I'm sure many of you have seen this floating around on the Pin (we used this tutorial as a guide but did it our own way), and I've always wondered if it was really that easy. We're Billy's here to show you all that it really is!

This DIY is one.hundred.percent all Billy. I take no credit for this awesomeness.
Except for finding the idea and emailing the link over to him.
(you don't want to know how many emails like this he receives...ha.)
He's the best and I'd like to think we make a pretty good team...
sidenote: can I just say real quick how glad I am that for our first home we have decided to take on so many projects? We have learned so much and enjoy doing them! Ok, done. Sorry.

We decided to spruce up one of our guest bathrooms. It needed it, as you can see. If you have a standard mirror in your home and are bored with it-this is a perfect, inexpensive solution for you! It cost us $14.00 to do the whole thing. (if you need glass glue/paint, then add in some for that.)


+Two 8 foot 1x4's (each board $7-cut to make 4 sides)
+Glass glue
+White paint, or use a wood stain to make it brown if that's what you prefer!
+Foam roller (this works best, but you can use a paintbrush)


+Paint your wood white. We only did one coat, but if you're feeling like it needs two..do two!

+Measure the bottom of the mirror to determine how long to cut the 1x4's. Overhang the board an 1" on each side of the mirror.

+Cut the 1x4's the exact same length to use as the top and bottom frame.

+Determine where the mirror "clips" {see below} are on the mirror and notch out with a chizzle those areas on the back of your wood, so that the boards lay flush on the mirror.

+Starting with the bottom wood frame, use the glass glue to coat the back of the board and attach/hold to the mirror for a minute or two. Make sure each side of the mirror has the equal amount of wood so that it's even. You can use a level to make sure the bottom frame is level.

+Repeat the same step for the two sides and finish by doing the top frame.

Then, you end up with a pretty frame! Stand back and admire.

Again, here is a pic of our before and now our after. Those are the best, right?


and after:

What do you think? How'd Billy do?
 I'm sure he'd appreciate some great feedback...just sayin'.

 Next on our list is to paint those bathroom cabinets white and to add hardware! :)

*Important note: We will not be having SPD next week. I know, I know! But I will be too busy enjoying drinks, 75 degree weather (AH-I'm so laying out in their lawn), and the rodeo with my sister/co-host of this very link-up/best friend Steph in Texas. So, come join us again in TWO WEEKS and bring your A game!

 Can't wait to see what you all made this week!
So far, I'm really loving this project Katie (yup another Katie-living in Ohio!) did today.
Make sure you go check it out too.  

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  1. gorgeous!! this really does finish it off so nicely.

  2. Good job Head! It looks awesome!

  3. Looks great! It's super annoying to have to take those bathroom mirrors down, and this is a great DIY alternative!

    1. It is! So much easier to just add a frame :) thanks girl!

  4. Looks great!! I have seen this on home sites before and I think it definitely adds that extra touch to a home. I love all your home DIY projects, they all look fab! :)

  5. I love it when our hubs can play in our projects aka do them! It looks great :)

  6. That looks amazing! Your DIY's are so beyond what I would ever think of trying, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I really want to do this to our master bath mirror!

  8. ohh my gosh, boookmarked, and will be done this weekend! I have been looking for easy ways to do this!!!!! :):) thanks love!

  9. Lookin' good, you guys! I want to do this in our bathroom but Shawn's all like "what? why?" And I'm all like "why not?" I'll probably win, just so we're clear ;) But seriously, it's adds some class to a plain mirror!

  10. wow! it looks so fresh and so clean, clean!
    love it.

  11. You are so crafty! Looks great and really finishes the bathroom, good job Billy! :)

  12. We are planning on doing this to both upstairs bathrooms when we renovate them in a couple months - glad to hear it went pretty easily and smoothly for you guys!

  13. First of all - you're messing with my blog schedule! I already had a SPD scheduled for next week! Dang you! :) Just kidding. Have fun in Texas!

    The mirror looks great! We totally need to do this in our bathroom!

  14. I love framed mirrors!! I think they make a huge difference! This looks awesome!

  15. Give your hubby a high five for me!! We have a mirror like in your before photo in our bathroom and now I'm going to forward this post to my husband so he can add this to his list of things to do. :-) Thanks for this awesome post!! Billy did a great job!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  16. I loved framed mirrors & this looks awesome! Billy did a great job!!!

  17. Wow...that make SUCH a difference! Love it! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  18. Ross did this to all the bathroom mirrors in out old house. It made such a HUGE difference. Now I just need him to get on the bathrooms in the house we live in now!! ;) Maybe I will email him your post as a friendly reminder. ;)

  19. Way to go Billy for participating in SPD!! He did a great job. So crazy how framing a mirror can make a bathroom look SO much better!

  20. I love that Billy did this! It looks awesome! I should have Anthony do this at our house!!! Love when the men are handy!

  21. This is genius! And looks SOO good! We totally need to do that to our mirrors. Just add it to the list...

  22. This looks AMAZING!!! Billy you did fabulous and so did you katie!! Oh, i've been sending a VS bathing suit cover up to kurts emails for the last 2 weeks as a subtle hint. Let's not even get started on his "whats a coverup and why do u need one if you take it off to go swimming?" FASHION KURT GET WITH IT :)

    i love that bathroom. I MISS IT! The shower was amaze! :) This looks so good an a perfect touch!

    totally jelly of your texas trip i cant wait to hear about it i think ive said that 5 zillion times LOL!

    love you lots and lots!

  23. That turned out great!!! I have pinned this one before, for use on our *hopeful* new house very soon! :) Such an easy fix that makes a world of difference!

  24. We need to do this so badly in our guest bathroom!

  25. Great job! Love the mirror!
    Thanks for hosting this linkup. It's so much fun!

  26. That is such an awesome household tip!


  27. OMG I'm showing this to my hubby asap! There is no reason for our mirrors in the master. They make me unhappy every day! What an easy fix!

  28. I love how it turned out!!! Such an easy upgrade! When I was remolding my house last year, I ended up just throwing away that mirror and buying a new one with a frame for the bathroom. Wish I would have done this instead!

  29. Amazing what a couple pieces of wood can do to brighten things up a bit! Gorgeous

  30. This looks great! Such a big difference!

  31. Still think this is something you see right out of a catalog..Love it! You made the bathroom super cute :)

    Sad there is no SPD link up next week, so instead I will watch Vanderpump reruns and think of you haha.

    Hope you guys have a blast next week...cannot wait for lots of pics and a great blog post recap!

  32. Wish I had this tutorial a while ago! Instead of framing like this, I painted a square in a dark colour around my mirrors. But I'd love to try this too!

    The Hartungs Blog

  33. Love how it came out. I'm going to have to add that to my dad's to do list for our house. I love my husband but he is far from a handy man! Thank goodness my dad makes up for it!

  34. looks much better! good job billy!

  35. LOVE the way this turned out! Framing out the mirror in our hall bath is a project I have on my "to-do list" for this year. I'm kinda scared though, ha! The part holding me back is that our mirrors have a mirror "frame" around them on three sides that would need to be removed. I'm afraid it's liquid nail holding them up there and if I try to take it down...I'll rip the whole mirror off the wall (with my Hulk-like strength, ya know). Maybe one of these days I'll get the cajones to try it!!

  36. Love this! It looks awesome and really easy to do. I can't wait to own a house someday to do all these DIY projects. Now if only I could find the endless supply of money and time to do them!

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