SPD: The Cutest Housewarming You Ever Did See....

What kind of best friend would I be if I didn't punk do a SPD project for my co-host WHILE at her house?!

Not a very good one! 

This had my name written all over it and aside from traveling with a giant tub, which is so not easy, and delicate looking "cupcakes" (that double as washcloths), I think it turned out so cute! It's such a creative and fun gift to give your friends as a housewarming gift...at least I like to think so (hoping I don't hear silence on this one). I got the idea for the housewarming "basket" (mine is a polka dot tub from TJ Maxx..seriously couldn't pass this up) from this pin and I followed this tutorial for the washcloth cupcakes.

Most of you know already, but for those who don't, we were so excited for Steph and BBFT because they just moved into their beautiful new casa a couple months ago (so so so happy for them!) and I have been waiting to give them a housewarming gift until we would be in person. Ya never know if anthrax would get in the way by sending it in the mail. That's old and done, right?

Steph sent me a billion and one pictures, but no amount of pictures was comparable to actually seeing it in person and spending time with them in it. NOTHING. The caps mean I'm really serious about this if you couldn't tell..

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Steph and BBFT are the greatest hosts in the whole world. You might think we want to go back and visit because we are best friends, but really it's just because we want to be their house guests every week we possibly can. I mean I already asked them to get ready to take off work next week (I WISH!)

When we arrived at their house in Texas (but not before they insisted we try Whataburger and yours truly downed her first cheeseburger in almost 2 years..WHAT? Why do we not have this fast food in Ohio?!), they had chalkboard signs waiting for us, Texas shaped rice krispie treats out on the counter (girlfriend knows my hunger level after a flight), and the entire fridge stocked with booze. They even had some gifts waiting for us in the Krysh Wing (our room/upstairs loft where we stayed)....

and I was so happy to find a picture of the four of us in our room from our first trip together in Naples, the cutest Texas shirts (just look at mine below..I'm going to wear it daily), cups, and koozies!

OK, back to the housewarming gifts. I could probably spend all day talking about our first night at their house...like the animal heads that they "surprised" me with behind the couch that I wasn't expecting to see so inevitably I screamed my head off like a normal person, how late we stayed up talking and boozing, and how it was the greatest thing ever to be able to walk downstairs in the morning and jump in bed with Steph and Beau to cuddle. It's acceptable to do things like that with us and I think BBFT is just used to us doing things like this by now. But I won't get into all that right now ;) Anyways....

How to make a housewarming basket:

-Pick out your favorite tub/basket to use as the holder of the gifts
-Find cute household items or accessories to arrange inside the tub. At the bottom of the tub, I put the bigger items (like a mason jar candle, some wine toppers, and a cupcake decorating kit) so that the small items at the top could just lean against each other. The other items I included were: cute pink garden shears for Steph, measuring spoons, pink spatula's/spoons, a small little vegetable brush (for our juicing!) and a small whisk.
-I attached a small colorful cutting board with tape to the bottom of the basket as the stand
-This step is optional but I liked making it a little bit more fancy: I bought a plastic gift bag to go around the tub and smacked a big bow at the top!

I also added a gift for their little puppy (who they are picking up this weekend!) because I really want to be her favorite aunt. I got her a Buckeyes (had to...) tennis ball and a fur mom cup for Steph.

Turned out pretty cute if you ask me!

Next up are these adorable washcloth cupcakes.

How to make washcloth cupcakes:

-6 pack of washcloths (you can use kitchen towels as well I believe)
-Red and green cardboard paper
-Cupcake liners

What you do:

-To make "cherries on top" for the cupcakes (you can always skip this part but I think it looks super cute), I just cut out small red circles and taped little stems made from green paper to the top of each of them. Then, I used tape to stick them on the top of a toothpick so that the toothpick can slide down into the washcloth.

-Next you will want to take your washcloths and lay them out unfolded. Fold them in half once, then in half again. Then you simply roll the left corner of the washcloth down and continue rolling then secure bottom portion tight with a ribbon. 

-Place washcloth in colorful cupcake liner (you can tape the bottom to get them to stay!)


There you have it...
you will get the award for cutest and most creative housewarming gift from your friends!
Right Steph?
 it'll be time to share ALL about meeting all of Steph's friends, Beau's family,
the best place ever known as Top Golf, and finally getting to meet 2 other cutie bloggers-Kristen & Shay! I'm excited already.

What did you make this week?
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  1. First of all, that is seriously the cutest housewarming gift I've seen yet. Such cute stuff inside. Secondly, I'm so glad you ate Whataburger, haha. That is one of my favorite fat food places. Those cupcakes are adorable!

  2. This is such a thoughtful house warming gift. I love making gift baskets, and that chalkboard label is definitely going to make an appearance on my next one.

  3. what a cute and thoughtful gift! Those measuring spoons are too precious.

  4. That is such a cute housewarming gift! I'm glad you guys had such a good time in TX... and I've been saying for years that we need a Whataburger here... so. good. Did you try a milkshake? AMAZING!

  5. What a great idea! Your gift came out adorable!!

  6. This is TOO CUTE. What a great idea. I just moved into a new apartment and I have a friend coming next weekend, but she's totally not creative enough for this. haha ;)

  7. You girls are the cutest! Loved following along on Instagram, looks like you ladies had a {drunken} blast!

  8. What an adorable housewarming gift!! Love the buckeye dog toy!! Go Bucks!! I bet Steph loved everything in it!! The washcloth cupcakes are just too cute! Love it!

  9. I want to have a new home, so I can get a super cute house warming gift like you made :) I love it!! Love the puppy stuff too!! :)
    And it totally sounds like Steph is the best hostess ever!! she must have totally spoiled you and billy. love it! :)

  10. You you guys really are just the cutest things. And I feel like anything can be turned into a cupcake these days. And I wish everything would. So adorable!

  11. That is really cute! I am totally stealing the idea for a friend who just moved into a new house!

  12. This is so adorable! Ya'll are so cute!

  13. What a perfect housewarming gift! It's seriously the cutest

  14. omg this is amazing!!! seriously love this, not sure I could make it this cute!!

  15. Such a fun idea and so cute! You always do such a good job pulling these projects together, I'm jealous!

    I might be just a tiny bit biased, but I love the TX shirt, too! :)

  16. This is such an awesome idea! You'll have some lucky new neighbors one day!


  17. "There's nothing wrong with Ohio. Except the snow and the rain....Come back to Texas. It's just not the same since you went awayyyy....There's a seat for you at the rodeo and I've got every slow song saved. Besides the mexican food SUCKS north of here anywayyyyyyy." <3

    Miss your face. I absolutely LOVE our housewarming gift!!The fact that you thought out each and every little detail AND flew with a damn bucket in your suitcase means so much to me! A little piece of it was featured on le blog today!

    1. that bowling for soup song was OBVIOUSLY made for y'all ;) You two are the cutest bffs ever!

  18. That is the cutest housewarming idea! I'm going to steal it :)


  19. How adorable is this?! I love it. Awesome housewarming gift, lady!

  20. Not only is the housewarming gift adorable but where did you get the fur mom cup?? I need one in my life!

  21. so cute! love the little house warming bucket!

  22. I love everything about this gift! So easy to do but looks very personal and that you spent your time on it! Thanks for sharing!

  23. The cupcake wash cloths are so cute and very creative!


  24. This is such a cute idea! I have two friends that both just bought houses and they'd love this!

  25. I love the "cupcakes!" So cute!!

  26. This is the cutest housewarming gift ever. Puts my bottle of wine wrapped in a fun dishtowel to shame! Love it :)

  27. This is so cute!! I love the little towel cupcakes.

  28. Love it! You're so thoughtful! I'm glad you guys had a great trip! I'm sure it was nice to get out of Ohio for awhile!

    I just linked up! :)


  29. I love this so much! The "cupcakes" are adorable but I love all the other items too. So thoughtful and it looks cute! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  30. Okay I'm 10 years older than you guys but loved following your trip on Insta! You guys are so freaking cute! Go back to Texas! We want more!

  31. How thoughtful! I'm tottally going to try this! You're so crafty :)

  32. SO stinkin' cute!! I'll have to file this idea away for the future (: can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

  33. Wow, such a great idea and looks amazing! I will definitely need to keep this in mind the next time I'm looking for a gift!

  34. these are so incredibly cute! what a wonderful idea


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