{Favorite Etsy Shops}

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm mildly obsessed with Etsy and all the wonderful things it has to offer. I'm always looking on Etsy for unique gifts for bridal showers, weddings, and our house that you simply can't find elsewhere. I even got our wedding invitations from Etsy! They have it all.

But what are my favorite shops?

There are so many that I adore, but today I will share a few that I find myself continually going back to.

Next Door To Heaven:  this shop features handmade burlap pillows (where I got the one above that many of you have asked about! mine is the cream burlap), soldered ornaments, message boards, and book ends. I tend to stick to what I love, which are the burlap pillows, and have ordered them as wedding gifts! You can personalize them however you like.

Mosie Posies: My favorite shop for birth prints and paper for baby! The prices are reasonable, there are many different styles to choose from, and they do great work. I like to gift these to my friends right when their baby is born so that when they get home from the hospital, they have a wonderful print for their nursery showing up at their door! ALSO SEE: hint hint for any family or friends reading when our time comes. I love these. ;)

Simply Monogram: the one stop shop for trendy personalized phone cases! They offer handmade monogram cases here as well. Fabulous prices at this shop ($20.00 or under) and excellent customer service.


ENDASHDESIGNS: "Planning a bash? Let us add a little dash!" - don't you love that in their about me section? At endashdesigns you can find stationary, specialities, and supplies. I bought a custom address stamp from them that I love and use all the time.

Embellished Living: Here you can find the cutest home decor and gift items. If you are looking for a personalized gift, Embellished Living is the place to go! They have it all from wreaths, personalized wine glasses, to monogrammed tile coasters. The tile coasters are another gift I like to give for bridal showers and I also got a set made for our house! Do you recognize these?

our exact coasters, via

Pop Doggie: If you have a dog - you will love this shop. Kari makes modern dog art and dog magnets with funny sayings. You can get custom prints of your pooch here! Kari actually used Rocky as a "model" for her Pomeranian prints and I about died when she sent me a few. Take a look at our little model....


If you want to see this print in our home,
you can see it here on my DIY $20 Wood Shelves post...

Rouge and Co.: anything and everything monogrammed! offers home decor, accessories, and gifts with a personalized touch. I bought monogrammed drink koozie's from here last year for a great price!

Nu Sans Bijoux: I've had a few giveaways from this shop on my blog, so you might recognize the name. You can find modern, vintage jewelry like statement necklaces and bracelets at this shop. Nu Sans Bijoux was recently selected to do a mini-collection for the Jewelmint Collective. Pretty cool!

What is your favorite Etsy shop?!

Share with me below in the comments so I can find some new favorites!
Hope you enjoy my list.


  1. I absolutely love etsy for so many reasons! Thanks for sharing these shops! I have added a few to my favs! Great gift ideas!

  2. Added some of these to my faves! And ordering a pillow like yours as soon as I'm done typing this!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. SO many great shops! This helps narrow down the pool...sometimes I feel like Etsy is so overwhelming!!

  4. Ah- this is seriously so helpful. I agree with Natasha that I just get overwhelmed on Etsy sometimes because there are SO MANY OPTIONS! I'll save your faves-- thanks! :)

  5. Love Love Love Etsy! You are so responsible for my bank account being $50 poorer this morning because of course I NEEDED a custom return address stamp AND new phone case!

  6. Just added most of these to my favorites! I LOVE ETSY! One of my favorite shops is CornerWithLove. That's where I got my camera strap from, it's adorable, reasonably priced & the seller has the cutest packaging I've seen yet! Thanks for posting your favorites :)

  7. Personally I'd like to know the Etsy shop where you got that awesome burlap K....teehee ;)
    I just found a pretty lil thing I might get for my mom! I could seriously spend all day on Etsy. There is no shortage of cuteness!

  8. What a great post! There are so many shops out there, it's hard to narrow down to a favorite but right now I'm loving Amanda Catherine Designs for affordable prints (http://www.etsy.com/shop/AmandaCatherineDes)

    1. Thank you for sharing. That shop is awesome. Loving all the cute prints and pencils! ah!

  9. Love all your etsy shares.


  10. Awesome.. thanks for sharing! I'm off to check out some new shops...

  11. That pillow is really cute. I need a gift idea for a wedding in June. The last name is kind of long though so not sure it would work on the pillow. Any other fave wedding gifts that our personal? I like doing something personal along w/ money. . .

  12. ahhh Etsy!! I can seriously spend hoooouuurrssss on that site

    love the lil hint hint for when your time comes!! baby kryshy will be a precious cutie

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your coasters!! I remember texting Kurt a pic of them when I was there being like WE NEED THESE.

    and of course the rocky pose is too cute for words. seat thief. HA!!!!!

    i need to scour etsy now you have me itching for it.

    I really like thededicationcompany etsy shop. Adorable personalized jewelry like lockets and such. really cute awesome stuff!!


  13. Hi Katie,

    Thanks for sharing this! I am intimidated by the amount of stuff on Etsy, this will give me some good places to start! I am getting married in December and have not been able to find any invitations I like online, which Etsy shop did you order yours from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)


    1. Hi Alexandra,

      Our invitations were ordered 3 years ago and I can't find the shop I got them from. Not sure if they are still open or if I just can't find the name. I searched by "modern wedding invitations" and just went through each of the shops designs until I found one I liked! :)

    2. I have requested some invitation sample packets for my wedding in september. My favorite has been Reply with Design Studio shop on etsy. Check them out. They are full printing service or you can get a digital file. She has lots of designs and the sample packet was all really good quality and at a great price.

  14. Seriously love your personalized burlap pillow on your bed! and I need me some coooooooozies! Too cute :)


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