DAY 1: Top Golf, Oryx, & Meeting A Bunch of Texans

Goodness gracious! Happy Friday y'all!
{I can say that now since I'm writing about being in Texas....right?}

We're at day 1 on our trip to Texas. I'm going to go through all the details on this trip because I feel like skipping things just wouldn't be right!! You can get caught up here with my teaser of good ole instagram pics (follow me at @katiewkrysh) or read about the housewarming gifts and our first night here.

Billy and I experienced many FIRSTS on this trip and I couldn't think of a better place to try so many new things than Texas. If you've been, then you know what I'm saying. So-like I mentioned yesterday, after we settled in and got a house tour, I had my first trip to Whataburger on night number one and had my first cheeseburger in a very, very long time....

nom nom nom. Of course Steph had to document it. This was big news. It was so delicious and this place even had spicy ketchup...who knew?! I've been missing out!

Our first morning we woke up and we immediately went outside and had coffee together on Steph and Beau's front porch.Well, let me take that back, some of the time I laid in the yard because I was SO excited for warm weather that I could hardly contain myself. We went for a walk around their neighborhood to see all the different houses/the area, and it was just SO nice to not bundle up in a coat and to feel the sun (ohio girls you understand me here...) Can you tell?

After our walk and wishing we really had a second house in their neighborhood, we went and met Beau's sister Julie who is currently pregnant with triplets (all girls!). She was originally supposed to come over later that night, when Steph and Beau were having everyone over to their house for a big party, but she just got put on bed rest (boo!) the day prior so we decided to stop by her house and visit her.

I'm so happy we got the chance to meet her...she is just as sweet as I imagined her to be and meeting Beau's family was top on our list. We kind of love that man.

Once we were done visiting Julie, we picked up some brew ski's and made our way to Billy's newest favorite place ever: Top Golf!

Top Golf is a luxury golf facility, similar to a driving range, but has three levels where you shoot at virtual targets for points and they have a restaurant and bar inside. You can play for as long as you want and get a group of people together to play on teams or whatever you'd like!

We had lunch + many rounds of drinks and while I'd like to say I was really good, it turns out that the more drinks I had the worse I got (normally I'm the other way around!). I started out doing pretty good and then the more these Texans kept feeding me beers the worse I got! It was pretty bad, but we had so much fun I didn't really care. ha.

Beau's friend Jon came to play with us too and we had an absolute blast! If you have a Top Golf in your area...you should probably get there ASAP!

I told myself I would get good use of my cowboy boots this trip...

Later that night and many drinks deep (just being honest here), Steph and Beau planned a cookout at their house for just the four of us, our little familia, before all of their family and friends came over for the party. I had told them from very beginning of our planning that I would try Beau's favorite meat, oryx, if they made it for us so I had to live up to that promise.

WOW! It was so delicious...tasted just like a filet and there was no turning back after the first bite. Get in my bellay! Now I know why they like it so much...

What I didn't know is that they had the head of the animal that we were actually eating (that Beau killed himself) was upstairs in their loft ready to be hung on the wall. Excuse me, whaaaaaat?
I was dying. This was definitely something new to us, ha ha. Only in Texas...

Sorry big man. They made me do it.
But isn't he huge? He is A LOT bigger (and heavier) than this picture looks.

Next, it was time to meet everyone! Kristen and Chris drove over to Steph and Beau's to meet all of us and Shay and Drew would be coming in shortly from Austin (so thankful they did!) along with most of Steph's best friends and Beau's parents. I was pretty nervous to meet everyone, but more so just anxious! Would they hate this Ohio girl? Would they think we are weird? Not cool? Normal thoughts one Midwest girl would have. 

Turns out that after this night and meeting all of the people that are special in their life, I learned one huge thing about people in Texas: they are the absolute sweetest that they come.

The men? True gentlemen. They go above and beyond for women and I noticed it all over the city with everyone that I met. Whether it was opening doors, doing favors for them (like Beau's friend literally putting my gum in his hand and finding a trash can for me..ha little things), and being respectful in general. Loved it so much. Men in other areas should really take notes!

Beau's parents? Two of the most kind, down to earth, warm, friendly people I've ever met. We just love them.

All of Steph's girlfriends? So so pretty, awesome, and fun. I can't say enough good things about them.

We spent the whole night playing games, drinking Moonshine (killer), watching Kristen dance around and possibly get naked (oops-that slipped), and at one point the boys thought there might be a chupacabra sighting. Nope....just a big cat. FAIL. Thanks BBFT for getting us excited for nothin'! ;)

{one of my favorite pictures..thank you Shay!}

I bet you're wondering what I thought about Kristen and Shay...maybe? yes?

These girls are about as real as they come. I feel like I hit the blogger lotto with these girls.We hit it off right off the bat and by the end of the night (after countless picture sessions, games with the boys, and laughs) it felt like we had always known each other.

Kristen-you absolutely crack me up woman! You have the cutest little accent and I adore your laid back/fun personality..you are the life of a party that's for sure. Chris is OK, too. :) I loved how him and Billy got along so well! I miss you already!

Shay and DDHP-you 2 are exactly what I imagined...so sweet and kind. A perfect couple! Shay, you are so much fun to be around and I can't see how anyone couldn't get along with you...you're awesome. and so talented. You and Drew make such a good team! It made me so happy to see Billy and Drew hang out together. I'm SO thankful to call both of you friends and that you drove all the way from Austin to spend the weekend with us! Thank you, thank you! Can't wait for us to all see each other again..hopefully sooner rather than later.

Next up....our first time at THE Houston Rodeo!
We had NO idea what we would be in for....

PS-My favorite holiday is tomorrow! How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?
I'm so excited to meet up with my girlfriends to celebrate all day!

Hope your weekend and St. Patrick's Day is fabulous! 


  1. So fun! Isn't Top Golf the best?! Glad Texas greeted you with a warm welcome :)

  2. My life is complete. Just complete. I love this post SO much!!! I need to catch up to you!!

  3. This has me in all sorts of smiles. Looks like the best time!

  4. Looks like y'all had an absolute blast within the first 24 hours of arriving! So glad you got to meet so many nice Texans! That's pretty much the way the whole state is! Have a great weekend!

  5. Haha that looks like sooo much fun :) I love Texas so much, every time I'm there, I go looking at model homes. sigh. I think your ensemble is cuuute :)

  6. I was just in Houston in Jan visiting my Grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Katy and I totally remember passing this huge golf complex off of I-10, I'm assuming this was Top Golf! I usually get to Houston almost every year and this was the first time I remember seeing it so it must be fairly new. Isn't the weather there in the winter amazing? Now going in Aug/Sept is a little bit more miserable ;)

  7. How much fun!! You are so lucky to have found life long friends through blogging! :) Glad you enjoyed your time here in the great state! Can't wait to read more :)

  8. Your visit to Texas looks like so much fun! And as a fellow Ohio girl- I'm a little jealous of the sunshine and warmth! I just need springtime already.

  9. I am so glad you loved Texas!!! It looks like y'all had so much fun!! I am with Steph- I think y'all need to move here or get a second home here. You won't regret it! I bet you want to eat meat again now too huh?? haha

  10. Love reading your recap!!

    I was laughing seeing your pictures on Insta of laying in the sun because that was the day it was FINALLY sunny and warm here in OH. Of course!! Lovin those black work out pants too...target??

    You girls all look adorable and I love how color coordinated you are!

  11. Girlfriend are just the best, aren't they!? When you find the good ones, hold on tight & never let go because they are irreplaceable.

    Glad you've found that with Steph & the others!

    Have a great weekend pretty lady!

  12. I'm so glad that you guys had a good trip! :)

  13. Sounds like a perfect first two nights :) When we lived in Texas, I was shocked at how gentlemanly males are....we seriously do not have that in california! ;) Love that about the south :)
    Love all these photos and the recap...can I tag along next time?!?! ;)
    Y'all can come to CA too!! OR maybe we will have to move back to Texas with my fam, then I can meet all you gorg ladies ;)

  14. I'm surprised that you didn't mention that a. y'all have matching running shoes and b. you basically wore the same dress (you at Top Golf and her at the party) soo funny! I feel like Kristen is crazy and I absolutely love that. Shay is just too cute for words.

  15. Here's what I've gathered from all of the recap posts so far:
    1. Kristen and I would have way too much fun together.
    2. Shay and DDHP are the actual world's sweetest couple ever.
    3. You and Steph were separated at birth.
    4. I need to have some moonshine in my life.

  16. I LOVE your Brooks! I have them in teal/neon green. The.Bomb. BEST SHOES EVER! I would have sunbathed in the yard too. I'm so looking forward to warm days in Ohio!



  17. Looks like so much fun! I went to Vegas for a conference and after being in GEORGIA it was warm! I do not miss Ohio weather one bit!

  18. Top Golf sounds amazing! Must find where the closest one to me is. I can't get over that super sized animal! That thing is HUGE!

  19. I love this so much! I enjoyed following along with your adventures via Instagram :) Can't wait to hear all about the rodeo!

  20. I just love, love, love getting to see ya'll recaps after your visits! Too cute!

  21. I'm an Oklahoma girl, and I must say, Okies are much sweeter than Texans ;) I'm missing the warmth too, not that I'm in Chicago...

  22. I totally stalked instagram & twitter during your trip haha, but so fun to hear about it!

  23. I love this!!!! I was among the others stalking you via IG on your trip but it is so great to see the stories that go with the pics. Glad you had such a wonderful time!!!

  24. I definitely need to make a trip to Top Golf! That sounds so fun. I love how much you loved the Southern men! :)

  25. It was so great to meet you and Billy! Thanks so much for taking time out of your vacation to come visit me at my house. You are so so sweet. I was really looking forward to meeting you guys and bummed I got put on bed rest, but so happy that you guys came to visit. I look forward to your next trip to H-town and then you will be able to meet my 3 baby girls as well!

  26. It sounds/looks like you had an amazing trip! As a Pennsylvania gal, I can appreciate the joy of feeling warm weather in March...as I sit in my jeans, sweater, parka, ear muffs (ok, exaggeration). I can also appreciate that GORGEOUS blue dress! Can I ask where you bought it?? LOVE! And love the blog :)

    1. I feel you! ha. Yes, it's from forever21 but last year! :( thank you Sam!

  27. How on earth do I meet a Texan girl


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