I love this post- it made my heart so happy. I'm glad you chose to focus on these happiest of things in life on one of the hardest days of it. I learned the exact same from my mom: to be truly appreciative for every day. I wish everyone would and could understand how important that is! You have such a beautiful spirit, and I am absolutely certain that your sweet mom is so proud of you!!


  14. So many happy things in one post! I love it :) Is that Talenti flavor not SO addicting?? It's my favorite too!

  15. LOVE this! Life really is all about finding the good & focusing what makes you HAPPY! Happy Monday!

  16. You are SOOOOOO making her proud. They way you embrace life and all it has to offer is something so many people don't do. Way to turn that frown upside down!! :) Big hugs to ya!!

  17. so sorry to hear about your mom, ive lost a parent too and holidays like this, reminds us of them the most.
    Delightful Ideas

  18. Umm is that a picture of you on the beach with the hat? Please tell me your secret!!!

  19. katie, i love this post. i love hearing what makes others happy. i definitely know riding to hot springs with the top off my wrangler is like number one on my list. oh and i just love seeing my precious piper (my cat) waiting in the window for me when i get home from work. no matter what i do or say, that big ball of fur will always love me.

    have a great week, katie!

  20. Hanging out with family and loved ones brings me so much peace. This post is so lovely!


  21. I love this post. I'm so glad you were able to find the blessings on Mother's Day. My Mom lost her Mom a year ago and Mother's Day was really hard for her. She still put on a smile for me and my kids though. I guess over time you just learn how to carry on.

  22. Aw, how sweet. I loved how you talked about focusing on the little things--it is SO true how much that can change our perspective on life. Thank you for sharing this, friend! xo

  23. i first saw that gelato and it looks like such a perfect container I thought it was a body scrub!!! hahahah

    in creeping pics from your past blog posts and such I must say...you guys boating at that place "put in bay" looks like complete happiness to me!!! Nothing makes me more relaxed/happy/"this is the life!" than being out with my fam on our boat just crusing boston harbor!!

    and rocky waiting for you in the window!! I totally witnessed this in person :) he is so sweet!

    love this post Katie and it makes me happy that you reached out to everyone and found their happies! I love all of them...especially the freshly made bed one and the quiet nights at home with the boo!

    Cooper's Hawk looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I want one to open here! hahah

    love you girl <3 <3

  24. Hi there, I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I really love your writing style (is that weird?) I just really liked reading the way you incorporated all of your tweets with your post today. I totally agree with you, thinking about the things that make you happy really can lift you up. : ) Thanks for such a positve happy post! xo

  25. Wow! Just reading this list makes me happy! Love this idea of writing down everything that makes you happy and keeping it for those rainy days! I may have to do the same. xoxo, Lindsay

  26. What a happy post! I'm so glad you turned the frown upside down - you are way too fabulous to ever be sad. Thanks for the shout out but I'm going to go with Mediterranean Mint as the best Talenti out there!

  27. I followed the blog everyday writing prompt to make a list like this today. Love yours. We've both definitely got a lot to be thankful for and happy about. I love the little things that sometimes don't seem that important too...but it's those little things that keep us going and keep those smiles on our faces! Have a great day!

  28. Love this. Right now I'm trying to find a balance between doing the things that make me happy and being responsible. For me many of my happy things cost money. Haha! And the BIG thing is I REALLY want a dog. Like really bad. But I'm not home all day so I would have to pay a dog walker. Oh and I can't have them in my current apartment so I would need to move. Haha. I love dogs and I need one in my life! That would make me the happiest!!

  29. Ahhh I love this whole post! Happiness is the key to life. When we make the choice to be happy everything else just falls into place. Thank you for adding my little tidbit on there. See you thursday for SPD! wooohoooo

  30. Beer in a frosty glass & my pup are definitely 2 things that make my heart flutter too! <3


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