Saw It. 
Pinned It. 
Did It.

Today's pin of choice?

Healthy breakfast cookies. 
That's not to say you can't eat these mid-day like I've been doing.
You all know I'm obsessed and love this easy breakfast cookie I posted a while back,
but these are a new favorite in my rotation. 

These were spotted first from this pin (gotta love the fabulous Skinny Taste)

Healthy Cookies | Skinnytaste

Not only are these cookies gluten free {just use gluten free oats}, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
they have only...drum roll please...

 In the original recipe, it uses walnuts but I decided to switch it up and use almonds instead because I like them more.

These cookies can be made in 20 minutes from start to finish.
So many things to love about these right now...
or is this just me?

 Here's what you do:

1. Preheat oven to 350. Spray a non-stick cookie sheet with cooking spray. Mash up the two bananas. Make sure you are using bananas that are really ripe!

2.Chop up your almonds (I used a mini food processor) so that you have 1/4 cup.

3. Combine mashed bananas and 1 cup oats (uncooked). Stir. Fold in the almonds.

4. Place a tablespoons (or the size desired) on the cookie sheet.

5. Bake for 15 minutes. Makes 16 cookies.

I love pinning recipes so I can just pull it up on my phone and make them quickly.
Pin these if you fancy!
Not much I love more than seeing my recipes/projects pinned (seriously).
If you don't like almonds, you can really substitute anything in these and they would be great.
I was talking with Meghan (love her blog) and she sent me this amaze recipe.
They are cookies similar to this but have peanut butter and vanilla in them.
Definitely going to make them soon!

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Have you made cookies like these before?

OK, your turn!
Show me what you got.

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  1. Haha, we pretty much made the same cookies! I thought they were so good. I put peanut butter chips in with mine.

    1. ha love it. yum! :) These cookies are definitely a favorite!

  2. Yum! I've been looking to change things up for breakfast and this would be perfect! Adding peanut butter would be delicious, I love bananas and pb together.

  3. Love skinnytaste.com!!! I will definitely be trying these!

  4. I saw this on Skinny Taste and thought they looked so good :-)
    Thanks for a great link party every week!

  5. You know I'm all over these types of "snacks" and anything from Skinnytaste. Definitely need to try these!

  6. Yum! Just pinned these, and thank you for hosting!


  7. Those look delicious! I recently stumbled into your blog and love it! I linked up for the 1st time today - thanks for the SPD inspiration. :-)


  8. These look so easy and yummy. I think I'll give these a try this weekend!

  9. I just pinned these the other day, and you just reminded me that I need to make them soon! They look delicious and easy!!

  10. Can't wait to try these! They look so easy!

  11. Cha, looks delish! I need to hop on this. Are the cookies mushy at all after baked? Me and weird textures don't get alone, but if it isn't this may be my new go to! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. This is sooo funny! I made these last night and blogged about them today too. Guess pinterest is really doing a good job of spreading the word :)

  13. The other day I made pankcakes using just bananas and eggs (saw it on Pinterest obvs) I put some nut butter and agave on them when they were done and YUM! These sound equally delish :)

  14. These look amazing!


  15. Oh yum! I got to try this!

  16. I just saw these somewhere else. It's a sign, LOL. I'm sitting here eating oatmeal and finding all these healthy oatmeal cookie recipes.

    Trying this for sure.

    Sarah at gallstonetreatment.org

  17. These look awesome! I'm always looking for healthy desert options to fight off those cravings!


  18. These look yummy and super easy! Gotta love "good for you" cookies! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. These look AMAZING!! Def going to give them a try:) Thanks for sharing!

  20. Thank you for this! They sound so yummy! :)

  21. What a great idea! Love this and can't wait to try it!

  22. These look so delicious, I want to try ASAP! I know you don't follow yeast free, but since your BFF Steph does, I thought maybe you would know?! Would these be considered yeast free as well?

  23. these look so yummy! thanks for the recipe!


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