Back at it today for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It to report to you with....
 these DIY Wood Shelves that anyone can do! These bad boys are in my top 5 favorite projects to date!

Does that spark your attention?!
 I hope so!

What if I told you this whole project costs less than $20? 

They are that easy to build and the quality of these shelves look 3x better
than the ones you see for sale in stores! I'm telling you that you will want to save this project, so if I see you pinning this on Pinterest, I'm going to give you a virtual high-five. Or 10. ;)

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Okay...so I got this Pinspiration from this pin (below) which is from the lovely Shanty 2 Chic blog. 
One of my favorites for sure. Much like any other project, I saw them and was really impressed with how easy the tutorial was and how much I loved the look of them!


We used a different stain than she did and obviously I decorated mine differently to fit our space.

After we got the supplies for this project, it took Billy about 45 minutes-1 hour to get these done. I was so excited! I LOVE them. I could've probably built them myself, but since I have my handyman who is getting sooo good at these projects I figured I'd let him take the reins (or that I told him I would decorate them without buying a single thing. Me being budget friendly? I think that enticed him just a bit.)

Here we go.

Billy had the wood cut at Home Depot at about 40 inches long when he bought them.
They will do it for free.
Just measure the area you want your shelves to go and figure out how long you want yours!

What You Do:
Add a line of glue where the 1x4's meet.

Join your boards together like this....
and pre-drill from the back and attach your screws.

Now you will want to add more glue to the edge of the bottom 1x4 
and then use some nails to attach your 1x2. 

End result will look like that!
So easy, I'm telling you!
Well, I just watched, but Billy is telling you. 

Apply one coat of stain with a staining pad or foam brush then let dry. 

{that can is really clean...ha. But Billy wanted to show you what kind of stain he used.}

Once they are done drying, attaching them to your wall will NOT want to make you rip your hair out like those other floating shelves you buy and then immediately regret it (not like that has happened to me or anything...)

We just used 2" screws to drill directly into the wall and BAM! They're up! 

We didn't cover the screws because like the tutorial we went by said, there was no need to, because what I used to decorate them covered them up!

Our final outcome:

sources for the items on the shelves: cream jars-TJ Maxx, "K" burlap print (gift from the cute and wonderful Jill! How sweet is she?!), Wood frame-West Elm (do you recognize that pic? Yup. Naples), State Printable, Rocky Print- Pop Doggie, Succulent- TJ Maxx.

 In regards to decorating them-I think it's nice to add a touch of flowers/a succulent. Then, use different sizes of frames or objects. I liked using 3 different colors for frames because it doesn't look too uniform or matchy matchy. The options are endless..I just recommend styling them in different ways so you can see which you like best!

What do you think? How'd Billy do?!
(positive reinforcement friends)

What I love most about these shelves is the "lip" or the edge on the front.
It adds a little character and makes them look nicer.

Now..it's your turn. You know the drill!
 {and if not-here's the details! Join us!}

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  1. The shelves look great, and so easy! You're exactly right about store-bought floating shelves making you want to rip your hair out. The last time we did an install my husband wanted to kill me for buying them I think, ha! :) Love your K of course (except I wish I'd realized it wasn't quite centered! boo!)

  2. I LOVE these shelves!!! I have been telling my husbands for a few months I want to make them, but being in a tiny little apt makes it a little more difficult as there is not much room for us to 'work'. Anyways...they look great. I love the dark stained wood. That drawing of Rocky is super cute too ;)

  3. So cute! I'm looking to do something new over our fireplace and this just might be the thing!

  4. this turned out fantastic! I love the color you chose to stain them, I need to do this ASAP!

  5. Those are awesome! I like how there isn't much involved. My husband is super handy but he lacks in the woodworking department, ha!

  6. Those are cute, lady! Where did you get that succulent plant? I have been searching everywhere for one for our bathroom! Do tell :)

    And that picture of Rocky is adorable - love that is says seat thief! I need one of my dogs that says "underwear thieves!" Bahaha!

  7. Those shelves turned out great & how stinkin' easy!?!?! This will definitely be going on my Pin Boards!!! I too would have my hand man doing the work so, Billy is not alone! :)

  8. I do love these shelves, and I'm pretty sure I could convince Rick to make these for me. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this linkup with Steph. It's one of my favorites each week!

  9. This turned out really cute! I love it!

  10. Love it! Are they pretty sturdy?

    1. They are extremely sturdy. Because of the boards they are so thick and hang really well!!

  11. Gooo Billy! I'm sending this to the hubs right now. We have these shelves from Target and I swear I think they are going to fall off the wall and would love to have new sturdier ones! I think the hubs could definitely manage these!

    1. That is exactly what I felt. We had some before these that would NEVER hang right no matter what..these are so sturdy and way better! Do it :)

  12. These shelves are amazing! Definitely pinning for when I have a house some day! Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. Love love love! These are amazing. This project will definitely be added to the list!

  14. I need these shelves! Super cute and super easy....totally my style!

  15. ohhhh I will have to make the hubs make these!!

  16. these look amazing, I have the same state print (except in NC of course) on the shelf over my bed! And you're right, that little lip on the edge gives the shelves a very high-end look.

  17. Cute. Woodworking scares me but this seems simple. Might have to try it soon! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  18. Absolutely LOVE the shelves! :) They look fantastic! I will have to make these with the hubs!

    I linked up again this week and this time I remembered to add your links and button! :)


  19. These look great! I just sent the link to my fiance with orders that I want these, HAHAHA

  20. The shelves came out great! Go Billy! Love the Krysh est. print and of course Rocky! Too cute!

  21. These are great! And you are right, they are a million times better than the ones at the store.

  22. I love these! I think something like this is just what our spare bedroom needs =)

  23. Oh my gahhhh I need to get a real house so I can do cute things like this! I love your prints!

  24. Super impressed by this project!! I bought some shelves for my bathroom makeover and they were well over $20!! I should have just made some. Also, love all the prints that you used, very cute!!

  25. Those look so so great, and once again, so so easy! I just sent my BF the link to this post, just in case he needed to see it :)

  26. Ok. These would look awesome above my bed. I'm so doing this. I'm a little nervous about hanging them though. I don't own a drill. And what do you mean by doing the holes ahead?

  27. holy those shelves are sooooo gorgeous!!!

    definitely following this beautiful blog :)

    The DayLee Journal
    Statement Necklace Giveaway

  28. How fun are those Miss Katie?! I think I need to hire my Daddio to help me make some for my bedroom! Love the dark stain ya'll used it makes them look even more expensive ;) So I'll just add them to the list my Dad already has which includes a doggy ramp for Miss Lily haha.

  29. Those shelves are awesome!!! Love the stain!!!

  30. These look great!! And I love the print with Rocky! I would love to know where you got it, but first I'd have to get a dog to have a painting done of!

  31. He did great! Love the Ohio picture, may have to do a Missouri one!

  32. while i LOVE The shelves....i mostly came over to say i creeped your comment on another blog and saw you were going to nashville for a bachelorette party. and i got all excited b/c I'M going to a bachelorette party in nashville too. but mine is next weekend and your is in april. between the airport layover that is only 50 minutes and now this....i basically feel this just means we WILL meet at some point this year :)

  33. These are awesome!! I stumbled on your blog through another blog who linked up today, and I will be making these shelves and linking up next week!

  34. I love these! I always think that I need a palette for this but you just proved that it's not necessary :)

  35. Oh..........my...........gosh. You just rocked my WORLD! I am doing this project this weekend. I have to! BEAUTIFUL! Great job, lady !:)

  36. I love this! I wish I had seen this before I went and bought some from Target for our bathroom a few weeks ago, haha. But thank you for posting the link to the Rocky print. I just ordered some for myself of our dogs! They are absolutely adorable!

  37. Those shelves look awesome!! I love how they turned out!

  38. super cute! i love the dark stain you used, they turned out amazing!


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