Just Like That...A Dreamboat Of A Weekend.

Why hello there!

I hope you are all as chipper as I'm feeling this morning. If you aren't, that's OK too. It was such a good, good weekend. Just wait until you see the Cinco de Mayo fiesta pictures I took below! I don't even have to exaggerate with this statement at all: the weather was absolutely beautiful all 3 days. The sun was shining the whole time and it inspired me to not just rely on my iPhone camera for once, but to bust out my good one to show you all little pieces of our weekend. 

On top of all the fun we had enjoying the weather, I actually sanded, primed, and painted both of our guest bathrooms cabinets white! All by myself, too. I started late Friday night and had them finished Sunday afternoon...pretty proud if I do say so myself.

-Drinks on our deck
-Billy worked in the garage for a bit while me and Rocky swung in our hammock swing for a couple hours. It was pretty much heaven...
-We had date night and went out to eat at Las Margaritas for an early Cinco de Mayo celebration!

{I kept snapping pics of our backyard because it just looks so green and fresh! Loving all the leaves on our trees, finally!}

Now, if I could read Rocky's mind at this exact moment, I'd place big bets that he is thinking:

Ah! Might be my most fav pic of him ever! Such a muffin.
{outfit details: striped blouse-forever21, boyfriend shorts-h&m, shoes-bcbg from tj maxx, necklace: southern charm apparel}

-Mara's communion party at my stepsister's house with all the family! More swinging in hammocks and played corn hole.
-Worked on the cabinets then cooked out on the grill with Billy and had a casual night in
-Not pictured: a random trip to DQ for a chocolate dipped cone. It was so good, I didn't have time to snap a picture of it. ;)

-My girlfriend Rachel had a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta for her daughters 1st birthday. Rachel had been planning this party for 6 weeks and everything was AMAZING.

She did such a good job decorating and I can't even talk about the food spread without wanting to eat it all over again (think: fajita bar, drink bar with margaritas and white wine sangria, massive bowls of homemade salsa, guacamole, and 7 layer dip, my southwest egg roll recipe (yay!) etc. etc.)

It was like a Cinco de Mayo dream...

My girlfriend Rachel and the birthday girl - happy birthday Amelia!

These are the favors for the guests that Rachel made and iced herself! 
They said "Thanks for coming to my fiesta!" So adorable.

{bracelets from styleloveliving}

By the time Sunday night hit, we felt a little like this while watching The Blind Side...

But but but...where did the dreamy weekend go?
Come back soon please.

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. Wasn't this weekend just amazing?!! It finally felt like spring in the Mid-west. LOVE! And jealous of that hammock lady :)

  2. What a fun weeekend!! And how freakin adorable is Rocky with his head tilt?? Precious!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!! I am jealous of your weather and your backyard! It was pouring rain all weekend here in SC :/. And I live in an apt...no backyard yet...but when I have one, I'm definitely adding a hammock ;). Your dog is adorable! Love your skirt as well :). Have a great day!

  4. Love all the pictures of Rocky! Such a cutie. That birthday party? Amazing!! I am living through your blog because all we have had is cold, nasty, RAIN!

  5. it was SUCH a good weekend!! I'm with ya girl!!

    Ok I had a dream about you last night and it was SO weird. I visited you for the first time and Steph was not there but Beau was. And he brought Stephs meal plan to your house so you could make everything (it was a legit book) and no idea why she had a meal plan. Then Kurt suddenly came but he wasnt Kurt---he was some other face. And then Beau was holding me upside down? So weird but i had to tell you before I forgot LOL

    ok back to this though....i love your deck soo much. Rocky looks perfectly at home in that hammock.

    how do you find the cutest things at F21? I need your skills

    happy communion to Mara!! So many people I knew made their first communion this weekend everyone looked so cute :)

    that party. UGH. Absolutely PERFECT! down to the littlest details i love it! I remember meeting Rachel and her hubby!! so so sweet!

    happy monday my love! :)

    1. Hahah Glad I was eating healthy in your dream. Too funny.

      Who is that in the window photo bombing the cornhole?

  6. What a perfect looking party! Oh. My. Word... It had to have cost a fortune!! So fun for such a deserving little 1 year old!

  7. That party is awesome. My friend's daughter was born ON Cinco de Mayo, so last year for her 1st bday she did that theme too :) Also, as I told you before, I am so jealous of your back yard and awesome deck. It's so pretty, big, and green :) I think I'm pinning it to my "future dream home" board, ha :)

  8. That last picture of the dog is soo precious! And that party looks like something out of a magazine! What a picture-perfect weekend!

  9. That looks like a fantastic party. I love the arm candy too

  10. Looks like you had a fun weekend! The birthday party looks so precious!! Can't wait for SPD!

  11. Sounds like a fun weekend! :) I love the birthday theme!!

  12. Oh goodness. That pic of Rocky in the hammock!!! THAT FACE. Too cute. Yay for fun weekends with perfect weather! That fiesta spread is unbelievable. Is that huge bowl full of salsa?! Daaaaamn, that's how you do it right there! ;)


  13. I love the pictures of Rocky in the hammock swing!

  14. Perfect weekend, right there!! I can't even handle lil' Rocky in the hammock-- cutest thing ever! I'm jealous of all your sunshine... we had a very rainy weekend, but it did make for some good naps ;)

    I LOVE the fiesta party.. gosh I hope I have a kid born on/around May 5th one day haha- that kinda' party would be right up my alley! AND I want to hear about your painting/sanding.. I'm not brave enough to tackle our cabinets!!

  15. SO jealous of Rocky in that swing!!! I need.

  16. Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend! I'm loving the chevron bracelets and drink dispensers..so cute:)


  17. Looks jam-packed and full of fun :) and what an adorable dog!!

  18. What a fun weekend muffin!!! Those pictures of Rocky!? MELT my heart. He's such a precious little gumdrop!

  19. Rocky is adorable! And that conco de mayo 1st birthday party is amazing!!

  20. I can't believe Rocky loved being in that hammock. Lil would have freaked her shit if I tried to do that! I was in Ohio all weekend and kept commenting on how amazing the weather was while here in NC it was craptastic.

  21. That picture of Rocky is amazing! Adorable! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  22. Awesome weekend!!
    Random question because I am from SA - what is Cinco De Mayo?

  23. WOW. What a weekend you had! :) Still MOST jealous of the hammock, but that party looks super fun too.

  24. DQ makes the best chocolate dipped cones ever! And that Cinco De Mayo party was soo cute. How fun!

  25. Pretty much need that hammock hanging on one of my trees yesterday. I LOVE HAMMOCKS!

    and the food in this post....the food!!!

  26. This is totally random, but I love the little table between the chairs on your deck! And your dog.. I love your dog! I want a pom, so I'm living through you and Rocky right now!

  27. I think if I put my dog in that hammock she would get so tangled! haha. She's so spazzy.

  28. such cute party decorations/theme! love those bf shorts too

  29. I love the 1 year fiesta! How adorable and festive!! Glad you had a fabulous weekend Katie!

  30. **sigh** I so want your deck and backyard...until we get ours done, I will just have to kick my feet up with a beer outside and just look at pictures of yours on my laptop. haha. ;)

  31. your backyard is absolutely beautiful! im so jealous! where did you get that hammock?


  32. I could spend hours in a hammock-- especially if I was overlooking such a gorgeous yard. The birthday girl is precious and I'm in love with all the decorations! I can't wait to have a little one and do themed birthday parties. I know that the first couple will be the most fun for the grown ups, of course! What a fun way to celebrate two different holidays!



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