Two posts in one day? I'm on a roll. 
And for good reason, too! 

In the past, some of you have asked how I curl my hair so why not share that with you all + give you a chance to win up to $250 or more?

 Sounds like a winning combination, don't you think?

If you're anything like me (I'm sure you are if you are girl), you've watched countless hair tutorials. I have learned so much from watching them and it's actually how I first learned to make beachy waves with a wand. When I first looked at the wand I bought, I was so intimidated and had no clue what to do, but tutorials and practice are the keys to your success!
Take this hair tutorial on how to get beachy waves, for example...
(watch + answer the simple question at the end for your chance to win!)

I use both a curling iron (like in the video) and a wand to create the curls in my hair. It just depends on how I'm feeling and what look I want to achieve!
When I use a curling iron (I like Hot Tools 1" or 1 1/4"), here's what I do:
+always curl AWAY from your face
+for the top sections, I typically only curl from my ear - down. I don't curl near my roots to create more of a relaxed look. 
+I go section by section curling my hair (bigger sections like the video shows) and then I usually let it hold for a minute then I run my fingers through my hair to seperate the curls. This will make them look more relaxed. 
+I only use minimal hair spray because I don't like weighing my hair down, but sometimes I need it to get them to stay for a long day/night.
This is what my hair looks like using this method:

When I use a wand (I bought an inexpensive Conair one from Target, works great), here's what I do:

+wrap your hair AROUND the wand and leave 1/2"-1" of your hair at the bottom out of the wand so that the ends aren't touched
+Always wrap away from your face and usually your wand should be pointed down when you wrap your hair
+Once you release your hair from the wand, I gently glide my fingers through it.
+I tend to wrap big, chunky pieces for the bottom half of my hair.
This is what my hair looks like using this method:
 After I'm done with either method, I always run a few drops of Moroccan Oil through my hair to finish off the look and hide those frizzies. Life changing product for me that I can't live without!
Can you tell the difference between the two? Do you prefer a wand or a curling iron?
I'm not a professional hair dresser by ANY means, but I've definitely learned a lot over the years on how to NOT get tight curls that used to be all the rage. Both of these ways are perfect for the spring + summer to achieve those beachy waves! 
 *This is Part 2 in my recent hair series. Part 1 was Tips/Tricks to Hide Damaged Hair, so if you missed that you can read it here!
How do you achieve beachy waves? Share your secrets, ladies! And don't forget to watch the video for your chance to WIN!!
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  1. I watched the video but no questions came at the end? Not sure how to enter.

    I LOVE your outfit in the last pic. Is it a dress? So pretty!

    1. Hi Jodi! Once the video gets to the end, the video automatically has a screen come up with a question where you can answer, enter your email, and submit! Hope this helps!

      PS-The outfit is actually a romper..thank you!

  2. This is great. Totally learned a new trick for my face framing bangs.


  3. Katie!!

    You are SO cute! I love your scarf and outfit, just darling. I have been debating getting a wand for some time, because usually I curl my hair with a straightener...I know, I know. I need to make the switch! Anyway, love how yours turned out :) Looks fab!

    XO Jenna

  4. I used to always curl my hair using a curling iron but am currently obsessed with doing it using a wand now! I think it definitely gives a more relaxed beachy vibe!

  5. you have such gorgeous locks lady! i have naturally wavy hair so i just shower and go. see also, i'm lazy!

  6. I think I prefer the look with the iron over the wand. And I am lusting over that scarf!!

  7. I'm a huge fan of the wand. I have naturally wavy hair if I let it air dry so it's so simple to just touch up quick with a couple random curls and I'm on my way.

  8. Love this tutorial and that blue gingham top!


  9. I have yet to master the wand. It just feels awkward and because of that doesn't curl consistently. Ugh. With practice makes perfect I suppose!

    p.s. how excited were you when Rayna and Deacon were finally getting it on?! #obsessed #nashville

  10. So not only am I jealous of your closet, but also your locks as well ;) I like your 'wand' look the best- but both are gorgeous! I really need to start putting a little more effort into my looks, lol! FAIL!

  11. Cool. Thanks!! I like the necklace too!


  12. You have the BEST hair. I need to try this method tonight...I'm thinking the intense bi-monthly bleach I put in my hair might have something to do with the lack of life it has. :-)

  13. I used to wear mine like this all the time when my hair was longer! Then I was dumb and chopped it all off. But now I'm growing it out so I can do it again! I love the color of your hair :)


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