Nashville Pt. 3

Happy friday!

I've absolutely loved recapping this trip with you all and am kinda sad to be done with it. 
It kinda felt like I was still there singing and dancing away to some good jams...kinda.

On Saturday, a few of us woke up and went shopping around town for the early afternoon. I bought Billy a beer mug and we just toured more of downtown until everyone was done getting ready for the day.

 We did the whole Bachelorette "guess who bought you these lingerie" game and celebrated Jen getting married in the hotel and had some drinks before heading back out

the beautiful bachelorette and her sisters...

this was the view from the suite...pretty, right?

This time, we decided to go to Rock Bottom's rooftop patio to have drinks because it was so beautiful out. It was pretty much perfection up there, I'm telling you.

Afterwards, you can probably guess what we did the rest of the night:

Bar hopped...Singed...Danced. 
Had an amazing time. All night long.

We even went back to Paradise Park (for the second night in a row) because a few of us really enjoyed the band playing there. We were total groupies...

Oh, and there might have even be a late night stop at a hot dog stand AND at the restaurant Taste of Italy, where we all got AMAZING pasta dishes. That happened. Two late night food stops.

Our last and final morning, I KNEW (thanks to all your suggestions!!) that we had to go to.....

The Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry has been featured on Dives, Drive Ins and Diners and is a Nashville hot spot! I had been telling the girls the whole trip, "we MUST go! we HAVE to go! please please please" and finally...we went and it didn't disappoint.

Between the four of us we ordered half the menu. haha. Sugar and spice pancakes x 2, chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, grits, bacon, and my personal favorite...the hash browns. Oh my goodness...the hash browns were the best thing I've ever had. I'm still thinking about them. ;) 

tip if you plan on going here: the earlier you get here, the better.

We got there at 9 and had a 25 minute wait (didn't think that was too bad), but we saw when we left the line was double the size. It did seem like the line went pretty fast so if you want to eat here, don't be threatened by it! Try it-it's worth it. 

I have so many fun memories with these girls on this trip! 
You really just have to go to Nashville to know what I'm talking about.
Then, you too, will fall in love :) 
If I were you, I'd try and convince your girlfriends to have their bacherlorette party here! I've been a lot of places and this place by far is PERFECT for it. Just sayin'. 
 *Thank you to those who offered up suggestions-they helped tremendously and are much appreciated! Blogging rocks. The end.
Be back next week with some cool things to throw your way! 



  1. Those pancakes look so yummy! Sounds like y'all had an awesome time!

  2. so much fun! I still have yet to get to pancake pantry!

  3. I want those pancakes right now!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Look fun! Nashville is on my must visit list.

  5. im so jealous you ate there. My boyfriend and i went to Tennessee for a vacay and had to choose between there and a different pancake place for breakfast .. of course like idiots we chose the other one and was very disappointed ! glad you were not!!

  6. i loved all three of your recaps, katie. and now i really wanna plan a girls trip to nashville this summer.

  7. Pancake Pantry is amazing!!! My sister in law lives in Nashville and we go every single time. I'm drooling right now! Glad you girls had such a fun time!

  8. Looks like you had such a fun trip!! All that food is making my mouth water haha!

  9. OMG those pancakes, I clearly missed out on this place ... need to go back and try!

  10. I'm going to Nashville in July for my 30th birthday! I'm really excited. My sister and her husband are stationed about 45 minutes from there. We walked the Broadway strip when I visited her last year and I instantly fell in love!


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