Easter 2013 Round Up

Oooohhh man.
You'll have to forgive me today, friends.
I'm still in a candy-induced coma and it's extremely hard to concentrate...who's in the same boat?

We traveled to Cleveland this weekend, mainly to congratulate Billy's brother on buying his first home, but to spend time with his family as well. Here's a look into our weekend: (forgive me here too...I was a little MIA with the pictures because I was trying to soak up time with family while we were there!)

one. We had the perfect spring weather all weekend! This outfit had me feeling like an easter egg...pastels on pastels. (yellow boat shoes are from Old Navy)
two. I spent some time on our deck on Friday afternoon because it was so nice out! That awesome mason jar tumbler? Run to your local Walmart for that!
three. This is a house in Billy's parents neighborhood and their entire yard was covered in plastic easter eggs! We were wondering when they were going to invite the whole neighborhood over...I mean, it looks like there might be enough. ;)
four. Our little Rocky lounging in his favorite room.
five. A housewarming gift we put together for Billy's brother-we used a strainer and put a bunch of kitchen supplies in it along with a bottle of champagne wrapped in kitchen towels to toast with him! There are some manly grilling supplies in there as well. 
six. Celebratory champs!
seven. Saturday night we went out to dinner with Billy's parents and uncle to Rosewood Grill. It was delicious! The Buckeyes were playing but luckily I didn't have to watch much of that since we were at dinner and they lost anyways...sad face. I'm extremely happy with how far they went though! Such a good year for them!
eight. I got a text from Steph with this picture on Easter saying she dislocated her shoulder! I called her immediately and felt so sad for her...good news is that she's doing well now! Get better soon, love muffin! Love you!
nine. What my week is going to look like after the excessive amount of candy + junk food I ate this weekend...starting with spin class tonight (pink crops are from tj maxx!)

not pictured are the "Easter bags" Billy's parents got for all of us (Rocky even had one!) with candy, gift cards, water bottles, and a cute photo album. When we got home, we stopped over at my parents house to spend some time with them before heading home. Overall, we enjoyed our time with our families and the wonderful spring weather, but the weekend went way too fast. Story of our lives, right?

On the bright side, last week I was able to cross an item off my spring to-do list when I cleaned up my Pinterest (follow me!) boards. Holy cow...I feel like a new woman after that one! Highly recommend taking some time a couple hours to delete any old/random pins and organizing your boards. I mean, now I can start excessively pinning again. Isn't that how it works?

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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  1. I can't find those mason jar tumblers anywhere here, guess I need to start looking online! Poor Stephanie, hope she recovers quickly!

  2. Looks like a great weekend (minus Stephanie's shoulder accident- hope she recovers quickly!)

    As much as I try to avoid Walmart, I may need to go looking for that tumbler!

  3. I want to get back into working out- except I am fighting a stupid cold so no working out for me until my head doesn't feel like it is going to explode.

  4. Looks and sounds like such a fun weekend! And poor Steph! How did she do that? Awful!

  5. Love you bear! Glad you had a good Easter...you know...one that WASN'T spent in the ER. LOL Thanks for the shoutout...I look so out of my mind on drugs there haha. PS-you're getting really good at these housewarming baskets!! Kev's is SO cute!!

  6. I am in LOVE with your pink workout pants. I need some. I haven't been to TjMaxx in awhile...I probably oughta swing by ;) I had Ohio State going all the way so I was quite disappointed by their loss. Oh well! They went far!

  7. Looks like you had a lovely Easter weekend! I was also rocking the pastel on pastel this weekend! loving the trend and so ready to be wearing Spring colors! I'm so sorry to hear about Steph! I hope she has a speedy recovery!

    I have an awesome Giveaway happening on my blog! Chaeck it out here: http://bit.ly/10fJXwG

    xoxo, Lindsay

  8. looks like such a lovely weekend! especially those Easter baskets!

  9. Hey I have the same mason jar tumblr! :)

    Sounds like your weekend was great!

  10. Soooo all of my workout pants are black and now I think I need some hot pink ones in my life stat! Thanks for linking up pretty lady! xoxo

  11. Can't believe those boat shoes are from ON. I assumed they were Sperry's. Adorable.

  12. Looks like a lovely weekend! I really need to sit down and organize my Pinterest boards. I was just thinking about that this weekend. I know it will be so worth it once it's done. Now it's just a matter of getting there.

  13. Saw the photo of Steph and had to come straight here to see what happened! Poor thing!!!!
    As for the rest, what a lovely and very colourful way to spend Easter :) xx

  14. Compared to that Easter egg hunt, I feel tricked. I am pretty sure I use to have to search for HOURS to find my eggs, not run outside and pick them up with a broom and dust pan. heheheh Kids have it easy these days!!! Poor Steph and my poor wallet because those pants match my tennies perfect. eak! I can blame you right?!

  15. Love the bright blue pants and boat shoes!


  16. I feel you. It feels so good to clean out pinterest so you can make room to add more pins!

  17. I love your bright pictures! Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  18. I am glad you had such a great weekend!!

  19. Oh wow, that is a lot of eggs in that yard. Wonder how many people they actually had hunting them?
    Glad you all had a nice Easter! Ours was good but too fast as well. Long weekends are never long enough :)

  20. I always put together the BEST gifts!!

    Now, come to Kansas City for our housewarming party this summer.

    Glad you all had a great Easter & you were FINALLY able to enjoy some deck time!

  21. looks like a fabulous weekend and easter katie!!!! :-) and YAAAYYY for billlys brother!! As I was reading this I was like wait I knew that already...but how!??! Then i remembered i'm his Facebook friend lol!

    can't go wrong with celebratory champs!!

    love love love! except for poor steph!! that is just so crappy! But she makes a hospital bed look good still! :-)

    xoxox love you!


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