Nashville Pt. 2 {Why Don't You Take Me Downtown?}

Well, well, well, here we are...who's ready for round 2?

I feel like I've had a pretty good dose of country cities lately. 
First Houston, now Nashville...definitely loving it.


All of the other girls got in town pretty early, so we headed into the city to meet them at our hotel and go explore downtown. We stayed at the Double Tree by Hilton, which is a super short walk to the shops/bars and reasonably priced. Highly recommend staying here-our rooms were nice and the service was great!
*the hotel was also a filming location for the show Nashville :)

 the "batman building"

The majority of the bars/restaurants downtown are on one street, so you can just hop from one place to the next and ALL of them are fun. ALL of them have stages. ALL of them have live music! 
And you WILL dance at all of them.

Doesn't that just scream a wonderful time? It does to me!


We went to Tequila Cowboy (above) for lunch. Not the most fabulous food, but a great atmosphere and they were able to fit all 17 of us! They have a mechanical bull for at night. Afterwards, we made our way down the street hitting all the hot spots!

The songwriters/musicians that we came across? 
So talented and I wanted to scoop them up, give them each a record deal, and have them come play in Columbus.


Looks amazing, right?!

Not pictured: day drinking, country dancing, singing at the top of our lungs, and my girlfriend Jen (the bachelorette) being pulled up on stage at multiple places.

Oh, wait, I do have a picture of that...


They even played our favorite Ohio song, 'Hang On Sloopy" for us! 

Do you see the girl on the right? That's Lindsey, Jen's sister, and she brought her high school recorder (see it?!) on the trip with her and played it at multiple bars. Hahahaha. Even some of the bands used it on stage.

Our favorite spots? 

Tootsies (this is a must see-it's famous!), Rippy's (upstairs outside), Paradise Park Trailer Resort (this place has a food stand inside for late night eats-the tator tots? BUY THEM!), and The Stage (good dancing bar). We went to many other places (probably close to all of them at one point), but those were the ones that stood out to me!


Later on in the day, I decided I just had to buy my own legit pair of cowboy boots. None of this fake crap was going to cut it anymore (was this the booze talking? not sure..)

About an hour later, we both came out with boots smiling from ear to ear. 

I'm so happy that I decided to buy them and especially IN Nashville!

 Meet my new pretties....

This was about the day that I decided I never wanted to leave.

Part 3 is our final 2 days and includes our bachelorette festivites!

Who else is in love with the city of Nashville? 
 I know I'm not alone...



  1. love!!! will be there in 2 weeks for a college friend of mine's wedding! my brother lives there too! he moved from boston to nash about 2 years ago and absolutely loves it. it has been so good to him and has opened so many doors. such a neat city! and i LOOOOVE your boots!!! eeek!

  2. Not alone at all. Your posts are making me want to go back BAD! An ex boyfriend of mine has lived in Nashville for a few years so he had given us all the spots we HAD to go to... and you have hit them all!

    I went into that cowboy store... stared at the wall of 6.5's and was soooooo overwhelmed because I wanted them all. i'm still sad I didn't snag that amazing deal.

    i'm loving your recaps!!!!

  3. I absolutely love Nashville and your posts are making me so jealous!!! I would love to re-locate there in the near future! I also bought a pair of boots when I was there, can't beat that deal! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE Paradise Park!! That was our favorite spot too. We had their Frito Pie... to die for!

  5. I have a friend who lives in Nashville who has been begging me to come visit and I've been wanting to, but after seeing all your fun pictures I REALLY REALLY want to now. ;)

  6. If you love live music, dancing and bars y'all need to visit Austin! Such a fun place very similar and maybe better than Nashville. ;)

  7. I am loving all your Nashville pics lady! And those boots are gorgeous, great choice!! xoxo

  8. those boots? i dieeee!!
    i'm also sold on the fact that i need to move to nashville now. i simply MUST marry deacon if my life depends on it.

  9. I was there last summer and stayed in the same hotel! I love love love Nashville and can't wait to go back!

  10. i do love me some nashville and it makes me want to go back and visit so bad! especially with a group of girls. so fun!

  11. those boots are everything! and I would have love to see a legit recorder being played on stage in a bar haha, this is making me want to visit Nashville so badly!

  12. I went to Nashville a few years ago and had a blast. I don't remember all the bars we went to, but some of your pictures look really familiar, so I am sure I have been to some of the same ones. I have been kicking myself these last few years for not getting cowboy boots. Next time I am definitly getting them!

  13. AHHH This just makes me want to go soo bad!!! I cannot wait!!! Gorgeous!!! And So FUN!!

  14. I'm pretty sure it's a daily thought of mine that I need to be in Nashville. Loving all these posts!

    Oh and did you know that the DoubleTree you stayed at was a filming location for Nashville?? That was always my favorite place to stay, even before I worked for Hilton. The best!

  15. One of my childhood friends lives in a suburb of Nashville. I went to visit her a couple of weekends ago. I'm in love with that city! Looks like you had a great time!

  16. I'm pretty sure one you go to Nashville, you fall in love. I've never heard of anyone NOT loving it :) Looks like you guys hit up a little bit of everything. We had a lot of fun at the Stage last time we were there!!

  17. You got some gorgeous pics of downtown!!! It was THE perfect day!! :) PS, I am totally going down there to day drink on Saturday and I am quite excited about now!! :)

  18. Me me me! I absolutely love Nashville! :) looks like y'all had a blast!

  19. nash vegas is one of my favorite ever spots, and one of my biggest customers is actually based there, so I actually get to head that way pretty often, just usually never have enough time to play :( and by play, I mean, lose myself in music, dance all night, and have lots of drinks :) Me and the hubs are hoping to make a weekend of it here soon!! only 3.5 hours away...wish we did it more often! Glad you had fun, can't wait for part III

  20. I told my mom after our trip I wanted to move to Nashville haha...But, the music was one of my favorite parts of the trip. If I could do it again, I'd make sure I could do more going out...but it just means I saved some for another trip! :)

  21. This looks awesome!! Nashville is #1 on my list of cities to visit. I love everything about Tennessee and country music, so I feel like Nashville would be my ideal city.

    :) Liz

  22. Love these pictures! Nashville is definitely going on the vacation bucket list for sure!


  23. SO FUN!!! Nashville is TOP TOP TOP on my list of places to visit!!! So jealous of your trip, sounds like an AMAZING time and those boots!!!! I die! So cute and totally YOU!

  24. THE STAGE THE STAGE!!! My favorite!!! My favorite picture is the one of your friends being photobomed by the singer in the band. Fantastic :)

  25. Great now I want to go to Nashville...bad.... Oh! Real Housewives of Nashville?!! I think yes!!

  26. Looks like you girls had a blast! I love girls trips-so fun!

    =) Brooke

  27. My friend usually plays @ The Stage...but they were actually in Philly when you were there! But if you ever go back and happen to see Shawn & hobby band definitely check them out!

    LOVE your boots!!! I need a new pair ASAP!

  28. cute boots!!! i haven't been to nashville since i was little, i think i need to plan a trip there soon!

  29. what a fun trip!! love the new boots

  30. swoon*** the boots are gorgeous!


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