A Winery, Family, A Birthday Week.

Hey hey hey!
I hope you had an amazing weekend.

Today marks my husband's birthday week!

He would never go and say that to me or anyone, but since I like to celebrate mine for a week (or a couple weeks, or a month...) I figure he should get that special experience too, right? ;) His birthday is on Sunday and then we leave for Texas next week so to say both of those things have us really excited is an understatement! I mean, Billy has never been to Texas (I've been to San Antonio) and we both have never in our life been to a real rodeo. Thoughts like this have come up: what in the world do you wear? dresses and cowboy boots, what? Will we stand out like mid-western sore thumbs? Are they going to make me eat deer meat? Because if the answer is yes, I'm a little scared. We shall see....

Now for a look into our weekend via instastyle and a tip if you ever visit here! .... (@katiewkrysh)

1. What better way is there to start of a weekend than with Corona's and Chipotle? Those two things might be my favorite "c" words ever. Yum in the tum. 
2. My boys looking cute.
3. I've started mixing silver and gold together. Are you a fan of mixing the two or wearing seperately? Arm candy ft: Target (zebra bangle) and Style Love Living (love bracelet). Spike bracelet was random find on Groop Dealz.
4. MY NEW JUICER! I've told you guys before that I was using my Mom's juicer that she loved, but it is really old and since I use it so often, the blade just couldn't keep up anymore. We decided to buy the Breville Juice Fountain Plus (and Billy was definitely making fun of me for how excited I was about having two speeds!) and got an amazing deal on it. I love love love it. Highly recommend if you want a juicer.
+this is fresh orange juice made of 4 whole oranges. 
(for battling my cold last week which is finally making it's way out of my life...)

On Saturday, Billy's mom and twin sister came in town to visit us and also for their cousin who's birthday party was later that night! We went to Easton to shop all day and decided to eat at the new Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant (which is now in my now top 3 places to eat here!). Oh my goodness...this place is awesome and you must try it if you live here or come visit.

You walk in and there are two bar areas that you're able to do wine tastings. You can do them before you eat, or just do them and then leave to go shopping or after you're done shopping! The location is awesome and the food is wonderful here (get the southwest egg rolls appetizer). Not to mention, it's huge. It's two stories and designed beautifully! They have a wine club you can join that is pretty reasonably priced as well (what do you say babe? ;)) 

Two thumbs up from us.

5. Billy and his momma!
6. We got a pitcher of sangria at Cooper's Hawk...a little sweet, but we liked it. 
7. Heart + colored skinnies + Tory's..comfortable outfit of the day!
8. AHH! They came! The devils cute little Girl Scout cookies! Must.stop.inhaling.
What are your favorites? Don't make me pick one. All of the above are equals in my mind. ;)

On Sunday, we went to breakfast with Billy's family and said goodbye to them and ended the weekend like this...

....on the couch watching the Oscars! I'm not much for award shows (which is weird since I love my fashion), but I love the Oscars. Who wants to invite me next year? Anyone? Anyone?

What did you do this weekend?

*Not pictured: I tried a new juice recipe including a WHOLE JALAPENO...too bad I don't have a pic of me running around the house like a crazy person because that's EXACTLY what it felt like when drinking this juice. WOW! If you don't like a lot of kick in your juices, I would not recommend trying this. ha. 

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend my dear! Your boys are adorable! And why did I not know about this winery in Columbus?! I'm gonna need to check that place out asap!


  2. Looks like you had a fab time! Your dog is ADORABLE.

    Bump to Baby

  3. Oh my god Chipotle. I would have an entire city full of children if you could count up the amount of times I've had a food baby from Chipotle. The burrito bowls are seriously some form of heaven on Earth for me. I mean the corn salsa?! To DIE.

  4. Yay for Wineries! Glad you had a good weekend girl :) Happy Birthday week Billy!

  5. Yum I got my first box of girl scout cookies this weekend too. Samoas are my fave!

    Omygosh! That is crazy I can't believe you juiced a jalapeno, I am going to have to try that for my bf! haha

  6. Dresses and cowboy boots, what? YES

    Will we stand out like mid-western sore thumbs? ABSO-freakin-LUTELTY!

    Are they going to make me eat deer meat? DUH!!! We have a WHOLE freezer full! MUahahahahaha.

    OMG!! Next week! sdao;fiha;owsehfga;sngaieruhgt!! I canNOT wait to pick y'all up!!

  7. My favorite juices are fresh apple and fresh orange juice. I added blue berries to my apple juice and it was amazing!

  8. Samoas all the way! In love with your comfy outfit, especially the blue skinnies! I've been looking for a pair of cobalt blue ones to add to my wardrobe :)

  9. I absolutely LOVE your bracelet stack!! and yayy girl scout cookies!!

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend! Happy birthday week Billy! :) And a jalapeno in your juice?!?! You crazy. :)

  11. That winery looks gorgeous! But I cannot believe you DRANK a jalapeno...I can't even eat Chipotle without thinking it is spicy! ha ha

  12. Looks like a great weekend from start to finish. I love to visit the wineries too. They make everything so beautiful and relaxing from start to finish!

  13. I didn't even know that winery was at Easton. Might have to make that a date night spot for Shawn and I this weekend. It looks gorgeous! Happy birthday week to Billy! And you know how I feel about Chipotle ;)

  14. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Ours wasn't too exciting!


  15. Chipotle, Wine, Thin Mints?! You know how to celebrate!!

  16. Glad to see you liked Cooper's Hawk. We have been talking about checking it out soon. I heard if you signed up for the wine club you could get your tasting for free. Not sure if that was just a special that one time, but if that is the case...sign me up!! Oh and I LOVE my Breville juicer. I think you encouraged me to finally take the plunge and buy one :) Happy Monday!!

  17. Ooh...juice with a whole jalapeno?? I want that recipe! I love spicy drinks. I just added cayenne pepper into my lemon water this morning. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  18. What a great weekend!! My little interior design heart is dying over the pictures at that winery! Have a great week!

  19. that sounds like such a good weekend! I love chipotle - nom nom! I actually don't really like awards show either and was switching off between the oscars and downtown but the red carpet was fab as always!

  20. Cooper's Hawk is amazing! I was at the one in Chicago last summer. If we hadn't been in Chicago to spend the night before our early flight, I would have purchased several bottles of wine! Delicious food too!

  21. ahhh drooling from your chipotlee picccc and you have the cutest pup!

  22. Sounds like a perfect mix of fun and relaxation! And thank goodness I already planned to have Chipotle for dinner because I'm totally craving that and a Corona now! Yum!

  23. Bah Rocky looks just like a little stuffed animal in all of those pictures! He makes me want to go out and buy a pom right this instant! ;) Thanks for linking up doll!

  24. Looks like a GREAT time! Girl Scout Cookies - best time of the year :) And my mom just got that same juicer & looooves it!

  25. ahhhh Rocky, so sweet and cute. and im team samoas! yum

  26. as i type this theres a crazy eyed man staring at me on one of your ads which is "Public Arrest REcords" and you can see peoples mugshots. Totally going there after because this guy looks WHACK!!

    your weekend sounded amazing amazing. That pic of billy and rock melted my heart! they're such little loves!

    i say YES to joining the wine club!

    and I'm pretty sure you are going to look ROCKING in a dress an cowboy boots. Steph and Shay and Kristen will teach ya the ropes! YEEHAW! Save a horse, ride a cowboy (or a billy! ;-) hehe!)


  27. I love juicing! I bet a TINY bit of jalepeno would be good in a bloody mary style juice! Yum! My husband went on a juicing diet a few weeks ago and found out quickly that grapefruit didn't work out so much for him, haha. & I am so sad I didn't get GS cookies this year, but those Thin Mints look amazing!


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